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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that not all articles on these pages are written by faithful Christians. An article here does not imply endorsement of a particular person or what they teach. These articles are here because of the content of the article and this webmaster considers them worthy of sharing with others. You should search the scriptures to see if the things being taught and discussed are scripturally right or wrong. If you perceive error (that I may have missed), please e-mail me and state your concerns. If you find Biblical support for the teachings, then heed them and make proper application of the knowledge that you acquire. May God bless you in your study of His word.

Articles by Carey Scott Snatch Them Out Of The Fire
Terrorism Hits Home The "One Flesh" Doctrine
Where Did The Bible Come From? Whom Do You Serve?
The Importance Of Obedience Counting The Cost Of Discipleship
Fellowship With God And His People Putting On Your Own Armor (and knowing when to take it off)
Psalm 32 The Appearance of Inconsistency of God's Grace
Seven Parables Of The Kingdom Of God The Effects Of Sin
The Omniscience Of God The Source Of Authority In Christianity
Authority And How To Determine It Why Were We Given The Parables
Are You Ashamed? Overlooking The Women - by Steve Rudd (and a few comments by Carey Scott)
The Walls Came Tumbling Down It Just Doesn't Seem Right.... - by Unknown and Carey Scott
Why Did Uzzah Have To Die? Airplanes And Churches - by Troy Nicholson and Carey Scott
Divorce and Remarriage Doctrines Needed: More Rattlesnakes by Unknown and Carey Scott
Can the 'Sinner's Prayer' Save? Are You Willing?- a handout
My Mission Field A Study Of The Word ALL
Lessons Learned From Cockroaches The Disciples a poem
The Right Attitude Toward Hearing God's Word   Fixing Our Eyes On Jesus
Salvation  Predictions For 2011 (Or Any Year)
Thoughts on Psalm 139   The Enemies Of God
Perfection Should Be Our Goal  LOST!
No Time Or Room For Christ What Does The Lord Require?
The Knowledge Of God's Will The Christian View Of Homosexuality
Birds Do Not Build Mansions The Plan, Formula, Recipe from God
 Focus On The Big Picture Making The Choice
How To Have A Successful Gospel Meeting Cell Phone Technology
Suffering For Christ America: A Christian Nation?
Satan's Victory Warning! Warning! Warning!
Garage Sale Salvation? DIY - Do It Yourself
Over And Over And Over And Over Again My Dog Is So Dumb...
Tell Me What To Do, Lord What Is There Left To Do?
God Deserves Our Worship Worthy Of Christ
Make Up Your Mind Coming Out Of The Closet
The Word Of God Stands Forever Do The Right Thing
Do We Really Want To Grow?  Listen And Be Careful
Change Is Necessary Empty Faith
Pray For Our Nation The Neglected Church
Respect Anticipation
Hated Without A Cause Where Has Shame Gone?
No Creed But The Bible Is The Bible From God?
Return To God Doing The Will Of God
I Pledge Allegience To Myself Are You A Pervert?
Counting The Cost Faith And Works
Moving Forward Peace Of Mind
The Truth Shall Make You Free A New Revelation From God?
Legalists And Law Keepers Life Death Judgment
Change Is Necessary Whose Glory?
Return To the Lord Your God Do Not Tell Me About God
Seeking The LORD The Bible Is Not A Mystery
Giving Lip Service To God You Better Watch Out
Is Your Church A Copy Of The Original Church? The Easy Button
A Spiritual Resolution Make Every Effort
What Does The Bible Say About Original Sin? If The Bible Is From God...
The Old Way Is Better In The Midst Of Trials
The Way Of The World Where Are You, Where Are You Going?
Christ Is Everything Pleasing God or Man?
Taking Things For Granted You Owe It To Yourself
Everything In Its Place Why Do We Have Gospel Meetings?
Today Is A Special Day Making Right Choices
Serving One Another It Is Still Wrong
Beauty From The Unwanted The Quest For Utopia
Cleanliness Is Related To Godliness The Final Judgment

The Death Of Our Nation

The Death Of A Nation Indifferent About Sin
Filled With The Knowledge Of His Will Why We Must Defend Our Faith
Why God Does Not Answer The Right Standard
The Lord's Army Making Sense Of The Aurora Shooting
Another Shooting! Ignoring Truth
Yeast Is Impotent By Itself The Lord's Army
What Is A Christian? Politics Vs. Religion
What Does God See? The Doctrines Of Men
Surrounded By Stupid People Did Jesus Have A Wife?
The Worst Prayer In The Bible Looking For A Better Place
The Value Of Your Soul Our True Spiritual Condition
Flee Or Fight Count Your Blessings
Stealing From God Reality Check
Focus On The Details Selective Bible Understanding
Cry Aloud And Shout For Joy Whose Side Are You On?
What Hinders Us I Am A Victim Of Fraud
Right In The Sight Of The Lord Do You Know What We Believe?
In Case You Missed It Moral Courage
Who Is In Control Of Your Life? Do You Understand?
Lessons Learned From A Pencil God Has Plans For You
Grasping After The Wind Partial Faith Is Satan's Victory
Dumber Than A Donkey Are People Ignoring The Solution?
Honesty With Ourselves Do You Feel The Excitement?
One Hundred Percent "Jesus Was Wrong"
Better Things For You What Can I Do?
People Are Dying! God's Plans Are Perfect
Answer The Question Not Satisfied With God's Word
The Age Of Accountability Appearances
Gossip The Weakening Of The Christian Faith
One Step At A Time "I Will Not Acquit The Guilty"
Is There a God? There Is A God! The Rule Of Law
Are We Patternists? Where Is The Pattern?
A Spiritual Application From Furniture They Have Refused To Repent
"You're Wrong" Is All Wrong Beginning To Look At The End
Ignoring The Elderly "Phony Christians"
Who Are The Non-Patternists? Serving The Master
Why God Will Destroy America How God Punishes People
Christian Character Is God Paying Attention?
The Cleansing Of Our Soul We Got This Won
Keep God Close To You Let Us Reason Together
Are We Thankful Enough? What Will They Say About Me?
God's Wish List Jesus Wept
The Lost Bible Do Not Refuse God
The Fear Of Death The Need For Effort
"For Such A Time As This" Too Much Information
Living In La-La Land Be Prepared
It Is Not Easy... Be My Valentine
We Ignore God Hurry Up And Wait/Slow Down And Work Hastily
Humility Gone Too Far How Long Has It Been?
God Is Giving You A Second Chance Hiding In A Cave
Doing Your Part Wake Up And Pay Attention
The Sun Of Righteousness I'm Fine
God Will Never Lie To You The Abundant Life
Motivation Let God Control What You Can't
Cultural Influence Filled Up With God
How To Be Lost Satan Does Not Give Up
"Its Not My Fault" Why Is There So Much Suffering?
Our Journey Why The World Hates God
Sorrow Comes Quickly God Has Been High Jacked
Remember Who You Are Do You Have A Strategy Yet?
Where Did The Good Guys Go? Preparing To Die
Change The Culture? My Meditation All The Day
The Two-Fold Duty Of The Christian Why Do People Sin?
The Salvation Of The Lord (Part One) Non-Patternists Follow The "Cain Syndrome"
The Salvation Of The Lord (Part Two) Did You Think To Pray?
GOOD NEWS! Turn Back From Your Evil Ways
Do You Belong To The Lord? Why Can't We Learn?
Spiritual Leaders Recruited Into The Lord's Army
Working Together Ignoring The Obvious
Learn To Control Emotions I Suffered (Version 2.1)
God Is Waiting For You Another Chance Is Not A Do-Over
The Danger Of Waiting Be Merciful To Me, A Sinner
Always A Price To Pay Too Limiting?
More Important Than... Courage Enough To Trust
What Kind Of Christian Are You? A Recreational Church?
Pro-Institutional vs. Non-Institutional Lasting Relationships
Does Satan Have Anything We Need? Greener On The Other Side
Because Of What You Did Don't Give In To The World
Socialism And Christianity The People Must Return To God
Consider Your Destiny Is Armageddon Coming Soon?
Are You A CINO? Trust God
God Is Not The Enemy Count Your Many Blessings
A Racist Will Not Go To Heaven I AM The Problem
"O Come Let Us Sing" Who Do You Invite Into Your Life?
Three Aspects Of Salvation What Are We Going To Do?
Let It Go! Evangelism Measures Your Faith
True Evangelism Pride Is Dangerous
Atheists Can Go To Heaven The Result Of Neglect
The Bible And The Quran The Same? Do We Have A Problem With GO?
The Christian's Duty To The Local Church DNA vs Evolution
Our Gospel Meeting WILL Be A Success DeChristianizing The Church
Not Giving Up The World For Christ Strange Marriage
Truth Does Not Matter Anymore God Isn't Fixing This
Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid! Be Filled With The Knowledge Of His Will
The Examination Of God The Deceitfulness Of Sin
Protecting The Wrong Life Perverted Justice
Who Are The Evangelicals? Is Your Faith Wimpy?
I Just Love Biscuits Nothing To Hope For
The Time We Have Is Now Waiting Too Long
Passionate About Politics Genuine vs. Generic Religion
Dirty Windows Fear Controls Us
Preparation We Have An Opportunity
Love One Another Dedicated To The Lord
"Ignorance Is Bliss" Only Lasts So Long Slowly Changing The Church
Long Lines Our Common Destiny
Why You Should Know Your Bible Why Do You Wait?
Be A Better Person What Is The Scriptural Name Of The Church Of Christ?
Why God's Wrath Is Coming Who Will We Blame Next?
Racial Tension Is From Satan It's A Heart Problem
Making Final Preparations Are You Seeking To Please God?
Needing Each Other Until The End Starting Fresh Every Day
Selective Hearing Let It Go 08-31-2016
Answering A False Charge What Is In It For Me?
"My People Love It So!" What If You Were The Only One?
The Wrong Way Putting Our Trust In God
Comfortably Numb Are You In Control?
Does It Matter? "I Know In My Heart..."
Where Did The Love Go? "Fear God OR Keep His Commandments"
Three Ways To Do God's Work Do Animals Have Souls?
Do What You Can Do My Observation Of Non-Patternists
Right In Their Own Eyes "I Love Poop!"
Unity Is Not Found In Diversity "There Is No Peace" In This World
The Race For Eternal Life Liars

Newspaper Articles submitted to the local paper. Use them for ideas of introduction, bulletins, or evangelism.

Series- The Identity of the Church of Christ (12 articles) by Carey Scott

Series- Worldliness (5 lessons) by Jim Sasser

Series- What Would Jesus NOT Do (10 lessons) by Warren Berkley

Series- The Church That Jesus Built (4 lessons) by Bobby Graham

Series- How We Learn From The Bible (5 lessons) By Dudley Ross Spears

Series- Man's Need For Bible Authority (21 lessons) by Thomas Thornhill

Series- Response To Thirty Questions For Teachers Of Eternal Torment (X Lessons/Answers) by Terry W. Benton

Series- How Did We Get Our Bibles? (8 lessons) by Thomas Thornhill Jr.

Series- Church Growth And Why Churches Die (11 Lessons) by Mike Johnson


  1. Metaphors Of The Church - by Dennis C. Abernathy
  2. Modern Day Nadab's And Abihu's - by Dennis C. Abernathy
  3. The Certified Gospel - by Connie Adams
  4. The Problem Of Private Lust - by Connie W. Adams
  5. Divine Authority And Christ - by Connie W. Adams
  6. The Perception Is: - by Connie W. Adams
  7. Protecting Churches Against Error - by Connie W. Adams
  8. Troubled Over Immorality - by Connie W. Adams
  9. A Year Of Worship - by Danny Adams
  10. Instrumental Music In Worship - by Wilson Adams
  11. Hope -- Anchor For The Soul - by Wilson Adams
  12. Investigate The Church Of Christ - by Ezekiel A. Akinyemi
  13. The World's Perception Of The Church - by Gilbert Alexander
  14. The Unseen King - by Gilbert Alexander
  15. Love And Wrath - by Gilbert Alexander
  16. Those We Love - by Gilbert Alexander
  17. Enduring Life's Trials - by Gilbert Alexander
  18. The Weapons Of Our Warfare - by Gilbert Alexander
  19. Dead Or Alive - by Gilbert Alexander
  20. An Example Of Success - Nehemiah - by Gilbert Alexander
  21. Presumptuousness - by Gilbert Alexander
  22. "When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong" - by Gilbert Alexander
  23. Racial Prejudice And Human Suffering - by Gilbert Alexander
  24. Publican Or Pharisee? - by Gilbert Alexander
  25. Our Need For Reverence - by Gilbert Alexander
  26. Where Have We Been And Where Are We Going - by Wallace Alexander
  27. "My Duty" by Carl A. Allen
  28. A Unique Loneliness - By Matthew Allen
  29. "The're Going To Do It Anyway" - by Matthew Allen
  30. Salvation Is A Process - by Matthew H. Allen
  31. I Hate Sin - by Matthew Allen
  32. Local Church Autonomy And Exposing Error - by Matthew Allen
  33. Adults Are Getting Lazier - by Matthew Allen
  34. Essentials To Spiritual Progess - by Matthew H. Allen
  35. Why I Oppose The United Fund? - by Donald P. Ames
  36. Tomorrow May Be Too Late - by Aaron C. Andrews
  37. Christianity And Capital Punishment - by Patrick D. Andrews
  38. Is The Church Of Christ A Denomination? - by Jody L. Apple
  39. Missing Worship - by Jody L. Apple
  40. 8 Rules For Bible Study - by R.C. Archer
  41. Titles For Preachers? - by Tim Arthur
  42. Preach The Word - by Sunday Ayandare
  43. The Authority of God - by Sunday Ayandare
  44. Grace And Obedience - by Sunday Ayandare
  45. Be Sober, Be Vigilant - by Dan Bailey
  46. Imitating Christ In Attitude - By Daniel Bailey
  47. The Justice Of God - by Kent Bailey
  48. Preaching Christ - by Voyd Ballard
  49. Are Wednesday Evening Services Scripturally Binding? - by David Banks
  50. The Preacher's Money - by David A. Banning
  51. Where Does The Blame Lay? - by John Barbee
  52. The Door - by Sarah Barbee
  53. Politically Or Biblically Correct? - by Ron Bartanen
  54. How Important Is The Church? - by Ron Bartanen
  55. A Nation In Degeneration - by Ron Bartanen
  56. A Harlot's Attire - by Chuck Bartlett
  57. The Rapture - by Mark Bass
  58. What Are You Worth? - by Tanner Bass
  59. What About Those Who Were Never Baptized? - by Kevin D. Beard
  60. The Superiority of Christianity - by Brian Beck
  61. About DENOMINATIONALISM - by David A. Becki
  62. Pretty Is As Pretty Does - by Joanne Beckley
  63. By The Grace Of God - by Evan Bennett
  64. Leave It To The Devil - by Mike Benson
  65. Teach, Baptize, Teach - by Mike Benson
  66. "T-U-L-I-P" Replied To and Examined - by Terry W. Benton
  67. God's Amazing Bible - by Terry W. Benton
  68. The Church Of Christ -- Is It A Cult? - by Terry W. Benton
  69. How Do We Receive The Holy Spirit Today? -by Terry W. Benton
  70. The Truth About How The World Began - by Terry W. Benton
  71. If The Ezekiel Temple Is Still Future - by Terry W. Benton
  72. What Jews and Premillenialists Should Have Known - by Terry W. Benton
  73. The Coming Of The Lord - by Terry W. Benton
  74. Is The "Scientific Method" Unbiased Regarding Origins? by Terry W. Benton
  75. The Value Of God's Word - by Terry W. Benton
  76. Scientific Versus What Really Happened - by Terry W. Benton
  77. The Throne Of David Is Now - by Terry W. Benton
  78. Theistic Evolutionists Are Wrong - by Terry W. Benton
  79. The Church Treasury - by Terry W. Benton
  80. The Law And The Early Church - by Terry W. Benton
  81. Atheists Argue In A Circle - by Terry W. Benton
  82. Law Vs Grace - by Terry W. Benton
  83. One Baptism - by Terry W. Benton
  84. The Value Of God's Word - by Terry W. Benton
  85. Silence: Permissive Or Restrictive? - by Terry W. Benton
  86. Parallel Worship (Children's Church) by Bob Berard
  87. Right Attitudes For Faithfulness - by Warren E. Berkley
  88. Examine Your Attitude Toward Worship - by Warren E. Berkley
  89. Helping People Discover What We Have Discovered - by Warren E. Berkley
  90. Social Drinking: - by Warren E. Berkley
  91. I've Been Thinking About Those Memory Verses - by Warren E. Berkley
  92. The Providence Of God- by Warren E. Berkley
  93. Return To The Lord - by Warren E. Berkley
  94. Worship - The Emotional Component - by Warren E. Berkley
  95. No, We Are Not Infallible - by Warren E. Berkley
  96. The Traditional Party Line - by Warren E. Berkley
  97. The A,B,C's Of Bible Study - by Warren E. Berkley
  98. The Awesome Power Of God - by Warren E. Berkley
  99. Making All Things According To The Pattern - by Warren E. Berkley
  100. Keep Yourself Unspotted From The World - by Warren E. Berkley
  101. Why I Pray - by Warren E. Berkley
  102. What The Resurrection Of Christ Means - by Warren E. Berkley
  103. The Godly And Ungodly Of Psalm One - by Warren E. Berkley
  104. Certainty- by Warren E. Berkley
  105. Performing And Complaining- by Warren E. Berkley
  106. The Severity Of Minimizing His Severity - by Warren E. Berkley
  107. The Local Church: Dead Or Alive- by Warren E. Berkley
  108. God's Enemies of Psalms 83 - by Warren E. Berkley
  109. Responding To Opportunities To Grow- by Warren E. Berkley
  110. How Do You Maintain Godly Character?...- by Warren E. Berkley
  111. What Does Legalism Mean? - by Warren E. Berkley
  112. Baptism Is Essential - by Joshua V. Best
  113. "Thou Shalt Be Missed Because Thy Seat Will Be Empty" - by Howell Bigham
  114. Staying Home - by Randy Blackaby
  115. Fear Of The Lord - by Randy Blackaby
  116. The "Pattern Controversy" by Dick Blackford
  117. Narrow-Mindedness - by Luther Blackmon
  118. Do You Wish To Be Blessed By God? - by Jerry Blount
  119. Litigation Between Brethren - by William W Blue
  120. Worship Is Not For Our Entertainment - by Ron Boatwright
  121. Unity With Error? - by Ron Boatwright
  122. How To Have Unity - by Ron Boatwright
  123. Praise Teams - by Ron Boatwright
  124. Will There Be Good People In Hell? - by Ron Boatwright
  125. Parents Must Teach Their Children - by Ron Boatwright
  126. If You Were To Die Today, Would You Go To Heaven? - by Ron Boatwright
  127. "Faith And Works" - by Eli Borden
  128. Ask Jesus Into Your Heart?? - by Morris Bowers
  129. Christian Character (that pleases God) - by Morris Bowers
  130. What God Teaches About Homosexuality - by Morris Bowers
  131. Call Home - by Dee Bowman
  132. It's Your Life, You Know - by Dee Bowman
  133. Things Necessary For Salvation - by Dee Bowman
  134. Oh The Things We May Do - by Dee Bowman
  135. Just Wad It Up And Start Over - by Dee Bowman
  136. Satisfaction - by Dee Bowman
  137. How To Build Good Character - by Dee Bowman
  138. Things Involved In Service - Dee Bowman
  139. Holiday Wrappings - by Dee Bowman
  140. What Prayer Does For The Pray-er - by Dee Bowman
  141. Send The Light - by Dee Bowman
  142. Truth In Our Age - by Dee Bowman
  143. Five Things I have Learned From Teaching Bible Classes - by Denise Bowman
  144. Like His Teacher - by Russ Bowman
  145. What Does The Bible Teach About Prayer? - by Charles Box
  146. Miracles Happened And Miracles Ceased - by Charles Box
  147. The Fruits Of Righteousness - by Charles Box
  148. Those Who Follow God - by Charles Box
  149. "Be Ye Doers Of The Word" - by Charles Box
  150. The Undenominational Church of Christ - by Charles Box
  151. God Expects Much Of Us - by Charles Box
  152. Those That Win Souls - by Charles Box
  153. Are You Growing Spiritually? - By Charles Box
  154. A Deeper Look At Christianity - by Charles Box
  155. Having On The Right Shoes - by Danny Box
  156. But Think Of All The Good It Will Do - Bill Boyd
  157. Everlasting Punishment - by Bill Boyd
  158. Truth: It Is Not Changable Or Variable - by James W. Boyd
  159. Absentee Fathers - by David Bragg
  160. Where The Bible Is Silent - by Stephen R. Bragg
  161. One Body Of Christ And Many Churches of Christ - by Ed Bragwell
  162. I Am The Good Shepherd - by Edward O. Bragwell Sr.
  163. Can We withdraw From The Withdrawn? - by Edward O. Bragwell Sr.
  164. A New Dogma - by Edward O. Bragwell Sr.
  165. The Psalmist's Soul-Winning Formula - by Edward O. Bragwell Sr.
  166. Sound Doctrine Produces Sound Churches Demanding Sound Doctrine - by Edward O. Bragwell Sr.
  167. Our Duty Toward Those Who Are Lost - By Phillip Brannon
  168. A Lack Of Bible Preaching - by Bryan Braswell
  169. Defeating Temptation - by Kris Brewer
  170. Understanding Bible Authority - by Kris Brewer
  171. Selling "Our" Church - by Kris Brewer
  172. Come Let Us Reason Together - by Kris Brewer
  173. An Explanation Of The Church Of Christ - by Eugene Britnell
  174. Some Rules For Bible Study - by Eugene Britnell
  175. How To Grow Spiritually - by Rodney Britton
  176. The Bible And Homosexuality - by J.R.Bronger
  177. Which Denomination Has The Right To Exist? - by J.R.Bronger
  178. How Parents Can Help Their Children To Love And Worship God - by David P. Brown
  179. The Great Sin Of Trying To Make The Gospel Palatable - by Michael Brown
  180. Cussing - by T. Pierce Brown
  181. Patternism - by Larry A. Bunch
  182. The Gospel Calls You - by David Bunting
  183. Why Not Instrumental Music? - by Wayne Burger
  184. A Future That Is Certain - by Max Burgin
  185. Privacy - by C. G "Colly" Caldwell
  186. Blasphemy Against The Holy Ghost - by Charles G. Caldwell Jr.
  187. Where Are The Others - by Franklin Camp
  188. I Am My Brothers Keeper - by Anthony Campbell
  189. Like A Good Neighbor - by Anthony Campbell
  190. God Is Busy - by Anthony Campbell
  191. Spring Into Evangelism - by Anthony Campbell
  192. Don't Be Selfish - by Anthony Campbell
  193. You Preach First - by Kyle Campbell
  194. Five Privileges Of Being A Family - by Kyle Campbell
  195. The Jonah Syndrome - by Roger Campbell
  196. Why Would Paul Rejoice When He Knew That People Preached "In Pretense"? - by Roger D. Campbell
  197. It Is The Lord's - by Roger D. Campbell
  198. A Look At A Christian Prisoner - by Roger D. Campbell
  199. Traditional Marriage vs. Modern Ideas - by Roger D. Campbell
  200. What Personal Evangelism Will Do For A Congregation - by Roger D. Campbell
  201. The Plain Truth About Money - by Roger D. Campbell
  202. Why Did Jesus Appear To Saul Of Tarsus? - by Roger D. Campbell
  203. I Am Encouraged - by Roger D. Campbell
  204. "Provoke Not Your Children Unto Wrath" - by Roger D. Campbell
  205. When My Bible Stays At Home - by Roger D. Campbell
  206. Some Israelites Who Were Determined To Do Things Properly - by Roger D. Campbell
  207. God Wants His Preachers To Rebuke People - by Roger D. Campbell
  208. Seven Things That You And I Will Not Hear On The Day Of Judgment - by Roger D. Campbell
  209. The Baptism Of Jesus - by Roger D. Campbell
  210. Zacchaeus' Attitude Toward Jesus - by Roger D. Campbell
  211. Does God Hear All Prayers? - by Roger D. Campbell
  212. Thank God For What Jesus Did For Us - by Roger D. Campbell
  213. Is It Scriptural To Refer To Heaven As God's Kingdom? - by Roger D. Campbell
  214. Being Fruitful In The Lord's Service - by Roger D. Campbell
  215. Questions About Salvation - by Roger D. Campbell
  216. Seven Truths About The Word Of God - by Roger D. Campbell
  217. Facts That Every Person Needs To Know About Jesus - by Roger D. Campbell
  218. Are There Christians in Denominations? - by Roger Campbell
  219. The New Testament And Masonry - By Glendon W. Cantrell Sr.
  220. "Dry Years" Bring Blessings - by Jerry W. Carmichael
  221. Monkey Business - by Bill Carrell
  222. SIN NOT - What Does It Mean? - by Dennis Carrow
  223. One Nation Under God - The Forgetfulness Of America - By Chad Carter
  224. Congregational Singing - by Ralph A. Casey
  225. The Sin Of Unbelief - by Alan Caudle
  226. The Silence Of The Scriptures - by Kevin Cauley
  227. The Good Fight - by Kevin Cauley
  228. The Church Of Christ Is Not A Sect - by Bill Cavender
  229. The Power Of The Gospel - by Randy Cavender
  230. Keeping A Pure Conscience - by Sean P. Cavender
  231. The Problem Of Apathy - by Steve Cawthon
  232. Patience; A Great Virtue - by Patrick Chaddick
  233. Perseverance And Bible Examples - by Patrick Chaddick
  234. Diligence - by Patrick Chaddick
  235. Temperance - by Patrick Chaddick
  236. Not Forsaking The Assembly - by Patrick Chaddick
  237. Am I Just A Christian? - by Jonathan Chaffin
  238. Is The Bible Sufficient? - by Wayne Chamberlain
  239. Tolerance - by Luke Chandler
  240. When Saints Arent Committed - by Jason Cheney
  241. Clock Watchers - by Frank Chesser
  242. Is The Gift Of Salvation Unconditional? - by Tim Childs
  243. Who Is Your God? - by J. C. Choate
  244. Are There Many Ways To Heaven? - by J.C. Choate
  245. Are The Untaught Saved? - by J. C. Choate
  246. Jesus, A Man Approved Of God By Signs And Wonders - by Kenny Chumbly
  247. Origin And Meaning Of Antichrist -by Garreth Clair
  248. In Pursuit Of The Right Church -by Garreth Clair
  249. Dedication of Self To Serving Christ -by Garreth Clair
  250. Put Some Effort Into It and Count The Cost -by Garreth Clair
  251. The Question of Divine Patterns -by Garreth Clair
  252. Thoughts On The Holy Spirit -by Garreth Clair
  253. What Is Next?-by Garreth Clair
  254. God Is Amazing -by Garreth Clair
  255. Converting The Lost -by Garreth Clair
  256. Personal Evangelism - by Garreth Clair
  257. All Christians Should Work -by Garreth Clair
  258. God's Part And Man's Part - by B.J. Clarke
  259. What Can I Do About Abortion? - by B.J. Clarke
  260. Modern Violators Of God's Prohibitive Silence - by B.J.Clarke
  261. Miraculous Gifts Today? - by B. J. Clarke
  262. What Must I Do To Be Saved - by Douglas R. Clark
  263. We Are A Different People - by Eugene W. Clevenger
  264. "No Guilt" Preaching - by Todd Clippard
  265. Does It Matter How We Worship? - by Todd Clippard
  266. Our Dedication - by Bradley S. Cobb
  267. The Importance Of Studying Denominations by Bradly S. Cobb
  268. What Bothers The Preacher? - by Danile H. Coe Sr.
  269. What Is Truth? - by Roy Cogdill
  270. Is Sprinkling Baptism? - by Roy Cogdill
  271. How To Win Others To Christ - by Gary Colley
  272. That Boy Is No Husband - by Glenn Colley
  273. When A Man Flounders - by Tina Rae Collins
  274. The Right Words - by Harold Comer
  275. Scriptural Truths For Church Growth - by Harold Comer
  276. Satan, Our Adversary - by J. D. Conley
  277. Helpful Hints for Bible Study And Understanding - by James R. Cope
  278. Subordinationism and One Eternal BEING - by Basil Copeland
  279. Where God Put Water - by Owen Cosgrove
  280. Shall We Forsake Our Assembling With The Saints? - by John D. Cotham
  281. Religion - by John D. Cotham
  282. How Do People Reason (Abortion)? - by John D. Cotham
  283. Right Or Wrong? - by John D. Cotham
  284. The Great Commission - by John D. Cotham
  285. How Much Liberty Does A Woman Have In Church Worship? - by John D. Cotham
  286. No "Right" Way To Do A "Wrong" Thing - by John D. Cotham
  287. The Doctrine Of Silence - by John D. Cotham
  288. Satan - The Enemy - by John D Cotham
  289. Stand In The Gap - by John D. Cotham
  290. The Leadership Of Elders - by Perry Cotham
  291. The Grandest Name - by Cecil F. Cox
  292. Saving The Lost - by Cecil F. Cox
  293. The Greatest Influence - by Cecil F. Cox
  294. Understanding Baptism - by David Cox
  295. Strength To Say "NO" - by David A. Cox
  296. Once Saved, Always Saved? - by David A. Cox
  297. The Second Coming Of Christ - by David A. Cox
  298. Crucified With Christ - by David A. Cox
  299. Do You Love The Lord? - by David A. Cox
  300. The Rapture and Premillennialism - by David A. Cox
  301. God Before Country - by Jeremiah Cox
  302. "Speak To Us Smooth Things" - by Stan Cox
  303. Is Sincerity Sometimes Enough? - by Stan Cox
  304. Sin Must Always Be Dealt With - by Stan Cox
  305. In The World, Not Of The World - by Stan Cox
  306. The Problem With Emotions - by Stan Cox
  307. Living Godly Lives - by Stan Cox
  308. Will Faith Alone (Sola Fide) Save? - by Stan Cox
  309. Can One Be Saved Outside The Church? - by Stan Cox
  310. Immorality Rages - by Stan Cox
  311. Intellectual Arrogance - by Stan Cox
  312. Twisted Liberty - by Stan Cox
  313. Holiness - God & Man - by Stan Cox
  314. "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" - by Bob Craig
  315. The Truth About Homosexuality - by Bruce Craig
  316. Bare Facts - by Bob Crawley
  317. The Importance Of Thoughts - by Bill Crews
  318. Human Institutions And God's Word - by Jack Critchfield
  319. Why Do You Study The Bible? - by Matthew Crowe
  320. Make Me A Servant - by Edwin L. Crozier
  321. Am I The Father Or The Older Brother? - by Edwin L. Crozier
  322. God's Simple Peace Process - by Edwin L. Crozier
  323. Recognizing Jesus - by Edwin L. Crozier
  324. "Please Knock On My Door" - by Dick Cupp
  325. Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things - by Jerry D. Curry
  326. Was A.D.70 The End? - by Melvin Curry
  327. No Complaints About Pink Elephants - by Doug Cyrus
  328. Music In Worship - by Ron Daly
  329. Why Christians Are One In Christ - by J.H.Dampier
  330. The Nature Of Forgiveness - by David Dann
  331. The Bible And Abortion - by David Dann
  332. Wives of Elders and Deacons - by David Dann
  333. Digging Deep - by Guthrie Dean
  334. How Important Is Your Faith To You? - by David Deason
  335. "Great" Salvation - by Jim Deason
  336. Newborn Babes - by Jim Deason
  337. Entertainment Or Worship - by Steven F. Deaton
  338. The Marks Of The New Testament Church - by Roy Deaver
  339. Eighteen Years Ago - by Floyd Decker (1948)
  340. There Is Nothing For Me To Do - by Don Deffenbaugh
  341. Been Thinking About: Hell - by Mart DeHaan
  342. Been Thinking About: The Urge To Jump - by Mart DeHaan
  343. Higher Ground - by Mart DeHaan
  344. The Dimensions Of Growth - by Clarence DeLoach
  345. Stop Means STOP - by Jamie DeLong
  346. Christians Are The Salt Of The Earth - by T. E. Denton
  347. Bible Classes - What Can I Do? - by Bob Dickey
  348. The "Seeker Friendly" Fad - by Al Diestelkamp
  349. A Kingdom View Of The Church - by Al Diestelkamp
  350. Divide And Conquer - by Al Diestelkamp
  351. American Immorality - by Al Diestelkamp
  352. Self Examination - by Andy Diestelkamp
  353. Perverting Jesus And Scripture - by Andy Diestelkamp
  354. A Thousand Times...NO! - by David Diestelkamp
  355. Skin Is In - by David Diestelkamp
  356. Individual Or Collective Action - by Leslie Diestelkamp
  357. The Certainty Of Judgment - by Mark Dillon
  358. Why Do People Forsake The Assembly? - by C.Dixon
  359. What Can People Do Who Have Been Forsaking The Assembly? - by C. Dixon
  360. Irony - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  361. Something To Give Him Who Has Need - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  362. What's Wrong With Weed? - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  363. Stab Them In The Heart - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  364. While We Are At Home In The Body We Are Absent From The Lord - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  365. 300 - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  366. Prayer To Jesus Is Not Authorized- by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  367. Global Warming - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  368. Was Cornelius Saved When He Received The Holy Spirit? - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  369. "Do Not Deprive One Another" by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  370. "This Trade" Is "In Danger" - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  371. No, Virginia (there is no Santa Clause) - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  372. "He Created Them Male & Female" - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  373. Unforgiven - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  374. He Made Them Wander - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  375. The Great Divide - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  376. Art And Man's Devising - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  377. The Difference Between Lust, Lewdness, Fornication, & Adultery - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  378. Antitheists, Not Atheists - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  379. Jesus: The Good Samaritan - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  380. Do Not Greive The Holy Spirit Of God - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  381. We Are, But We Aren't - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  382. The Difference Between Covetousness, Envy, & Jealousy - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  383. The Feasibility Of Noah's Ark - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  384. Who Made You...A Judge Over Us? - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  385. Why Go To Bible Class? - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  386. Bible Camps And Bible Colleges - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  387. The Young Earth - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  388. Road Tripping - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  389. When You Read; You May Understand - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  390. Shunning The Whole Counsel - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  391. "Until The Day Of The Captivity Of The Land" - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  392. Without Question - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  393. After Baptism - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  394. Into What Then Were You Baptized? - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  395. Virtual Worship - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  396. The Pharisees Were Offended - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  397. You Do Not Know What Hour Your Lord Will Come - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  398. The Feast Of Dedication - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  399. "Your Will Be Done" - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  400. Quit Trying To "Just Be Yourself" - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  401. The Albino Pygmy Amputee's Bible - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  402. Sex Education Is A Parental Responsibility - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  403. Feminine Side - by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  404. Cruel And Unusual Punishment- by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  405. A Kingdom Which Cannot Be Shaken- by Bryan Matthew Dockens
  406. Top Ten Things Children Should See In Parents - by Richard Dodson
  407. What Love Will Not Do - by Robert Dodson
  408. The Prophet Haggai - by Clinton Douglas III
  409. Is "OMG" Acceptable Language For A Christian To Use? - by Danny Douglas
  410. The Lord's Arm - by Jeremy Dozier
  411. Victory In Jesus - by Ron Drumm
  412. We Can Understand God's Word - by Ron Drumm
  413. Living Unto God - by Ron Drumm
  414. Prayer Goes With Everything - by Ron Drumm
  415. Seek And Set Your Mind On Things Above - by Ron Drumm
  416. Consider Jesus Christ - by Ron Drumm
  417. Personal Evaluation Of Your Evangelism - by Ron Drumm
  418. Present Your Bodies A Living Sacrifice - by Ron Drumm
  419. An Offering And Sacrifice To God - by Ron Drumm
  420. Jesus The Messiah - by Ron Drumm
  421. The Importance Of Personal Evangelism - Ron Drumm
  422. Freewill Sacrifice - by Ron Drumm
  423. The Faith That Is Necessary To Please God - by Ron Drumm
  424. Jesus Christ Is My Rock - by Ron Drumm
  425. Members Of The One Body Of Christ - by Ron Drumm
  426. Wise Use Of The Tongue - by Ron Drumm
  427. Using Your Spiritual Opportunities - by Ron Drumm
  428. Beyond Your Ability - by Ron Drumm
  429. The Works Of God - by Ron Drumm
  430. Good Works Of A Christian - by Ron Drumm
  431. Endure Temptations For The Crown Of Life - by Ron Drumm
  432. Faithfulness Or Failure - by Ron Drumm
  433. To Live In Christ - We Must Die To Self And Sin - by Ron Drumm
  434. Jesus Is God, The Word - by Ron Drumm
  435. Standing Against The Evil One - by Ron Drumm
  436. Clothe Yourseves With Christ - by Ron Drumm
  437. Walk In Wisdom - by Ron Drumm
  438. What It Means To Be A Christian - by Ron Drumm
  439. Pleasing Men Or God? - by G. Clark Duggar
  440. Facts About Faith Healing - by Rick Duggin
  441. Perils To The Soul - by Rick Duggin
  442. Does Baptism Cleanse An Adulterous Marriage? - by Quentin Dunn
  443. Influence - by Chuck Durham
  444. Respecting The Silencee Of Scripture - by Trae Durden
  445. Can You Do Better? - by John Duvall
  446. The Destroyer Of Men - by Allen Dvorak
  447. Were Not Going Away- by Allen Dvorak
  448. When The Prodigal Won't Come Home - by Allen Dvorak
  449. Look Out For Wolves- by Allen Dvorak
  450. Discipleship: Blessings and Sacrifice - by Allen Dvorak
  451. Blind Experts In The Law - by Allen Dvorak
  452. The Need For Security - by Allen Dvorak
  453. Our Daily Need For Christ- by Allen Dvorak
  454. You Are Not Alone - by Allen Dvorak
  455. Protect The Heart - by Allen Dvorak
  456. The War Against Evil - by Allen Dvorak
  457. Does Your Religion Have Substance?- by Allen Dvorak
  458. Mom's Bible - by Allen Dvorak
  459. Stop The Profanity - by Allen Dvorak
  460. Are You A Christian?- by Allen Dvorak
  461. Sin Does Not Work - by Paul Earnhart
  462. Is Worship About Me? - by Paul Earnhart
  463. Finding Contentment In God's Grace - by Paul Earnhart
  464. The Committed Heart - by Paul Earnhart
  465. How Do Churches Grow? - by Paul Earnhart
  466. Basic Guidelines For Successful Teaching - by John Isaac Edwards
  467. My Last Requests - by John Isaac Edwards
  468. Must One Be Baptized To Be Saved? - by Johnie Edwards
  469. Preparation - by Johnie Edwards
  470. If You Had Been A First Century Christian - by Johnie Edwards
  471. Before And After - by Johnie Edwards
  472. "And He Brought Him To Jesus" - by Johnie Edwards
  473. Jesus Christ--Our Great King - by Tom Edwards
  474. Thinking Of Jesus - by Tom Edwards
  475. John The Baptist - by Tom Edwards
  476. A Society Minus God - by Tom Edwards
  477. When "Best" Goes Beyond Our Understanding - by Tom Edwards
  478. The Divinity Of Jesus - by Tom Edwards
  479. Making Shipwreck Of One's Faith - by Tom Edwards
  480. Can We Ever ASchieve A Meritorious Worthiness? - by Tom Edwards
  481. The Lord Is My Rock - by Tom Edwards
  482. Analogies Between Joseph And Jesus - by Tom Edwards
  483. Someone Is Always Watching - by Joshuah Ellis
  484. January - by Gaylon Embrey
  485. The Parable Of The Ditchdigger - by Gaylon Embrey
  486. Attendance - by Joe Engelbird
  487. Astrology And The Horoscope - by Lalo Enriquez
  488. Needful Preaching - by Aaron Erhardt
  489. Abortion - by Aaron Erhardt
  490. Trickle Down Apostasy - by Andrew D. Erwin
  491. Let's Us Just Leave It Alone - by Victor M. Eskew
  492. Hatred - by Gailen E. Evans
  493. Controlling Our Tempers - by R.J.Evans
  494. Don't Allow Anyone To Steal Your Heart - by R.J.Evans
  495. "None Of Self And All Of Thee" - by R.J.Evans
  496. Wrong Is Wrong - by R.J.Evans
  497. Don't Be Deceived - by R.J.Evans
  498. Does Everything Happen For A Reason? - by R.J.Evans
  499. "In Malice Be Babes" - by R.J.Evans
  500. Good Relationships Among Brethren - by R.J.Evans
  501. The Water Of Life - by R.J.Evans
  502. Does Jesus Live At Your House? - by Jim R. Everett
  503. Taking God For Granted - by 'Gbenga Lawrence Fabunmi
  504. Breathed Out By God - by Patrick Farish
  505. The Bible On Acceptable Worship - by Patrick Farish
  506. ThirtyNine Personal Work Motivators - by Clarence W. Fell
  507. Are Traditional Beliefs The Standard? - by Ron Fenner
  508. Characteristics Of A Strong Church - by Jimmy Ferguson
  509. Excuses - by Jimmy Ferguson
  510. A Famine Of Bible Knowledge - by Jimmy Ferguson
  511. Faith And Works - by Jimmy Ferguson
  512. "...Everywhere Preaching The Word" by Ray Ferris
  513. Satan says "One Church Is As Good As Another" - by Wendell Fikes
  514. It is Not Reasonable - by Joe Fitch
  515. The Church Died! - by Joe Fitch
  516. Drunkeness - by Jerry Fite
  517. God's Rights - by Curtis E. Flatt
  518. The Narrow Door - by Curtis E. Flatt
  519. Christians And Business - by Curtis E. Flatt
  520. The Church Building - by Curtis E. Flatt
  521. Brotherly Love - by Curtis E. Flatt
  522. Time For A Change? - by Zeke Flores
  523. Living Providentially - by Zeke Flores
  524. Between Two Opinions - by Zeke Flores
  525. Hard To Obey - by Zeke Flores
  526. The Land Of In-Between - by Zeke Flores
  527. Continuing Education - by Chip Foster
  528. The Fig Tree - by Chip Foster
  529. Resolution Keeping - by Chip Foster
  530. The Doctrine Of Cheap Grace - by Terry Francis
  531. The Right To Become Christians - by Gene Frost
  532. The Truth Does Not Appeal To Everyone - by Gene Frost
  533. Preaching - by Hugh Fulford
  534. What's Happening To Our Young People? - by Norman E. Fultz
  535. What Is My Attitude Toward Worship? - by Lloyd Gale
  536. Galatians 6:10 - by Micky Galloway
  537. What God Expects From His Family - by Mickey Galloway
  538. God's Two Plans Of Salvation - by Mickey Galloway
  539. Grace That Saves - by Micky Galloway
  540. Fields...White Already To Harvest - by Mickey Galloway
  541. Why Persecutest Thou Me? - by Jim Gann
  542. Not Worth The Worry - by Bubba Garner
  543. Just When - by Bubba Garner
  544. Sweet Hour Of Prayer - by Bubba Garner
  545. The Worship Service - by Bubba Garner
  546. Psalm 19 - by Bubba Garner
  547. Hide It Under A Bushel? No! - by Bubba Garner
  548. Work We All Can Do - by Bubba Garner
  549. Growing: It's A Natural Process - by Carl Garner
  550. Blessed Assurance - by Carl Garner
  551. You Don't Have To Go To Church - by Carl Garner
  552. Our Obligations To Future Generations - by Carl B. Garner
  553. I Was Afraid - by Carl B. Garner
  554. Patriotism And Religion: Can They Co-exist? - by Carl B. Garner
  555. What If A Fellow Sins Against You? - by Carl B. Garner
  556. Is There A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Live? - by Carl B. Garner
  557. Signpost On The Way To Apostasy - by Carl B. Garner
  558. Our Responsibility To Elders - by Carl B. Garner
  559. Judas: The Traitor - by Carl B. Garner
  560. It's Not A Matter Of Salvation - by Dan Gatlin
  561. Living With Guilt - by Dan Gatlin
  562. "Christian" Situation Ethics - by Dan Gatlin
  563. The Plan Of Salvation In One Passage - by Dan Gatlin
  564. Attitudes That Endanger Truth - by Dan Gatlin
  565. Our Authority Is The Word - by Dan Gatlin
  566. According To The Pattern - by Dan Gatlin
  567. Jesus' Invitation - by Dan Gatlin
  568. Overcoming Habitual Sin - by Dan Gatlin
  569. The Deity Of The Holy Spirit - by Dan Gatlin
  570. What Is Marriage - by Anthony Genton
  571. Do Not Be Afraid - by Clay Gentry
  572. Answering Objections To Baptism - by John R. Gentry
  573. Our Need To Confess Unto Salvation - by John R. Gentry
  574. ZEAL: Are You On Fire For The Lord? - by Bryan Gibson
  575. Characteristics Of A Christian - by John A. Gibson
  576. Punctuality And Your Spiritual Focus - by Michael Gibson
  577. God's Message To The Preachers Of His Sheep - by Earl Gieseke
  578. Are We Saved By Grace, Faith, Or Works? - by Ben Giselbach
  579. Why Do [Most] Churches Of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music In Their Worship? - by Dan Goddard
  580. Jesus The King, Not Baby - by Wayne Goff
  581. Getting Serious About Sin - by Wayne Goff
  582. Who Has Changed? - by Wayne Goforth
  583. Traditionalists? - by Wayne Goforth
  584. Hand Waving In Worship - by Wayne Goforth
  585. Some Churches of Christ Have Left Christ - by Wayne Goforth
  586. Why I Left The Institutional Church of Christ - by Wayne Goforth
  587. Is The Church Of Christ A Denomination? - by Wayne Goforth
  588. More Bible Facts - by B C Goodpasture
  589. Affluenza - by Ryan Goodwin
  590. Me-Centered Religion - by Bobby L. Graham
  591. Taking Heed Lest We Fall - by Bobby L. Graham
  592. Take Heed Lest Ye Fall - by Bobby L. Graham
  593. Original Sin - by Bobby L. Graham
  594. The Assembly - by Jack Gray
  595. Relationship, Not Religion (?) - by Brad Green
  596. The Church Jesus Built - by Brad Green
  597. Walking By Faith - by Ken Green
  598. DC - by Ken Green
  599. Who Is A Christian - by Keith Greer
  600. Spiritual Growth - by Wayne Greeson
  601. The Pillar And Ground Of The Truth - by Wayne Greeson
  602. What Is A Sin Unto Death? - by Wayne Greeson
  603. How The Holy Spirit Speaks - by Wayne Greeson
  604. God's Pattern - by Wayne Greeson
  605. Total Evangelism - by Dale Grissom
  606. The Mission Of The Church - by Dale Grissom
  607. Ten Reasons Christians Should Attend - by Gary Grizzell
  608. The Orginization Of The Church Of Christ - by John Grubb
  609. An Offensive Preacher - by Richard Guill
  610. Dilapidated Disciples - by Dan Gulley
  611. God's Model Of A Man - by Dan Gulley
  612. Definitions For The Songbook - by John Guzzetta
  613. Can We Have Too Much Positive Preaching - by Greg Gwin
  614. "Essential" Church Members - by Greg Gwin
  615. Calloused By The Culture - by Greg Gwin
  616. Gossip: Easy, Enjoyable Sinning - by Greg Gwin
  617. For The Show - by Greg Gwin
  618. Are You Different?- by Greg Gwin
  619. The Whole Counsel Of God - by Greg Gwin
  620. It's O.K. -- It's Just The Violence - by Greg Gwin
  621. Selling Out On Morality - by Greg Gwin
  622. Train Up A Child - by Greg Gwin
  623. Tell Me The Old, Old Story (But Give It To Me In Digestible Bites!) - by Greg Gwin
  624. Greener On The Other Side - by Greg Gwin
  625. Church Discipline Works - by Greg Gwin
  626. To Go, or Not To Go?- by Greg Gwin
  627. Be Careful With Your Words - by Greg Gwin
  628. Helping Others--To Heaven Or Hell - by Greg Gwin
  629. Another "Missing Link" Debunked - by Greg Gwin
  630. The Sinner's Prayer - by Greg Gwin
  631. To Hell, In A Good Humor - by Greg Gwin
  632. Camouflage - by Greg Gwin
  633. Walking In The Light - by Greg Gwin
  634. Be Careful About Placing Stumbling Blocks Before Others - by Greg Gwin
  635. "Will Work For Food"- by Greg Gwin
  636. The Lion Shall Eat Straw Like The Ox - by Greg Gwin
  637. Following The Pattern For Edification - by Greg Gwin
  638. Things To Learn - by Greg Gwin
  639. Things That Faith Will Never Do- by Greg Gwin
  640. Helping Others: To Heaven Or Hell - by Greg Gwin
  641. Do You Understand? Can You Explain? - by Greg Gwin
  642. Are We Seeing The Fulfillment Of Biblical Prophecies?- by Greg Gwin
  643. Worthy Of Death - by Alan Hadfield
  644. What Must I Do To Be Saved? - by Larry Hafley
  645. Must A Christian Marry A Christian ONLY - by Larry Ray Hafley
  646. Choose A Good Mate - by Larry Ray Hafley
  647. Four Facts Fatal To Original Sin - by Larry Ray Hafley
  648. "They Would Not Listen" - by Larry Ray Hafley
  649. Proper Use Of Church Funds - by Larry Ray Hafley
  650. Translated, Transformed, Transported - by Larry Ray Hafley
  651. Christ Centered Religion - by Larry Ray Hafley
  652. Is This Suffering Wasted? - by Homer Hailey
  653. Ancient Prophets In A Modern World - by Homer Hailey
  654. 2 John 9-11 And Fellowship - by Tim Haile
  655. "Gay Marriage" And Homosexuality - by Tim Haile
  656. The Unbreakable Book - by Tim Haile
  657. "Let The Women Keep Silent In The Churches" - by Tim Haile
  658. Works - by Tim Haile
  659. Some Thoughts On “Phobes, Phobic and Phobia” - by Tim Haile
  660. Some Thoughts On "Organized Religion" - by Tim Haile
  661. Apostate Preachers - by Ron Halbrook
  662. Gambling Vs Love Of God And Man - by Ron Halbrook
  663. Abortion On Demand, Another Name For Murder - by Ron Halbrook
  664. Sodom And Gomorrah: A Sign Of Eternal Torment - by Ron Halbrook
  665. Does The New Testament Authorize The Use Of Instrumental Music In Worship? - by Steve Hale
  666. What Is Truth? - by Virgil L. Hale
  667. Some Judgment Day Surprises - by Virgil L. Hale
  668. Does God Really Exist? - by Robin W. Haley
  669. Worship And The Lords Supper - by Bill Hall
  670. Oh Boy! It's Allowed - by Bill Hall
  671. In The Midst Of A Crooked And Perverse Generation - by Bill Hall
  672. Reinstated? - by Bill Hall
  673. Six Steps To A Broken Home - by Bill Hall
  674. A Godly Man In Wicked Surroundings - by Bill Hall
  675. Self Control - by Bill Hall
  676. Not Our Workmanship, But HIS - by Bill Hall
  677. The Indwelling Of The Spirit - by Bill Hall
  678. That Familiar Ring Of Truth - by Bill Hall
  679. The Booing Spectators - by Bill Hall
  680. On A Daily Basis - by Bill Hall
  681. Truth's Consequences - by Bill Hall
  682. The Church's Purpose - by Bill Hall
  683. The Gift Of Salvation - by E. R. Hall Jr.
  684. Institutionalism In Churches Of Christ - by Gardner Hall
  685. What Manner Of Child Will This Child Be? - by Gardner S. Hall
  686. Pure Religion Should Be Practiced In The Home - by Gardner S. Hall
  687. The Godhead - by Perry D. Hall
  688. Consider The Keychain - by Perry D. Hall
  689. Different Conceptions Of Religion - by Perry D. Hall
  690. What Visitors Have A Right To Expect - by Sewell Hall
  691. Gospel Or Gimmickry - by Sewell Hall
  692. Churches--God Centered Or Man Centered - by Sewell Hall
  693. Correcting Misconceptions Of Humility - by Sewell Hall
  694. Love The Brotherhood - by Sewell Hall
  695. Five Smooth Stones Of Parenting - by Sewell Hall
  696. Josiah, An Example Of Youth - by Ron Haliburton
  697. What IsYour Standard Of Authority In MattersOf Religion - by Rod Halliburton
  698. Saved Without Baptism? - by Rod Halliburton
  699. How To Identify The New Testament Church? - by Rod Halliburton
  700. Prayer That Pleases God - by Rod Halliburton
  701. Why Does God Allow Evil? - by Jeff Hamilton
  702. Be On The Alert - by Jeff Hamilton
  703. The Indwelling Of the Holy Spirit - by Jeffrey W. Hamilton
  704. Slip-Sliding Away - by Jeffrey W. Hamilton
  705. Sex Outside Of Marriage Is Wrong - by Jeffrey W. Hamilton
  706. Apostleship - by Jeffrey W. Hamilton
  707. On Being Educated - by Jeffrey W. Hamilton
  708. A Sin Leading to Death - by Jeffrey W. Hamilton
  709. Triumph - by Hal Hammons
  710. Ladders - by Hal Hammons
  711. A Plea: To Christians In Despair - by Hal Hammons
  712. Coupons - by Hal Hammons
  713. Education - by Hal Hammons
  714. Early - by Hal Hammons
  715. Directions - by Hal Hammons
  716. "For They Shall Inherit The Earth" - by Harold Hancock
  717. The Rapture - by Rob Harbison
  718. Brylcream Religion - by Robert Harkrider
  719. Why "Liberal" And "Conservative" Churches Of Christ? by Robert Harkrider
  720. The Certainty Of Judgement - by Steven Harper
  721. "Cowboy Poker" Christians - by Steven Harper
  722. Choosing Neither Extreme - by Steven Harper
  723. What Must I Believe? - by Steven Harper
  724. Getting The Most Out Of Your Bible Study #1 - by Steven Harper
  725. Getting The Most Out Of Your Bible Study #2 - by Steven Harper
  726. Getting The Most Out Of Your Bible Study #3 - by Steven Harper
  727. Getting The Most Out Of Your Bible Study #4 - by Steven Harper
  728. Who Is Going To Heaven? - by Steven Harper
  729. Which Church Is Right? - by Steven Harper
  730. What's Your Motivation - by Steven Harper
  731. Is My Faith Mine? - by Steven Harper
  732. Can I Believe In God? - by Steven Harper
  733. The Happiest People On Earth - by Steven Harper
  734. What Is A Christian? - by Steven Harper
  735. Pure And Undefiled Religion - by Steven Harper
  736. Has God Already Chosen The Saved? - by Steven Harper
  737. That Chuck E. Cheese Religion - by Steven Harper
  738. Stagnant - by Steven Harper
  739. Must I Do Anything To Be Saved? - by Steven Harper
  740. The Test Of Genuine Faith - by Steven Harper
  741. Can One Stop Believing? - by Steven Harper
  742. Patriotism And Christian Faith - by Steven Harper
  743. How Can I Know What Is Right? - by Steven Harper
  744. What Do Christians Follow? - by Steven Harper
  745. Am I Foolish? - by Steven Harper
  746. Judgement Day Chad? - by Steven Harper
  747. Sticks And Stones - by Steven Harper
  748. I'll Bet That You Didn't Win - by Steven Harper
  749. The Distinct Church - by Steven Harper
  750. The Preacher - by Ramond E. Harris
  751. Man--No Longer Endowed By The Creator? - by Brad Harrub
  752. Comfortable Christianity - by Brad Harrub
  753. Internal Battles - by Brad Harrub
  754. Portraits Of Salvation - by Randy Harshbarger
  755. The Humanity Of Jesus - by Randy Harshbarger
  756. Choose Ye This Day - by Randy Harshbarger
  757. When Is The Penitent Believer Saved? - by Randy Harshbarger
  758. Hope - by Randy Harshbarger
  759. Gossip: A Heart Disease - by David Hartsell
  760. A Culture Of No Consequences - by David Hartsell
  761. Products Of Our Environments- by Jack Harwell
  762. No Pain, No Gain - by Jack Harwell
  763. What Are You/We Waiting For? - by Jack Harwell
  764. Modesty - by Ben Hastings
  765. Ekklesia Of The Bible - by Bot Hayuhay
  766. The Gospel That I Preached - by Nehemias Bot Hayuhay
  767. The Legitimate Builder Of The Church - by Nehemias Bot Hayuhay
  768. Giving Up Who We Are - by Casey Head
  769. How Many Churches Did Christ Build? - by Lowell Head
  770. The Necessity Of Distinctive Preaching And Teaching - by Lynn D. Headrick
  771. Stop Sign Theology - by Kent Heaton
  772. Attitudes Of Bible Authority - by Kent Heaton
  773. Christendom And Christian - by Kent Heaton
  774. But The End Of All Things Is At Hand - by Kent Heaton
  775. Holding On To My Seat - by Kent Heaton
  776. The Spiritual Leadership Of The Home - by Kent Heaton
  777. Dead Flies And Folly - by Kent Heaton
  778. No One Stood With Me - by Kent Heaton
  779. Prayer Cannot Be Taken Out Of School - by Kent Heaton
  780. God Does Not Need A Label - by Kent Heaton
  781. Jesus Christ And Football - by Kent Heaton
  782. Overcoming Hinderances To Our Hope - by Kent Heaton
  783. They Did That On Purpose - by Kent Heaton
  784. Man Is An Eternal Creation - by Kent Heaton
  785. Life Is Not Fair - by Kent Heaton
  786. Jesus Did Not Commit Himself - by Kent Heaton
  787. The Signs Of The Times And The Coming Of The Lord - by Kent Heaton
  788. Divorce For $600 - by Kent Heaton
  789. Were Dinosaurs Extinct Before The Creation Of Man? - by Kent Heaton
  790. The Prodigal Son's Father - by Kent Heaton
  791. The Influence of Television - by Kent Heaton
  792. Who Will Stand Up For Me? - by Kent Heaton
  793. Psalm 27 - by Kent Heaton
  794. Children Pay A High Price - by Kent Heaton
  795. Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit - by Kent Heaton
  796. Bring One Soul To Christ - by Kent Heaton
  797. A Life Filled With Testing - by Kent Heaton
  798. Christians Are Peculiar--They Are Possessed - by Kent Heaton
  799. Melchizedek - King Of Salem - by Kent Heaton
  800. The Wise Men From The East - by Kent Heaton
  801. The Fruit Of The Spirit - by Kent Heaton
  802. The Thief On The Cross - by Kent Heaton
  803. The Powerful Life Of A Christian - by Kent Heaton
  804. The Road Of Life Must Be Repaved - by Kent Heaton
  805. Lutherans, Presbyterians & Episcopalians Have Lost The War - by Kent Heaton
  806. The Joy Of Expecting A New Baby - by Kent Heaton
  807. Because Of The Sins Of Jeroboam - by Kent Heaton
  808. Why Do I Need To Be Saved? - by Kent Heaton
  809. What Jesus Said About Homosexuality - by Kent Heaton
  810. "We Expected To Have A Couple More Years With Him" - by Kent Heaton
  811. What Would You Do For The Sake Of The Kingdom? - by Kent Heaton
  812. We Are A Called People - by Kent Heaton
  813. Church Is Not Like It Used To Be - by Kent Heaton
  814. Building Your Life On A Firm Foundation - by Kent Heaton
  815. Will We Be Willing To Give Up Television? - by Kent Heaton
  816. The Lamb's Book Of Life - by Kent Heaton
  817. Fathers Day In America - by Kent Heaton
  818. You Will Do More Than I Say - by Kent Heaton
  819. The Purpose Of Man's Creation - by Kent Heaton
  820. Turn Away My Eyes - by Kent Heaton
  821. He Is The Only One To Serve - by Kent Heaton
  822. Faith, Hope, And Love - by Kent Heaton
  823. The Ark Was The Only Salvation - by Kent Heaton
  824. The Last Deception Will Be Worse Than The First - by Kent Heaton
  825. The Legacy Of Truth - by Kent Heaton
  826. For Everything There Is A Season - by Kent Heaton
  827. Caducity - by Kent Heaton
  828. Why Go To Church? - by Kent Heaton
  829. The Last Day - by Kent Heaton
  830. Healing On The Sabbath Day - by Kent Heaton
  831. What Manner Of Man Is This? - by Kent Heaton
  832. Intending After Easter - by Kent Heaton
  833. He Wept At The Reading Of God's Law - by Kent Heaton
  834. When Jesus Became Angry - by Kent Heaton
  835. Do Babies Sin? - by Kent Heaton
  836. The Man Beside The Road - by Kent Heaton
  837. Do Not Be Deceived - You Reap What You Sow - by Kent Heaton
  838. He Had Focus - by Kent Heaton
  839. Is The Rapture Coming? - by Kent Heaton
  840. A Back To School Guide From God - by Kent Heaton
  841. God's Thoughts And Man's Thoughts - by Kent Heaton
  842. Buy The Truth And Sell It Not - by Kent Heaton
  843. Capital Punishment From The Bible - by Kent Heaton
  844. Driving Towards The Sun - by Kent Heaton
  845. Abuses Of The Lord's Supper - by Kent Heaton
  846. When The Earth Was Filled - by Kent Heaton
  847. Let's Play The Lottery - by Kent Heaton
  848. All Men Are Accountable To God - by Kent Heaton
  849. Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord - by Kent Heaton
  850. Be Not Deceived - by Kent Heaton
  851. How The Holy Spirit Works Through The Word - by Lynn D. Headrick
  852. Local Church Membership - by Roger M. Hendricks
  853. Hurting Ourselves - by Matt Hennecke
  854. Unread Letters - by Matt Hennecke
  855. Where Are The Soldiers Of Christ? - by Gary Henry
  856. The Trust That Takes God Seriously - by Gary Henry
  857. Thinking Rightly About "Reminders" - by Gary Henry
  858. Toward A Deeper Devotion To God - by Gary Henry
  859. No Progress Without Practice - by Gary Henry
  860. Do You Need To Be Encouraged Or Warned? - by Gary Henry
  861. Oh You Of Little Faith - by Gary Henry
  862. Taking Control Of The Time God Has Given Us - by Jan Hepner
  863. What Is A Christian? - by Mike Hepner
  864. The Church Is OF Christ - by Johnny Hester
  865. The Strings Help Fly The Kite - by L.R. Hester
  866. Calvinism: A Study Of Doctrinal Error - by Tommy J. Hicks
  867. Running From A Lion To A Bear - by Jason Hilburn
  868. Attendance Is Important - a poem by Jason Hilburn
  869. He That Is Without Sin - by Jimmy B. Hill
  870. Fellow Workers - by Roger Hillis
  871. The Fate Of Those Outside Of Christ - by Roger Hillis
  872. Emphasizing Basics - by Roger Hillis
  873. Shrewd Sons - by Frank Himmel
  874. When Church Is Boring - by Frank Himmel
  875. Clinging To The Master - by Irvin Himmel
  876. Parents Who Are Christians - by Irvin Himmel
  877. Be Of Good Cheer - by John Hines
  878. "A Little Fire" by Marc R. Hinds
  879. Faith - Do You Have It? - by Ronny E. Hinds
  880. Lord, Is It I? - by Lottie Beth Hobbs
  881. Showing Concern For Lost Souls - by Sean Hochdorf
  882. Pitchpipes And Powerpoint - by Bryan Hodge
  883. Have You Grown Tired Of God? - by Therman Hodge
  884. Ashamed Of The Gospel? No Way! - by Douglas Hoff
  885. Red Letter Bibles - by Douglas Hoff
  886. "I Used To Be A Member Of The Church" - by Douglas Hoff
  887. Do You Have A Wedding Garment? - by Brett Hogland
  888. Go Into The World - by David Holder
  889. The New Testament Church - by Keith Holder
  890. Christianity For Dummies - By Barry Holley
  891. Growing In Discipleship - by Don Hooten
  892. Be Thankful? - by Don Hooten
  893. Learning Gratitude - by Don Hooten
  894. The Resurrection Of Jesus - by Don Hooten
  895. The Guaranteed Christian Success Formula - by Joel Horst
  896. Tis The Season - by Teddy Horton
  897. Preach, But Leave Others Alone - by Hoyt Houchen
  898. Did God Create Evil? - by Hoyt Houchen
  899. Why Aren't We Growing? - by Kent Houck
  900. Did Alexander Campbell Establish The Church Of Christ - by Bill J. Humble
  901. Founder Or Restorer? - by Bill J. Humble
  902. How Do I Feel About Personal Evangelism - by Brent Hunter
  903. My Tank Is Empty - by Perry Hurst
  904. A Good Time To Think About Your Soul - by Gary L. Hutchens
  905. Standing Tall Like Paul - by Bob Hutto
  906. Using God's Gifts - by Bob Hutto
  907. Sinners Anonymous - by George Hutto
  908. Sprinkling For Baptism - by George Hutto
  909. Jesus, The Master - by George Hutto
  910. A Picture Of God - by George Hutto
  911. "Called By My Name" - by George Hutto
  912. The Miracle Of Creation: A Stronghold For Believers - by George Hutto
  913. Sinners Can Change - by George Hutto
  914. Terms And Conditions Of Eternal Life - by George Hutto
  915. If It Was Good Enough For Jesus... - by George Hutto
  916. Keys Of The Kingdom - by George Hutto
  917. The Gospel Of Easy Salvation - by George Hutto
  918. Our Citizenship- by George Hutto
  919. Have You Heard? - by Hiram O. Hutto
  920. What Must I Do? - by Bill Irby
  921. Just A Christian- by George Jackson
  922. The Apocrypha - by Wayne Jackson
  923. Rules For Effective Prayer - by Wayne Jackson
  924. Why Do People Refuse To Come To Jesus? - by Wayne Jackson
  925. Are The Gospels Part Of The New Testament? - by Wayne Jackson
  926. My People Are Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge - by WayneJackson
  927. The Church Of Christ Is Not A Cult - by Wayne Jackson
  928. Clapping As An Accompaniment To Singing In Worship - by Wayne Jackson
  929. Easter & The Significance Of Christ's Resurrection - by Wayne Jackson
  930. The Salvation Army vs. The Church of Christ - by Domie A. Jacob
  931. Losing Our Focus - by Jarrod Jacobs
  932. Calling On The Name Of The Lord - by Jarrod Jacobs
  933. It Is For The Best - by Jarrod Jacobs
  934. That You May Believe - by Jarrod Jacobs
  935. How To Pray - by Jarrod Jacobs
  936. Would Jesus Do What We Do - Jarrod Jacobs
  937. Dost Thou Steal? - by Jarrod Jacobs
  938. Am I Forsaking? - by Jarrod Jacobs
  939. Satan Works Overtime - by Jarrod Jacobs
  940. Why Are There So Many Different Churches? - by Saint-Jean Jean-Pierre
  941. Are We Saved By Faith Only? - by Saint-Jean Jean-Pierre
  942. What Does It Mean To Call On The Name Of The Lord? - by Saint-Jean jean-Pierre
  943. False Teachers, False Doctrines, False Prophets - by Saint-Jean Jean-Pierre
  944. False Standards Of Authority - by Ferrell Jenkins
  945. Living A Transformed Life - by Rickie Jenkins
  946. My Name - by Rickie Jenkins
  947. Profanity: A Christian's View - by C. Boyd Jennings
  948. The Kind Of Kingdom Jesus Resisted - by Clarence Johnson
  949. Spiritual Defilement - by Clarence Johnson
  950. The Gospel According To John - by Clarence R. Johnson
  951. "He Must Increase But I Must Decrease" by Clarence R. Johnson
  952. "Ye Must Be Born Again" - by Clarence R. Johnson
  953. "Lord, Is It I?" - by Clarence Johnson
  954. What Does This Gospel Meeting Mean To You? - by Danny Johnson
  955. Lessons In Hope - by Hugh Johnson
  956. Is Conscience A Safe Guide? - by Mike Johnson
  957. The Church & The Individual - by Mike Johnson
  958. Restore Unto Me The Joy Of Your Salvation - by Mike Johnson
  959. "You Can Only Live So Long" - by Mike Johnson
  960. The Purpose Of Baptism - by Mike Johnson
  961. How Do We Acquire Faith? - by Mike Johnson
  962. Everything I Have Is For Sale... - by Mike Johnson
  963. Lessons From The Tempting Of Jesus - by Mike Johnson
  964. Are You Frozen? - by Mike Johnson
  965. I'd Be Wet All The Time - by Mike Johnson
  966. Concern For Others - by Mike Johnson
  967. What Is The Purpose Of The Church - by Mike Johnson
  968. Don't Judge Me - by Mike Johnson
  969. Lie Not To One Another - by Mike Johnson
  970. More Valuable Than Gold - by Mike Johnson
  971. Baptism And The Conversion Of Saul - by Mike Johnson
  972. The Silent Killer - by Mike Johnson
  973. Go Away For Now - by Mike Johnson
  974. "The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God" - by Mike Johnson
  975. Authority - by Mike Johnson
  976. Bible Authority - by Mike Johnson
  977. Bible Authority: Necessary Inferrence - by Mike Johnson
  978. Hate Father And Mother - by Mike Johnson
  979. Love For God - by Mike Johnson
  980. He That Is Baptized Not - by Mike Johnson
  981. Our Regard For Others - by Mike Johnson
  982. The Church & The Individual - by Mike Johnson
  983. To Live Is Christ/ To Die Is Gain - by Mike Johnson
  984. God Is From Everlasting To Everlasting - by Mike Johnson
  985. Why Is Sin So Bad? - by Mike Johnson
  986. Blaming Others For Our Sins - by Mike Johnson
  987. Loyalty - by Mike Johnson
  988. Confusion Abounds! - by Mike Johnson
  989. In Everything Give Thanks - by Mike Johnson
  990. Evil Surmising - by Mike Johnson
  991. Can We Understand The Bible Alike? - by Mike Johnson
  992. A Study of Psalm 51 - by Mike Johnson
  993. Acts 9:17 And The Purpose of Baptism - by Mike Johnson
  994. The Conversion Of The Ethiopian - by Mike Johnson
  995. Job Sinned Not - by Mike Johnson
  996. Epitaphs - by Mike Johnson
  997. How Well Do You Listen - by Mike Johnson
  998. The Death Of The Righteous - By Mike Johnson
  999. What! No Gym? - by Mike Johnson
  1000. Respect For God's Word - by Mike Johnson
  1001. Can We Trust Our Feelings About Salvation? - by Mike Johnson
  1002. Going After The Noble Prize - by Mike Johnson
  1003. Good From Bad - by Mike Johnson
  1004. The Establishment Of The Church - by Mike Johnson
  1005. Judging - by Mike Johnson
  1006. God Is Our Dwelling Place - by Mike Johnson
  1007. Are We Complacent About Sin? - by Mike Johnson
  1008. Watch Out For That Lion - by Mike Johnson
  1009. God Is Omnipotent - by Mike Johnson
  1010. "They Are Without Excuse" - by Mike Johnson
  1011. Caution And Compensation - by Mike Johnson
  1012. Ignoring Sin - by Mike Johnson
  1013. In Everything Give Thanks - by Mike Johnson
  1014. Flattery - by Mike Johnson
  1015. Carried By Angels - by Mike Johnson
  1016. My Sin Is Always Before Me - by Mike Johnson
  1017. My Departure Is At Hand - by Mike Johnson
  1018. Brotherly Love - The Real Test - by Mike Johnson
  1019. The Health Inspector & Authority - by Mike Johnson
  1020. Some Facts About The Judgement - by Mike Johnson
  1021. Consistency - by Mike Johnson
  1022. Cheetahs And Christians - by Mike Johnson
  1023. God's Inspired Message - by Mike Johnson
  1024. Is Our Land Being Defiled By Abortion? - by Robert Johnson
  1025. The Wrath Of God - by Tim Johnson
  1026. Why Does it Make so Much Difference About Sound Doctrine?- By David B. Jones
  1027. What Does The Bible Say Will Happen When Jesus Comes Back? - by Eric Jones
  1028. Is My Child Ready To Be Baptized? - by Gary Jones and Jan Richardson
  1029. Filling In The Potholes in The "Roman's Road" - by Kurt G. Jones
  1030. Are We Under The Ten Commandments - by W.R. Jones
  1031. Don't Confuse Me With Facts - by W. R. Jones
  1032. The Cause of Division - by W.R. Jones
  1033. The Greatness Of The Church Of Christ - by Jerry W. Joseph
  1034. The Church of The Bible - by Jerry W. Joseph
  1035. Same Sex Marriage? - by Jerry Joseph
  1036. Glorifying God - by Jerry Joseph
  1037. Just Preach About Love - by Jerry Joseph
  1038. Upside Down World - by Colby Junkin
  1039. The Permanancy Of God's Binding - by Howard Justice
  1040. The Matter Of Blood-Eating - by Howard Justice
  1041. Feed My Sheep - by Howard Justice
  1042. Man's Greatest Concern - by Lester Kamp
  1043. Children In Worship - by Lester Kamp (A lot of adults need this lesson as well, cws)
  1044. Seek And Ye Shall Find - by Barney Keith
  1045. Beware The Extremist? - by Barney Keith
  1046. Who Is Dogmatic? - by Jesse M. Kelly
  1047. Unconditional Salvation - by Lawrence Kelly
  1048. Wisdom To Discern - by Lawrence Kelly
  1049. Jesus Prays For You - by Lawrence Kelly
  1050. "I Do" - by Lawrence P. Kelly
  1051. True Repentance - by Brian Kenyon
  1052. Authority Delegated by Ryan W. Kepke
  1053. Defining The Concept Of Worship - by Gary Kerr
  1054. "God Just Laid This On My Heart" - by Dalton Key
  1055. The Bible Only - by Dalton Key
  1056. Two Are Better Than One - by Daniel H. King
  1057. Hell - by David King
  1058. Grace Is Not License - by David King
  1059. The Picnic - by Jim King
  1060. God's Plan Of Salvation - by Warren King
  1061. You Might Be A Pharisee If... - by Warren King and others
  1062. Premillennialism - by Steve Kissell
  1063. The Christian And Social Drinking - by Steve Kissell
  1064. Duplicating The Original - by Steve Klein
  1065. The Importance Of Doctrine - by Steve Klein
  1066. Changing The Mission Of The Church - by Steve Klein
  1067. The Next Generation - by Steve Klein
  1068. Legalism; The UN-Sin - by Steve Klein
  1069. God's Media Coverage - by Steve Klein
  1070. Are The Epistles Binding Today? - by Steve Klein
  1071. Law Enforcement In The Church - by Steve Klein
  1072. Inconvenient Truths - by Steve Klein
  1073. Legalism: The Un-Sin - by Steve Klein
  1074. The Work God Gave The Local Church - by Steve Klein
  1075. Controlling Behavior - by Steve Klein
  1076. A Heart That Beats For God - by Josh Kleinlein
  1077. Marriage, Widows and 1 Corinthians 7:39 - by Herbert Knight
  1078. The Tragedy of Unbelief - by Victor Knowles
  1079. Christians Are God's Own Special People - by Eric Krieg
  1080. Will You Leave God Your Leftovers? - by Eric Krieg
  1081. What Must I Do To Be Saved? - by Elam B. Kuykendall
  1082. God's Word Is Powerful - by Elam B. Kuykendall
  1083. Churches On A Detour - by Roy H. Lanier Jr.
  1084. No Gimmicks, Please! - by Roy H. Lanier Jr.
  1085. Cut Off Your Arm? - by Josh Lankford
  1086. Rekindling The Flame For Lost Souls - by David Lanphear
  1087. Faith Comes By Hearing God's Word - by Mark Larson
  1088. Don't Lose Heart - by Mark E. Larson
  1089. Is God A God Of Wrath? - by Marilyn LaStrape
  1090. Work - by Clarence Lavender
  1091. Attitudes Leading To Apostasy - by Irven Lee
  1092. Institutionalism In Perspective - by Irvin Lee and Bob Waldron
  1093. The Role Of The Mother In The Home - by Irven Lee
  1094. The Profitable Word - by Irven Lee
  1095. Resolving Our Differences - by Rick Liggin
  1096. A Healthy Sense Of Shame - by Rick Liggin
  1097. Tradition Or Truth??? - by Michael Light
  1098. Examples Of Evangelism - by Michael Light
  1099. The Mission Of The Church - by David Lipscomb 1866
  1100. What Kind Of Listener Are You? - by Adam Litmer
  1101. How Reliable Is The Text Of The Bible? - Greg Litmer
  1102. Recognizing Reckless Restorers - by Greg Litmer
  1103. An Unbridled Tongue - by Greg Litmer
  1104. Something Wicked This Way Comes - by Greg Litmer
  1105. Let's Consider Together - by Greg Litmer
  1106. Don't Come Short - by Steve Locklair
  1107. Will Belief Alone Save? - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1108. Spiritual Complacency - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1109. God In Man's Image - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1110. The Christian And His/Her Relationship With God - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1111. Humility And Grace - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1112. Lawful vs. Profitable And Edifying - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1113. When They Hear No More - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1114. Watch And Pray - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1115. The Foundation Of Knowledge - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1116. Spiritual Growth - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1117. Fig Tree Religion - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1118. A Spiritual Sacrifice - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1119. Physical And Spiritual Families - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1120. Growing In Grace And Knowledge - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1121. The Sinners Prayer - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1122. The Unholy Trinity - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1123. The Power Of The Word - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1124. The Christian And His Brethren - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1125. Molech - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1126. Shooting Our Own - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1127. Gods Of This World: Science - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1128. Pharisees And Scribes - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1129. Think On These Things - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1130. Healing Dirt - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1131. Do Not Fear - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1132. Cafeteria Style Religion - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1133. The Gospel Of Thomas - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1134. The Perils Of Cultural Accommodation - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1135. Imitating Christ - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1136. A New Thing - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1137. Gods Of This World: Entertainment - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1138. Individual Christians And The Local Church - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1139. Reproof - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1140. Confessing Christ - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1141. The Revelation (Apocalypse) Of John - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1142. The Masoretic Text - by Ethan Longhenry
  1143. The Good News - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1144. The Chief Of Sinners - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1145. Wisdom In Avoiding Immorality - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1146. Anxiety Or Trust - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1147. Rejecting God's Word - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1148. Blessed Are The Righteous - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1149. The Nephilim - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1150. Edification - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1151. Testing The Spirits - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1152. The Value Of Encouragement - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1153. Predestination - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1154. C-Grade Religion - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1155. The Choice - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1156. The Fool Speaks In His Heart - by Ethan R. Longhenry
  1157. Delighting In Iniquity - by Bob W. Lovelace
  1158. Do Not Let Your Heart Envy Sinners - by Bob W. Lovelace
  1159. The Work Of The Lord - by Carol R. Lumpkin
  1160. "It's So Far To Drive" - by James B. Lusby
  1161. Sincerity And Morality Alone - by Ira Lynn
  1162. The Ten Commandments - by Penny Mae
  1163. Why Should We Talk About Spiritual Matters? - by Penny Mae
  1164. Who Deserves Our PRAISE? - by Penny Mae
  1165. Why I Am A Member Of The Church Of Christ - by Penny Mae
  1166. Do You Know Enough Bible? - by Penny Mae
  1167. A Rat Trap In The House - by Penny Mae
  1168. Baptism - by Penny Mae
  1169. Sin, Do I Have A Choice? by Penny Mae
  1170. Some Thoughts On Satan And Sin - by Penny Mae (6 short articles)
  1171. Is Satan Real? - by Penny Mae
  1172. The Difference Between The Old Testament And The New Testament - by Penny Mae
  1173. Becoming Better For Him - by Allen Malone
  1174. "Pastor Malone...?" - by Keith Malone
  1175. What Must I Do To Be Saved? - by Isaac Manyike
  1176. Will You Read Before You Smoke The Scriptures? - by Isaac Manyike
  1177. You Have Taken Away The Key Of Knowledge - by Charles G. Maples Sr.
  1178. Our Eternal Salvation - by Jers Mapusao
  1179. The Battle Of Armageddon - by Don Martin
  1180. Your Teaching Is Too Hard! - by Don Martin
  1181. Abortion, The Scourge Of America - by Don Martin
  1182. MDR And Politics - by Don Martin
  1183. What Is The Church - by Don Martin
  1184. Biography of Jesus - by Don Martin
  1185. The New Testament Church: Its History And Destiny - by Luther W. Martin
  1186. First Pray! - by W.A.Martin
  1187. Bible Intake Is Not A Hot Dog Eating Contest - by David Mathis
  1188. The Peace Of God - by Ken Matthews
  1189. Seeing Through The Lens Of Self-Will - by Tony Mauck
  1190. Has The Second Coming Of Jesus Already Occured? - by Tony Mauck
  1191. How Long Are Ye Slack - by Leon Mauldin
  1192. Requirements for Scriptural Baptism - by Leon Mauldin
  1193. The Bible And Science - by Matthew Maury 1855
  1194. Nadab and Abihu - by Al Maxey
  1195. Indwelling And Empowering - by Al Maxey
  1196. Reflecting On The Rosary - by Al Maxey
  1197. The Johannine "We" Chapter - by Al Maxey
  1198. A Study Of Satan - by Al Maxey
  1199. The Manhattan Declaration - by Al Maxey
  1200. The Pledge Of Allegiance - by Al Maxey
  1201. "Thy Kingdom Come" Should A Christian Pray This - by Al Maxey
  1202. Why Was Stephen Stoned? - by Al Maxey
  1203. Ten Ways You Can Help Your Gospel Meeting - by Kevin Maxey
  1204. Give Me The Baby, Not The Man by Ben May
  1205. Apple Pie And Coffee - by Ben May
  1206. Treating The Symtoms - by Ben May
  1207. Hypocrisy In Action - by Mark Mayberry
  1208. Analyzing Arguments In Favor Of Instrumental Music - by Mark Mayberry
  1209. The Sabbath - by Mark Mayberry
  1210. When I Think According To Human Reasoning... - by Dan Mayfiel
  1211. When People Leave It's Always Personal - by Dan Mayfield
  1212. Beef Jerky In Church? - by Paul Mays
  1213. Is The Church of Christ A Denomination? - by Wes McAdams
  1214. Why Did God Create Different Skin Color? - by Wes McAdams
  1215. Guard Duty - by David McCain
  1216. What's Expected Of You - by David McCain
  1217. He Knows What Makes You Tick - by David McCain
  1218. Preacheritis - by David McCain
  1219. Happiness - by David McCain
  1220. First Place, Or No Place - by David McCain
  1221. The Christian At Home With God - by Quentin McCay
  1222. Some Causes Of Spiritual Blindness - by Glendol McClure
  1223. What Is The Rapture? - by V.Glen McCoy
  1224. The Greatness of Christ's Church - by Jeff McCrary
  1225. When People Disappoint Us - by Mark McCreary
  1226. Barnabas: A Good Man - by Mark McCrary
  1227. Always Facing God - by Mark McCreary
  1228. Still He Walked - A Poem - By Carrie McCutcheon
  1229. Fear Of God - by Gary McDade
  1230. Fundamentals Of The Faith - by Gary McDade
  1231. The Church At Work - by Gary McDade
  1232. The Blueprint For Christ's Church - by Lindy McDaniel
  1233. "Brethren, Pray For Us" - by Jim McDonald
  1234. Let The Bible Be Your Guide - by Aude McKee
  1235. God Expects Man To Understand His Will - by Aude McKee
  1236. Faith Plus Something - by J.L. McKinley
  1237. Are You Committed? - by Michael W. McLemore
  1238. How To Make Disciples - by Carl McMurray
  1239. Trust And Obey - by Carl McMurray
  1240. The Paradox Of Greatness - by Carl McMurray
  1241. Can Christians Fall From Grace? - by Allan E. McNabb
  1242. Learn To Be Content - by Carlton G. McPeak
  1243. Misplaced Priorities: Sleeping In On Sundays - by David McPherson
  1244. The Doctrine Of The Church - by David Mcpherson
  1245. Homosexuality: What Does The Bible Say? - by David McPherson
  1246. Choose For Yourself - by Jim Mickells
  1247. My Acceptance - by Jim Mickells
  1248. Where Are My Priorities? - by Jim Mickells
  1249. Am I Fair-Minded? - by Jim Mickells
  1250. "Good News" - by Jimmy Mickells
  1251. What Do You See? - by Jimmy Mickells
  1252. I Don't Want To Grow Up - by Jimmy R. Mickells
  1253. No Room For Christ - by Jimmy R. Mickells
  1254. "Old Way Isn't The Only Way" - by Jimmy R. Mickells
  1255. Our Redemption - by Jimmy R. Mickells
  1256. The Message Of The Cross - by Jimmy R. Mickells
  1257. Ingratitude - by Jimmy Mickells
  1258. Finish - Jimmy Mickells
  1259. Is Baptism For Remission Of Sin? - by Jimmy Mickells
  1260. What Is The Church Of Christ - by Ira Mikell
  1261. Afterlife And The Bible - by Dave Miller
  1262. Modern-Day Miracles, Tongue-Speaking, And Holy Spirit Baptism: A Refutation by Dave Miller
  1263. Denominations And Apostate Churches - by Steve Miller
  1264. The Christians Duty To God - by Ronny Milliner
  1265. Sincerity Or Truth-Neither Alone Will Save - by Dick Millwee
  1266. Commitment - by Dick Millwee
  1267. Spiritual DNA - by Dick Millwee
  1268. Tricked By Distorted Mirrors - by Dick Millwee
  1269. Organization Or Organism - by Dick Millwee
  1270. Dwelling In The Tombs - by Tim Mize
  1271. Gossip's Corrupt Fruit - by Tom Moody
  1272. "Making" Johnny Go To Church - by Tom Moody
  1273. Attendance - by Tom Moore
  1274. The Basis For Religious Unity - by W. A.Moore
  1275. Changes In The Church - by David Moore
  1276. Has The Media Desensitized Us To Sin? - by Jason Moore
  1277. A Very Disturbing Discovery - by John Moore
  1278. The Church Of Christ - by Tom Moore
  1279. The Christian Church - by Boyd Morgan
  1280. Bible Study - by R.L.Morrison
  1281. Armageddon - by R.L.Morrison
  1282. Understanding The Will Of The Lord - by Charles L. Morton
  1283. The Validity Of Expediency - by Bill Moseley
  1284. Satan Is After Our Children - by Owen B. Moseley
  1285. The Chrristian Duty To Society - by Owen B. Moseley
  1286. I Need More - by Lee Moses
  1287. There Is One Body - by Lee Moses
  1288. It Is What It Is - by Doy Moyer
  1289. Biblical Salvation - by Doy Moyer
  1290. Where Does The Bible Specifically Condemn That? - by Doy Moyer
  1291. The Problem Of Hell - by Doy Moyer
  1292. You Can Understand The Bible For Yourself - by Phillip Mullins
  1293. The Value Of Bible Study - by Bob Myhan
  1294. Who Are The Lord's People? - by Bob Myhan
  1295. The Days Of Creation - by Bob Myhan
  1296. Music In New Testament Worship - by Bob Myhan
  1297. A Study Of Authority In Relition - by Bob Myhan
  1298. The Restrictive Nature Of Silence - by James P. Needham
  1299. The Sin Of Homosexuality - by Nick A. Nelson
  1300. When Society and Government Are Immoral - by Nick A. Nelson
  1301. An Aged Fathers Advice To His Son - by Fred Newman
  1302. "What About The Thief On The Cross?" - by Barry Newton
  1303. Lessons Learned From Michael - by Troy Nicholson
  1304. "Trust Me" - by Troy Nicholson
  1305. Discipleship - by Wayne Nix
  1306. Some Keys To Being A Successful Bible Class Teacher - by Mike Noble
  1307. Be Patient With All - by Billy Norris
  1308. "In The Beginning" - by Billy Norris
  1309. Why Believe In The God Of The Bible - by Billy B. Norris
  1310. How Shall We Escape...? - by W. B. Norris
  1311. Forgiveness - by Philip North
  1312. Honesty With Self - by Philip North
  1313. Is Ignorance An Excuse? - by Chuck Northrup
  1314. Baptism - by Chuck Northrup
  1315. There Is Just One! - by Rodney Nulph
  1316. Except Ye Repent - by Jim O'Conner
  1317. Does The First Century Church Exist Today? - by Jim O'Conner
  1318. She Missed One Service - by Alex D. Ogden
  1319. Dangerous Thinking - by Reeder Oldham
  1320. Burning The Past - by Matthew Taiwo Oloruntoba
  1321. Love - by John H. O'Neal
  1322. The Parable Of The Two Farmers - by David Osteen
  1323. Why All Christians Should Look Like Supermodels - by David Osteen
  1324. Facebook Is My Bible -- A Poem - by David Osteen
  1325. Outsourced - by David Osteen
  1326. Send In Reinforcements - by David Osteen
  1327. The Perfect Translation - by David Osteen
  1328. Consequences And Punishment - by David Osteen
  1329. I Never Knew You... - by David Osteen
  1330. Saved By Faith? - by David Osteen
  1331. Why A Good Moral Person Goes To Hell - by David Osteen
  1332. Parable Of The Mean Dad - by David Osteen
  1333. The Church Husbandry Society - by David Osteen
  1334. Shame To Fame - by David Osteen
  1335. Self Defense - by David Osteen
  1336. Fan Of Church - by David Osteen
  1337. Freshman Fatalities - by David Osteen
  1338. Same Mission, Different Responsibility - by David Osteen
  1339. Send In Reinforcements! - by David Osteen
  1340. Four-tify Your Faithfulness - by David Osteen
  1341. I've Sinned Too Much - by David Osteen
  1342. Giving To God - by Dan R. Owen, Ph.D.
  1343. Reasons For Teaching - by Philip A. Owen
  1344. What Is A Christian - by Philip Owens
  1345. Four Reasons Why I Cannot Believe The 70AD Doctrine - by Shawn Paden
  1346. The Advocate - by Monty F. Parker
  1347. Let Us Be Peculiar Once More - by Monty F. Parker
  1348. Identifying The Anti-Christ - by Eddie Parrish
  1349. "We Are Found False Witnesses of God" - by George Parsley
  1350. The False Doctrine Of Original Sin - by Luci Partain
  1351. Growing To Maturity - by Max Patterson
  1352. Right In The Sight Of God - by Max Patterson
  1353. Attacks On The Home - by Max Patterson
  1354. Effective Workers - by Gary Patton
  1355. Going Onward - by Hershel E. Patton
  1356. Say what you mean and mean what you say - by Chuck Pearson
  1357. Fellowship With God - by Chris Peltz
  1358. Pray For Strength - by Doug Pennock
  1359. What About The Bible? - by Gordon J. Pennock
  1360. Song Selection - by Erin Percell
  1361. How Many Roads Lead To Heaven? - by Erin Percell
  1362. Effective Christian Singing - by Rob Perkins
  1363. Dressing Our Daughters Like Prostitutes - by Jonathan Perz
  1364. Is The New Testament A Law? - by Jonathan Perz
  1365. Perverse Public Restroom Laws - by Jonathan Perz
  1366. The Sin Of Backsliding - by Jimmy Pettigrew
  1367. Restoration, Frivolos Objections To The Principle - by David Pharr
  1368. Why I Believe In The Holy Spirit - by David R. Pharr
  1369. Am I Therefore Become Your Enemy? - by H. E. Phillips
  1370. The Gospel Which Was Preached Of Me - by H.E.Phillips
  1371. Restore Such An One - by H.E.Phillips
  1372. What Is The Power - by H.M. Phillips
  1373. Anti Christ - by Michael Pickford
  1374. Contemporary Worship - by Rodney Pitts
  1375. Strength And Obedience - by Kyle Pope
  1376. Our Life In The Face Of Death - by Kyle Pope
  1377. Simon The Sorcerer - by W. Curtis Porter
  1378. Peter Was Not The First Pope - by Ivie Powell
  1379. Do You Really Want To Know The Truth? - By Ivie Powell
  1380. Is Pro-Choice An Issue Or A Distraction - by Tracy Prater
  1381. The Bible Speaks For Itself - by Edward Pratt
  1382. Our Commitment Level To God - by Luther Pratt
  1383. Can A Christian Eat Blood? - by Joe R. Price
  1384. Declaring The Whole Counsel Of God - by Joe R. Price
  1385. The Work Of The Local Church In Acts 2 - by Joe R. Price
  1386. The Christian And Sexual Sins - by Joe R. Price
  1387. The Nature Of The Word Of God - by Joe R. Price
  1388. Abortion: A Sinful Scourge Upon America - by Joe R. Price
  1389. Facebook: Faith Or Folly? - by Joe R. Price
  1390. Learning Hope From The Past - by Joe R. Price
  1391. A Day Of First Things - by Joe R. Price
  1392. Balanced Christianity - by Joe R. Price
  1393. Devaluing Water Baptism - by Joe R. Price
  1394. Evil Suspicions - by Joe R. Price
  1395. Tassels And Truth - by Joe R. Price
  1396. Worship Or Entertainment? - by Bob Prichard
  1397. What Does The Bible Say About "Reverend" As A Title For Ministers? - by Bob Prichard
  1398. Preach The Word--Even To Children - by Charles C. Pugh III
  1399. Where Is Salvation Found? - by Gilbert Pugh
  1400. Fellowship: Defined And Applied - by Franklin T. Puckett
  1401. A Note For The Preacher - by Bob Pulliam
  1402. God's Law Of Exclusion - by Travis Quertermous
  1403. Let's Talk Tongues by Jon Quinn
  1404. Suicide Is Not Painless - by Jon Quinn
  1405. State Of The Righteous Dead - by Jon Quinn
  1406. Do Not Exceed That Which Is Written - by Jon Quinn
  1407. Is It So Bad To Have A Thousand Denominations? - by Jon Quinn
  1408. The Second Gospel Sermon (Acts 3) - by Jon Quinn
  1409. God's Choice Of You - by Jon Quinn
  1410. Restoring The One Who Is Sick - by Jon Quinn
  1411. What God Says About Capital Punishment - by Jon Quinn
  1412. Challenging The Atheist - by Jon W. Quinn
  1413. The Proper Perspective - by Donnie V. Rader
  1414. This May Shock You - by Donnie V. Rader
  1415. Can Those Who Are Sincere Be Wrong? - by Donnie V. Rader
  1416. What A Privilege To Pray - by Donnie V. Rader
  1417. Hell Ought To Scare You - by Donnie V. Rader
  1418. Shoo! Do I Hafta? - by David Ramey
  1419. Counterfiet Pearl - by David Ramey
  1420. God Is - by David Ramey
  1421. Lessons From The Cemetery - by David Ramey
  1422. Comfort - by David Ramey
  1423. Enthusiasm - by David Ramey
  1424. Nature Of The Gospel - by Shannon Ramey
  1425. Certain To Be Wrong - by Shannon Ramey
  1426. Bible Study - by Shannon Ramey
  1427. Can We Really Live For Jesus? - by Johnny Ramsey
  1428. The Great Battle - by Johnny Ramsey
  1429. Bidding Godspeed To Error - by Johnny Ramsey
  1430. When a person dies, does his/her soul go directly to eternity, or does it rest somewhere until judgment? - by Johnny Ramsey
  1431. Ideal Bible Teacher- by Johnny Ramsey
  1432. Are We Willing To Pay The Cost?- by Johnny Ramsey
  1433. Courage And Conviction - by Johnny Ramsey
  1434. To Serve The Lord- by Johnny Ramsey
  1435. Barriers To Heaven- by Johnny Ramsey
  1436. Marks Of Jesus- by Johnny Ramsey
  1437. Wonderous Works- by Johnny Ramsey
  1438. King Of Kings- by Johnny Ramsey
  1439. "What Lack I Yet"- by Johnny Ramsey
  1440. Worthy Art Thou - by Johnny Ramsey
  1441. The Rapture - by Johnny Ramsey
  1442. When Trials Come- by Johnny Ramsey
  1443. Why Marriages Fail - by Johnny Ramsey
  1444. Many Are Disappointed In Jesus - by Johnny Ramsey
  1445. Destination: Heaven- by Johnny Ramsey
  1446. Bible Farewells - by Johnny Ramsey
  1447. Human Pride- by Johnny Ramsey
  1448. The Offensive Christ- by Johnny Ramsey
  1449. Power Of Jesus Christ - by Johnny Ramsey
  1450. The Sin of Exalting Self- by Johnny Ramsey
  1451. The Precious Bible - by Johnny Ramsey
  1452. Glory In The Cross- by Johnny Ramsey
  1453. To Be Like Jesus- by Johnny Ramsey
  1454. Crucified With Christ - by Johnny Ramsey
  1455. Failing The Test - by Johnny Ramsey
  1456. Say It With Conviction - by Michael D. Rankins
  1457. Asking Forgiveness - by Joel Raulerson
  1458. Will Your Children Go To Heaven? - by Ron Readhimer
  1459. In A Sound Church But Yet Without A Clue - by Dennis L. Reed
  1460. The Danger Of Being Foolish - by Dennis L. Reed
  1461. Ignorance Is Bliss - by Dennis L. Reed
  1462. Certainly Wish You Were Here - by Dennis L. Reed
  1463. The First-Day-Of-The-Week Collection - by Bill Reeves
  1464. What Is Transliteration? - by Alfred Regis
  1465. My Lesson On Spiritual Growth - by Becky Rene
  1466. Jehovah Is Near - by Dan Richardson
  1467. "Such A Heart" - by Dan Richardson
  1468. Saving Faith - by Dan Richardson
  1469. A Way That Seems Right - by Dan Richardson
  1470. Why Is It Different Now? - by Dan Richardson
  1471. Herein Is Love... - by Dan Richardson
  1472. Perfecting Holiness - by Dan Richardson
  1473. "Not Every One" - by Dan Richardson
  1474. A Parent's Job - by Dan Richardson
  1475. The Church Jesus Built - by Dan Richardson
  1476. God's Word Will Not Return To Him Void - by Dan Richardson
  1477. Survivor Too - by Dan Richardson
  1478. Our Duty Toward Truth - by Dan Richardson
  1479. How To Look Good In A Swimsuit - by Dan Richardson
  1480. Travel Directions - by S. Scott Richardson
  1481. C-H-U-R-C-H - by S. Scott Richardson
  1482. Power And Grace - by S. Scott Richardson
  1483. When The Weather Warms Up, The Clothes Come Off - by Frank Richey
  1484. The "Give Us A King" Tendency In Some Churches Of Christ - by Frank Richey
  1485. What Burdens Do You Bear - by Neil Richey
  1486. Who All Will Be Saved - by Marvin Rickett
  1487. Deathbed Repentance - by David Riggs
  1488. Ten Reasons For Bible Study - by David J. Riggs
  1489. Why I Left The Catholic Church - by David J. Riggs
  1490. Grace And Works - by Mike Riley
  1491. The Christian And Gambling - by Mike Riley
  1492. What Is Religion? - by Mark Roberts
  1493. In Spirit And In Truth - by Phil Roberts
  1494. Bible Study - by Earl E. Robertson
  1495. The Essence Of Authority - by Earl E. Robertson
  1496. Dumbing Down of Christianity - by Phil Robertson
  1497. How Long Were The Six Days Of Creation? - by Garland M. Robinson
  1498. What Does The Bible Say About Alcohol? - by Garland M. Robinson
  1499. Man Says, God Says - by Garland M. Robinson
  1500. As Long As One Is Sincere, Does It Matter What One Believes? -by Garland M. Robinson
  1501. How The Church Receives Its Funds - by Garland M. Robinson
  1502. Preachers Are To Be Supported In Their Work - by Garland M. Robinson
  1503. We Are In Need Of Salvation - by Garland M. Robinson
  1504. Is The Old Testament As Binding As The New? - by Garland M. Robinson
  1505. Sins Of The Land - by Garland M. Robinson
  1506. Can Atheists Know God Does Not Exist? - by Garland M. Robinson
  1507. Embracing Sodom - by Garland M. Robinson
  1508. Should We Follow The Ten Commandments Today? - by Garland M. Robinson
  1509. The Deceitfulness Of Riches - by Heath Rogers
  1510. Assurance In Prayer - by Heath Rogers
  1511. The Authority Of Christ - by Heath Rogers
  1512. The Bible Doctrine Of Hell - by Heath Rogers
  1513. Things We Cannot Escape - by Heath Rogers
  1514. Is Obedience To God's Will Necessary? - by Heath Rogers
  1515. What Is Worship? - by James E. Rogers
  1516. Affections - by James E. Rogers
  1517. The Gift Of Sight - by Leo Rogol
  1518. How To Save A Marriage - by Veto F. Roley
  1519. Light A Lamp - by Dennis Ross
  1520. What Is The Church Of Christ All About? - by Roderick L. Ross
  1521. Hell: The Eternal Home For The Wicked - by Roderick L. Ross
  1522. Where Is Liberalism Today? - by Larry Rouse
  1523. Human Wisdom vs. Divine Wisdom - by Doug Roush
  1524. True Repentance - by Bonnie Rushmore
  1525. Saved Like Paul - by Louis Rushmore
  1526. God's Place For Women In His Church - by Rod Rutherford
  1527. Faithful Attendance - by Paul Sain
  1528. Why Become A Member Of The Church Of Christ? - by Paul Sain
  1529. Lying Lips - by Gene Samford
  1530. Jesus And His Church - by Gene Samford
  1531. Let It Begin With Me - by Gene Samford
  1532. Open My Eyes - by Terry Sanders
  1533. Gus Missed Church Last Week - by Terry Sanders
  1534. Is The Bible Sufficient? - by David Sandlin
  1535. Who Wants To Be Like Jesus? - by David Sandlin
  1536. "I Got Sick Of The World" - by Gerry Sandusky
  1537. All The Strength You Need - by David A. Sargent
  1538. A Cross Shaped Marriage - by David A. Sargent
  1539. Upon Which Path Are You Travelling? - by Jim Sasser
  1540. Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage - By Jim Sasser(?)
  1541. As An Individual Christian - By Jim Sasser(?)
  1542. Showing Our Love To God - By Jim Sasser(?)
  1543. Do All Roads Lead To Heaven?- By Jim Sasser(?)
  1544. Covetousness - By Jim Sasser(?)
  1545. A Number Of Threatened Species - By Jim Sasser(?)
  1546. Contend Earnestly For The Faith - By Jim Sasser(?)
  1547. God Is NOT Running A Dry Cleaning Business - By Jim Sasser(?)
  1548. Can A Child Of God Fall From Divine Grace And Be Lost? - By Jim Sasser(?)
  1549. A Patternist And Legalist - by Whit Sasser
  1550. What Is Carnel-Mindedness - by Steven Saunders
  1551. The Danger Of Weak Preaching - by Stanley E. Sayers
  1552. The Sin Of Fault-Finding - by Joe Scarborough
  1553. Legalism Is, Is Not - by Russell Scitern
  1554. All Cracked Up - by Eldon Scott
  1555. The Land Promise - by Eldon Scott
  1556. Everlasting, Perpetual, Forever - by Eldon Scott
  1557. Do We Know Who We Are? - by Grady Scott
  1558. Too Late! - by Weldon Scott
  1559. Sin Is Not Sin--When Sin Is Pretend - by Fred Seavers
  1560. A Price Must Be Paid - by James Segars
  1561. Emotions In Worship - by Norman E. Sewell
  1562. A Basic Need: Trust and Knowledge of Bible - by William Sexton
  1563. My Most Valued Possession - My Bible - by William C. Sexton
  1564. How Do We Know We Have The Bible - by Keith Sharp
  1565. The Privilege Of Prayer - by Keith Sharp
  1566. Confession Unto Salvation - by Derrel Shaw
  1567. The Tribulation - by Derrel Shaw
  1568. The Church Of Christ - by Fred Shewmaker
  1569. Ignorance - by Fred Shewmaker
  1570. The Grace Of God Teaches - by Fred Shewmaker
  1571. Who Am I? - by Fred Shewmaker
  1572. Saying But Not Doing - by Dan S. Shipley
  1573. Still Smoking? - by Dan S. Shipley
  1574. They Kept Right On - by Dan S. Shipley
  1575. Tell Me The Story Of Jesus - by Roger Shouse
  1576. Cussing - by Roger Shouse
  1577. Are You Too Busy? - by Roger Shouse
  1578. What Are We Expecting From Our Prayers - by Roger Shouse
  1579. The Incredible Jesus - by Roger Shouse
  1580. Responding To Sin - by David F. Sims
  1581. Just A Peice Of Paper? - by Richard C. Sims. Jr.
  1582. The True Church And Denominationalism? by Richard C. Sims. Jr.
  1583. Finding Riches In Obscurity - by Terry Slack
  1584. The Ministry Of Words - by Dana Slingluff
  1585. When Is An Example Binding? - by Jeff Smelser
  1586. A Great Evangelistic Tool - by Scott Smelser
  1587. Don't Believe Everything You Hear - by Alan Smith
  1588. A Living God - by Alan Smith
  1589. Changing The Standard - by Alan Smith
  1590. What's On The Other Side - by Alan Smith
  1591. Living In Grace Day By Day - by Denny Smith
  1592. No Substitute For Grace - by J. A. Smith
  1593. Pouting - by J. S. Smith
  1594. Legends of the Churches of Christ - by Jeff Smith
  1595. Baby Grew Up - by John A. Smith
  1596. What Is God Like? - by John A. Smith
  1597. Racism And Bigotry - by Lanny Smith
  1598. How To Cure Spiritual Weakness - by Marc Smith
  1599. The Truth About Sin - by Paul Smith
  1600. Accepting Jesus - by Tim Smith
  1601. What Is Worship? - by Toney L. Smith
  1602. Congregational Singing - by Truman Smith
  1603. What Bible Study Will Do For You - by Dr. Wilbur Smith
  1604. The "Name" Of Jesus - by David Smitherman
  1605. According To The Scriptures - by Paul Smithson
  1606. Can The Saved Be Lost? - by Paul Smithson
  1607. Worship, Music and the New Testament - by Paul Smithson
  1608. Catholic Or Protestant? - by Paul Smithson
  1609. Sabbath Keeping Today? - by Paul Smithson
  1610. Respect For God's Authority - by Paul Smithson
  1611. Man's Part In His Salvation - by William P. Smotherman
  1612. The Growing Acceptance Of Homosexuality - by Andy Sochar
  1613. Why Were They Called Churches Of Christ? - by Andy Sochar
  1614. The Problem With An Attendance Problem - by Joey Sparks
  1615. The Jehovah Witnesses - by Dudley Ross Spears
  1616. Church Discipline - by Dudley Ross Spears
  1617. Peripheral Issues - by Kelly G. Spencer
  1618. Is Drining Intoxicating Beverages Wrong? - by Steve Springer
  1619. Continue In Prayer - by Charles H. Spurgeon
  1620. Modesty--Always Fashionable In God's Eyes - by Rusty Stark
  1621. Errors Resulting From Poor Biblical Interpretation -by Jim Stauffer
  1622. "Arguing" The Scriptures - by L.A. Stauffer
  1623. Worship That Is Convenient - by L.A. Stauffer
  1624. The "One True Church" - by L.A. Stauffer
  1625. For Those Who Are Struggling - by L. A. Stauffer
  1626. Bite, Devour, Consume - by L.A. Stauffer
  1627. Those Pesky Thorns - by L.A. Stauffer
  1628. Apostolic Witness - by L.A. Stauffer
  1629. Soul And Spirit - by L. A. Stauffer
  1630. Quit Your Whining - by L. A. Stauffer
  1631. Singing And Clapping - by L. A. Stauffer
  1632. Sense Of Shame - by L.A.Stauffer
  1633. Inspiration And Authority Of The Bible - by L. A. Stauffer
  1634. Rules For Growing Christians - by Edd Sterchi
  1635. Must A Widow Marry Only A Christian? - Kenneth A. Sterling
  1636. Jesus, The Way, The Truth, And The Life - by Grover Stevens
  1637. "Why I Left The Baptist Church" - by Grover Stevens
  1638. 7 Things That Will Help You Grow Spiritually - by Grover Stevens
  1639. Is Gambling A Sin? - by William J. Stewart
  1640. Christian Consistency - by Sam Stinson
  1641. An Inconvenient Truth Concerning Good Deeds - by Sam Stinson
  1642. Christian Influence In World Governments - by Sam Stinson
  1643. Does Spanking Cause Lower I.Q.'s In Children? - by Sam Stinson
  1644. Entertainment Or Engagement - by Sam Stinson
  1645. Three Benefits of Bible Class - by Sam Stinson
  1646. Four Suggestions For The Pre-Sermon Prayer - by Sam Stinson
  1647. Peace With God - by Sam Stinson
  1648. What Does Pac-Man Have To Do With The Gospel? - by Sam Stinson
  1649. Worship Plus Service - by Bonds Stocks
  1650. No Matter What - by Gary Stone
  1651. Is The Time Now? - by Gary Stone
  1652. Steps To Following - by Gary Stone
  1653. Instructions From The Past - by Gary Stone
  1654. Spiritual Darkness - by Gary Stone
  1655. The Message, Not The Messenger - by Gary Stone
  1656. The Treasure Of Quiet Time - by Gary Stone
  1657. Powerful Evangelism - by Gary Stone
  1658. The Answer Is Next To The Problem - by Gary Stone
  1659. Beware Of Softening A Hard Teaching From Our Lord - by Gary Stone
  1660. Prepare Yourselves For Suffering - by Gary Stone
  1661. Labeling And The Fig Tree - by Craig D. Straight
  1662. A Blank Piece Of Paper - by Craig D. Straight
  1663. Baptism Is Essential To Salvation - by Spencer Strickland
  1664. Pointing Fingers And Calling Names - By Jason Stringer
  1665. There Is No Easy Way - by Ronald Stringer
  1666. Does The Bible Mean What It Says? - by Tim Stringer
  1667. Things Missing From Our Last Church Get-Together - by Philip C. Strong
  1668. Right Angles - by Mike Stubbs
  1669. The Little Bitty Kitties - by Victor Studdard
  1670. Eight Words Not Used Enough - by Victor Studdard
  1671. Magic Formula - by Brad Sullivan
  1672. Suicide - by Brian V. Sullivan
  1673. For The New Year - by T Sean Sullivan
  1674. Love...To Serve - by Sean Sullivan
  1675. It Cannot Be Wrong - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1676. The Spirit Of Error - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1677. Children Of Hell - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1678. Do You Have Enough? - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1679. The Doctrine Of Christ - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1680. The Attitude Of Jesus Towards Sin - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1681. Are You Willing? - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1682. Do You Know Christ? - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1683. Do Men Today Have Power From God To Perform Miracles? by Carrol R. Sutton
  1684. Some Things Money Cannot Do - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1685. Judging - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1686. Does God Recognize Unlawful Divorces And Marriages? - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1687. Suppositions - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1688. What Is Your Attitude Toward The Truth - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1689. What Is Our Standard Of Authority? - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1690. Honesty - by Carrol R. Sutton
  1691. The Gospel--Repent And Be Baptized - by Cloyce Sutton III
  1692. Are House Churches The Way? - by David Tait
  1693. Is Your Cart Before The Horse? - by David Tait
  1694. Indulging In Indulgences - by David Tait
  1695. Pastors and Leaders - Stars, Superstars, or Coaches? - by David Tait
  1696. Wealth And Self - by David Tait
  1697. Sanitised Or Sanctified? - by David Tait
  1698. We Are Simply Christians - by Gene Taylor
  1699. Proper Attitude Toward God's Word - by Gene Taylor
  1700. Character Matters - by Gene Taylor
  1701. To Be In Christ - by Robert L. Taylor Jr.
  1702. Slothfulness In Our Service To God - by David Thacker
  1703. The Meaning Of Discipleship - by Richard Thetford
  1704. The Inspiration Of The Bible - by Richard Thetford
  1705. Preparing For Eternity With The Lord - by Richard Thetford
  1706. Obedience - by Richard thetford
  1707. The Sin Of Jealousy - by Richard Thetford
  1708. I Want To Be A Worker For The Lord - by Richie Thetford
  1709. Microwave Religion - by Craig Thomas
  1710. Does Hell Scare You? - by Craig Thomas
  1711. Preaching Another Jesus - by Craig Thomas
  1712. The Population Of Hell - by Craig Thomas
  1713. Is Faith Rational? - by Craig V. Thomas
  1714. A Plea For New Testament Christianity - by J.D. Thomas
  1715. Identifying Churches of Christ - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1716. Is "Tongue Speaking' For Today? - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1717. The Origin And History Of Easter - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1718. When Doctrinal Error Is Put Into Practice - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1719. What Do I lack Yet? - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1720. Led By The Spirit - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1721. What Is The Mark Of The Beast? - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1722. Water Baptism - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1723. The Humility, Humanity, & Deity Of Jesus - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1724. Law Of moses -vs- Gospel Of Christ - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1725. What Does Spiritual Baptism Require? - by Kenneth E. Thomas
  1726. Spiritual Body Piercing - by Mike Thomas
  1727. God Alone Is Wise - by Mike Thomas
  1728. At The Crossroads Of Gambling - by Mike Thomas
  1729. Removing The Ten Commandments - by Mike Thomas
  1730. From Homosexuality To Salvation - by Mike Thomas
  1731. Baptism For The Dead - by Mike Thomas
  1732. May A Church Gain Interest From A Checking Account? - by Mike Thomas
  1733. Bearing Good Fruit - by Ron Thomas
  1734. Holding Traditions - by Bobby K. Thompson
  1735. Astonishment - by Bobby K. Thompson
  1736. Failing To Be Involved - by Bobby K. Thompson
  1737. I'm Sorry! - by Bobby K. Thompson
  1738. Adorn The Doctrine Of God - by Bobby K. Thompson
  1739. But We All Sin - by Bobby K. Thompson
  1740. Does Everyone Have A Right To Their Own Belief? - by Bobby K. Thompson
  1741. Three Verdicts - by Bobby K. Thompson
  1742. What Happened At Bethlehem? - by Tommy Thornhill
  1743. Sowing To The Wind And Reaping The Whirlwind - by Tommy Thornhill
  1744. Am I My Brother's Keeper? - by Tommy Thornhill
  1745. The Best Is Yet To Be - by Tommy Thornhill
  1746. Heaven, And Why I Want To Go There No1 - by Tommy Thornhill
  1747. Heaven, And Why I Want To Go There No2 - by Tommy Thornhill
  1748. Defending THE FAITH - by Tommy Thornhill
  1749. The Grace Of God - by Tommy Thornhill
  1750. Real Christians Are A Strange People - by Tommy Thornhill
  1751. Fallen Angels/Demons - by Tommy Thornhill
  1752. Is Your Name Written In Heaven? - by Tommy Thornhill
  1753. With His Windows Open Toward Jerusalem - by Tommy Thornhill
  1754. Things Not Found In Hell - by Tommy Thornhill
  1755. Is Jesus Really The Reason For The Season? - by Tommy Thornhill
  1756. God's Power Working In Us - by Tommy Thornhill
  1757. Causing The Church To Grow - by Tommy Thornhill
  1758. I'm Sorry - by Tom Thornhill Jr.
  1759. The Seriousness Of Christianity - by Tom Thornhill Jr.
  1760. Fifty Shades Of Lust - by Tom Thornhill Jr
  1761. We Need To Care - by Tommy Thornhill
  1762. From The Beginning Of The Year To The Very End Of The Year - by Thomas Thornhill
  1763. I Am Weary - by Tommy Thornhill
  1764. Our Gospel Meeting - by Thomas Thornhill
  1765. Reverence For God, Worship Towards God, Or Both - by Thomas Thornhill
  1766. How To Get There From Here - by Thomas Thornhill
  1767. When A Man Loses Respect For Bible Authority - by Thomas Thornhill
  1768. Real Christians Are Strange People - by Tommy Thonhill
  1769. Jesus Christ - Upon This Rock - by Clem Thurman
  1770. Does It Really Make A Difference? - by Clem Thurman
  1771. For This They Willfully Forget- by Clem Thurman
  1772. Walking In The Light Of God - by Clem Thurman
  1773. Contentment Is Great Gain- by Clem Thurman
  1774. The Authority Of The Scriptures- by Clem Thurman
  1775. What Saves Us From Sin - by Clem Thurman
  1776. Obeying The Great Commission- by Clem Thurman
  1777. "Teach Us To Number Our Days"- by Clem Thurman
  1778. Why People Do Not Obey God- by Clem Thurman
  1779. Jesus And False Teachers- by Clem Thurman
  1780. The Glorius Church- by Clem Thurman
  1781. What About "Promise Keepers"?- by Clem Thurman
  1782. God Says "Where Are Thou?- by Clem Thurman
  1783. God's Grace And Our Obedience- by Clem Thurman
  1784. "According To The Pattern"- by Clem Thurman
  1785. Can We Fall From Grace? - by Clem Thurman
  1786. Revealed By The Cross Of Christ- by Clem Thurman
  1787. The Cross Is The Center - by Clem Thurman
  1788. Are You A Spiritual Gambler? - by Clem Thurman
  1789. You Had Better Listen - by Clem Thurman
  1790. A Search For Life's Purpose - by Clem Thurman
  1791. Contrast Of The Two Covenants - by Clem Thurman
  1792. Praying For People - by David Thurman
  1793. What Do You Mean: Repent? - by David Thurman
  1794. "I Can Do As I Please" - by David Thurman
  1795. "Its Good For You" - by David Thurman
  1796. Telling The Glory Of God - by David Thurman
  1797. Confess What? - by David Thurman
  1798. A Generous God - by David Thurman
  1799. You And The Church - by David Thurman
  1800. Who Do You Trust? - by David Thurman
  1801. The Glory Of Love - by David Thurman
  1802. "God Should Do Better" - by David Thurman
  1803. A God Who Rejoices - by David Thurman
  1804. The Holy Spirit And The Word - by Dillard Thurman
  1805. Men Have Perverted The Gospel - by Dillard Thurman
  1806. Where Is The Battle Line? - by Dillard Thurman
  1807. Moses: Mighty Man Of God - by Dillard Thurman
  1808. We Are Honest Men - by Bob Tidwell
  1809. What Is The Bible? - by Roland Tolentino
  1810. Dealing With Those In Error - by James M. Tolle
  1811. When The Lord Says Nothing - by Donald Townsley
  1812. The "New Image" Church Of Christ - by Donald Townsley
  1813. What Do Visitors See in Me? - by Jason Trick
  1814. Maintaining The Bond Of Peace - by Don Truex
  1815. Brief History Of The Sinner's Prayer - by Richard G. Trumps
  1816. Why Should I Attend Worship Services? - by Dennis Tucker
  1817. I Am Ashamed - by Dennis Tucker
  1818. Modern Day Tongue Speaking - by Allan Turner
  1819. Must One Understand The Purpose Of Baptism? - by R. Turner
  1820. First Love - by Robert Turner
  1821. Much Ado About Walking In The Light - by Robert Turner
  1822. How To Listen In Church - by Robert F. Turner
  1823. Are We Killing The "Old Man"? - by Robert F. Turner
  1824. We Lack Urgency!!! - by Robert F. Turner
  1825. Depravity And The Indwelling Spirit - by Robert F. Turner
  1826. What Can We Know About Heaven? - by Robert F. Turner
  1827. For Those Who Itch!! - by Robert F. Turner
  1828. Investigate The Church Of Christ - by Jimmy Tuten, Jr.
  1829. The Increase Of Dishonesty - by Jimmy Tuten Jr.
  1830. Encouragement - by Mike Udam
  1831. Never Forget Who You Are - by Joseph Udoh Umoibum
  1832. Examine Yourselves Whether You Are In The Faith - by Earnest S. Underwood
  1833. Laws - by Darla VanDyke
  1834. On Time; Late As Usual - by Carl Vernon
  1835. Attitudes Towards The Bible - by Carl Vernon
  1836. Prayer In The Book Of James - by Bryan Vinson Jr
  1837. Walking With Christ - by Steve Vise
  1838. To My Generation - by Joshua Visga
  1839. Sacrifice - by Rick Van Vooris
  1840. Mahershalalhashbaz - by Tom Wacaster
  1841. Homosexual Marriage - by Tom Wacaster
  1842. Things Elders Should Look For In A Preacher - by John Waddey
  1843. Components Of Our Current Apostasy - by John Waddey
  1844. Try Christianity, It's The Real Thing - by John Waddey
  1845. How Did We Reach This Sad State? - by John Waddey
  1846. Symptoms And Treatments For Spiritual Illness - by John Waddey
  1847. The Greatness Of The movement To Restore Original Christianity - by John Waddey
  1848. Preaching To Pagans - by John Waddey
  1849. Blasphemy - by John Waddey
  1850. A Serious Word To Every Man Who Occupies A Pulpit - by John Waddey
  1851. Astrology: The Fruit Of Idolatry - by John Waddey
  1852. Smooth And Fair Speech - by John Waddey
  1853. Did Churches Of Christ Exist During The Dark Ages? - by John Waddey
  1854. An Analysis Of Sin - by John Waddey
  1855. A Catalog Of Preachers - By John Waddey
  1856. Things I Learned From The Baptist Church - by Tom Wade
  1857. Learning To Maintain Good Works - by Mark R. Wadlington
  1858. Buy The Truth And Sell It Not - by Bob Waldron
  1859. Institutionalism In Perspective - by Bob Waldron and Irven Lee
  1860. What Makes A Marriage - by Jim Waldron
  1861. The Model Prayer - by Jim E. Waldron
  1862. Five Steps To Destruction - by Don Walker
  1863. Beware Of Normal - by Larry Walker
  1864. Making The Most Of Our Time - by Ralph Walker
  1865. The Reign Of Asa - by Wayne S. Walker
  1866. The Empty Tomb - by Wayne S. Walker
  1867. How To Develop Morally As A Christian - by Wayne S. Walker
  1868. Covetous - by Wayne S. Walker
  1869. The Wind And The Waves Obey Him - by Wayne S. Walker
  1870. What Kind Of Coordinator? -by Wayne S. Walker
  1871. Drunkards - by Wayne S. Walker
  1872. Joseph And Temptation - by Wayne S. Walker
  1873. Why We Believe That Jesus Christ Is The Son Of God - by Wayne S. Walker
  1874. Adulterers - by Wayne S. Walker
  1875. The Blessedness Of Forgiveness - by Wayne S. Walker
  1876. To Choose Or Not To Choose - by Wayne S. Walker
  1877. Why Churches Dwindle - by Wayne S. Walker
  1878. Why Churches Grow - by Wayne S. Walker
  1879. The Importance Of The Death Of Christ In The Plan Of Salvation - by Wayne S. Walker
  1880. Church Recreation - by Wayne S. Walker
  1881. What Are We Lacking - by Wayne S. Walker
  1882. What Do The Life And Ministry Of Christ Mean To Us? - by Wayne S. Walker
  1883. Sodomites - by Wayne S. Walker
  1884. The Effects Of The Activities Of Youth - by Wayne S. Walker
  1885. Does A Congregation Have Authority For A Midweek Service? - by Wayne S. Walker
  1886. Thieves - by Wane S. Walker
  1887. "So Shall I Keep Your Law Continually" - by Wayne S. Walker
  1888. The Gospel - by Wayne S. Walker
  1889. Religion For Everyday Use - by Cled Wallace
  1890. Ignoring The Main Point (about baptism) - by Cled E. Wallace
  1891. The Nature Of Man's Flesh - by Steve Wallace
  1892. Open Doors - by Steve Wallace
  1893. The Danger Of Alcohol - by Steve Wallace
  1894. There Is Nothing "Compassionate" About Helping People Get To Hell - by Matt Walsh
  1895. Fellowship - by Bob Walton
  1896. In Troubling Times - by Bob J, Walton
  1897. Getting Older - by W. Frank Walton
  1898. Family Time Together Is Essential - by W. Frank Walton
  1899. Worship: Wanted: Dead Or Alive - by W. Frank Walton
  1900. Let Women Keep Silent In The Churches - by W. Frank Walton
  1901. The Great Invitation - by W. Frank Walton
  1902. God's Love For Sinful Man - by W. Frank Walton
  1903. The Search For Truth - by W. Frank Walton
  1904. Traits Of Strong Families - by W. Frank Walton
  1905. Before The Foot Hits The Floor - by W. Frank Walton
  1906. The Way Of Escape From Sin - by W. Frank Walton
  1907. We Must Fully Preach The Gospel! - by Hugh Walton
  1908. God's Design For Marriage - by Hugh Walton
  1909. "The Implanted Word" - by Jim Ward
  1910. Herman Who? - by Jim Ward
  1911. Disciple Or Dabbler? - by Jim Ward
  1912. Overcoming Evil With Good - by Jim Ward
  1913. The Lord's Church Is Magnificent - by Jim Ward
  1914. The Complete Admonition - by Jim Ward
  1915. Personal Evangelism - by Mark J. Ward
  1916. Idolatry - by Nathan Ward
  1917. Valid Baptism - by Wendell Ward
  1918. Dwell With Them According To Understanding - by Wendell Ward
  1919. A Case Of Re-baptism - by Wendell Ward
  1920. A Wise Man - by Wendell Ward
  1921. You Made Your Own Bed - by Wendell Ward
  1922. Foolish Living - by Wendell Ward
  1923. Serving God With Sincerity - by Wendell Ward
  1924. Unity In Discipline - by Wendell Ward
  1925. A Barrier On My Roadway To Hell - by Wendell Ward
  1926. Addicted To Good Works - by Wendell Ward
  1927. Understanding Man - by Wendell Ward
  1928. God Does not need Eyeglasses - by Wendell Ward
  1929. Addicted - by Wendell Ward
  1930. The Sting Of Death Is Sin - by Wendell Ward
  1931. Miracles - by Bill Wardlow
  1932. What Paul Preached - by Weldon E. Warnock
  1933. We Have Become Stoic - by Weldon E. Warnock
  1934. That Your Prayers Be Not Hindered - by G.E. Watkins
  1935. What Should I Learn From Judas? - by David Watson
  1936. The Holy Spirit And Fire - by Walton Weaver
  1937. Are You Growing In The Faith? - by Johnny Webb
  1938. Let's Be Honest - by Norm Webb
  1939. Proper Dress Part 1 - by Melissa Webster
  1940. Proper Dress Part 2 - by Melissa Webster
  1941. Proper Dress Part 3 - by Melissa Webster
  1942. A Straight Line In A Crooked World - by Wade Webster
  1943. Being A Christian Is Costly - by Marvin Weir
  1944. Is One Church As Good As Another? - by Marvin L. Weir
  1945. Am I Become Your Enemy For Telling You The Truth? - by Marvin L. Weir
  1946. Will The Supreme Court Ruling Restrict Religious Freedom? -by Ken Weliever
  1947. Lost Books Of The Bible (parts 1 and 2) - by Bob West
  1948. Is The Church Of Christ A Denomination - by Bob West
  1949. Looking To Other Nations - by D. Gene West
  1950. "I'm Just Not Feeling It" - by Cody Westbrook
  1951. A Christian Sabbath? - by Greg Weston
  1952. Do We Have Free Will? - by Greg Weston
  1953. Jesus Is The Author Of Salvation - by Greg Weston
  1954. Is The Kingdom Of Christ Present Or Future? - by Greg Weston
  1955. To One Another - by Greg Weston
  1956. The Godhead - by Greg Weston
  1957. On The First Day - by Greg Weston
  1958. As He May Prosper - by Greg Weston
  1959. Divine Direction For Preachers - Greg Weston
  1960. Feed The Church Of The Lord - by Greg Weston
  1961. Have We Lost The Fear Of God? - by Michael W. Wheeler
  1962. Your Conscience: Dead Or Alive - By Mark White
  1963. Women Preachers - by Mark W. White
  1964. Will Your Life Make A Difference? - by Mark W. White
  1965. How To See Eye To Eye Religously - by Mark W. White
  1966. Two Preachers- Amos and Amaziah - by Mark W. White
  1967. Too Little Too Late - by Mark W. White
  1968. "I Love Thy Kingdom Lord" - by Paul White
  1969. The Thief On The Cross - by Richie White
  1970. Sodomy/Homosexuality - by Ronnie Whittemore
  1971. Being Of Service To The Lord - by Ed Whittlesey
  1972. ABORTION - by Nathan Whittlesey
  1973. What Shall The Preacher Do? - by Stephen Wiggins
  1974. A Spiritual "Investment Strategy" - by Branson Williams
  1975. It's Not Safe Being Ignorant - by J.D. Williams
  1976. A Perfect Church For Imperfect People - by J.D. Williams
  1977. In Case He Comes Early - by J.D. Williams
  1978. We Sin Because We Want To - by J.D. Williams
  1979. We Cant All Understand It Alike - by J.D. Williams
  1980. An Exercise In Futility - by J. D. Williams
  1981. Understanding The Difference Between The Covenants - by J.D. Williams
  1982. Jesus, Yes, The Church..No - by Jack H. Williams
  1983. Instrumental Music: What Does The Bible Say? - by Jack H. Williams
  1984. "Just As I Am" - by Jack H. Williams
  1985. Have You Voted? - by Jack H. Williams
  1986. The Earth -- Young Or Old? - by Jon Gary Williams
  1987. Preaching The Cross - by Paul K. Williams
  1988. A Hot Spot - by Shane Williams
  1989. Part-Time Christianity - by Shane Williams
  1990. Clear The Way For The Lord - by Shane Williams
  1991. Voice Commands - by Shane Williams
  1992. Sending Mixed Signals - by Shane Williams
  1993. Living Up To The Name- by Shane Williams
  1994. The Small Tongue - by Shane Williams
  1995. Lest You Forget - by Shane Williams
  1996. Misunderstood - by Shane Williams
  1997. Our Image - by Shane Williams
  1998. Salvation Made Clear - by Shane Williams
  1999. Follow The Crowd - by Shane Williams
  2000. Beneficial Knowledge - by Shane Williams
  2001. The Defilement Of Sin - by Shane Williams
  2002. The World's Need - by Shane Williams
  2003. Desire For Praise - by Shane Williams
  2004. Daily - by Shane Williams
  2005. Understanding God's Word - by Shane Williams
  2006. Strength Of Faith - by Shane Williams
  2007. How Old Are You?- by Shane Williams
  2008. Worship Motivation - by Shane Williams
  2009. Sacrifice Of The Faithful - by Shane Williams
  2010. One Person - by Shane Williams
  2011. What Is Truth? - by Shane Williams
  2012. God, The Consuming Fire - by Shane Williams
  2013. A Good Testimony - by Shane Williams
  2014. Our Back Yard - by Shane Williams
  2015. Taking The Cross - by Shane Williams
  2016. Sin And Its Punishment - by Cecil Willis
  2017. Creed Making - by Cecil Willis
  2018. Unanswered Prayers - by Lewis Willis
  2019. Are We Thankful? - by Lewis Willis
  2020. Why Is Modest Dress A Big Deal? - by Meagan Willis
  2021. What Is A False Teacher - by Mike Willis
  2022. Is Anything Sinful? - by Mike Willis
  2023. Think On These Things - by Jack Wise
  2024. Gossip: Verbal Slaughter - by Jack Wise
  2025. Preaching Like Paul - by Bobby Witherington
  2026. Focus On Jesus - by Bobby Wood
  2027. Preach It, Brother - by Rick Woodall
  2028. The Church Of The Lord Is Not A Denomination - by Guy N. Woods
  2029. I Want A Church That Meets My Needs - by William Woodson
  2030. Calls Me From A World Of Care - by Don Wright
  2031. The Lord Will Not At All Acquit The Wicked - by Brian A. Yeager
  2032. The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit - by Brian A. Yeager
  2033. "Psallo" - By Brian A. Yeager
  2034. We Must First Preach The Gospel - by Brian A. Yeager
  2035. Is Denominational Baptism Valid? - by Brian A. Yeager
  2036. There is Only One Church! - by Brian A. Yeager
  2037. Why I Left Liberalism - by Brian A. Yeager
  2038. Some Brethren Just Cannot Endure Long Preaching - by Brian A. Yeager
  2039. Brotherhood Politicking - by Brian A. Yeager
  2040. Who Follows The Teachings Of The Apostles? -by James L. Yopp
  2041. The Attitude of Paul - by James L. Yopp
  2042. Loneliness - by James L. Yopp
  2043. Are You A Legalist? - by Doug Young
  2044. Well Today, I Didn't Do It - by Glen Young
  2045. We Must Compete Lawfully - by Glen Young
  2046. They No Longer Needed God - by Glen Young
  2047. Except Someone Guide Me - by Glen Young
  2048. Authentic Admirer Of Truth - By Glen Young
  2049. The Insanity Of Sin - by Glen Young
  2050. Living The Jubilant Life - by Glen Young
  2051. Who Is Jesus? - by Glen Young
  2052. Where Is Your Focus? - by Glen Young
  2053. Everything Has A Price - by Glen Young
  2054. Membership In The Local Church - by Glen Young
  2055. Can You Handle The Truth? - by Glen Young
  2056. Being A Good Listener - by Glen Young
  2057. Faulty Deductive Reasoning - by Glen Young
  2058. Biblical Optimism - by Glen Young
  2059. Teachers - by Glen Young
  2060. A Capella; Not Instrumental - by Glen Young
  2061. Mules, Grudges, and Bitterness - by Glen Young
  2062. The Dead Do Not Grow - by Glen Young
  2063. Coming The The Light - by Glen Young
  2064. Jesus Answers Question On Divorce - by Glen Young
  2065. Overcoming Blessings - by Glen Young
  2066. Devaluing The Local Church - by Glen Young
  2067. A Series Of Unfortunate Events - by Glen Young
  2068. Where Should We Stand - by Glen Young
  2069. What Does The World See In You? - by James Young
  2070. Three Ways Sin Fools Us - by Jimmy Young
  2071. "Thou Shalt Catch Men" - by Jimmy Young
  2072. Man's Sin and God's Plan For His Redemption - by Jimmy Young
  2073. Who Are We? Just Christians! - by Tyler Young

  1. General Articles by Unknown Writers (as soon has I learn their identity, I will put them in their rightful place.

  2. Is There Only One Person In The Godhead? A Sad Choice
    What About Narrow Preachers? Building Up The Church
    The Jonah Syndrome Sheep Don't Wallow
    The Tragedy Of Gossip Isn't It Strange?
    The 'Jesus Seminar'; Things You Should Know Does Jesus Live Here?
    The Non-Fishing Fisherman In The Name of Jesus
    The Church Of Christ Is Different Kill The Spider
    How The Church Of Christ Is Different The Paralyzing Effects of Sin
    The Preacher And The Atheistic Barber Seeking First The Kingdom
    Six Lessons From Eagles Do You Stand Approved?
    Some Things You'll Never Do In Heaven Navigating For Other People
    What Must I Do To Be Saved? Just Push
    Six Searching Questions One Solitary Life
    Which Is Your Attitude Towards The Bible? Better Wake Up
    Poem: "Live Your Prayers" The Manhattan Declaration
    Christianity Is A Narrow Religion The Devil Laughs
    Forgive Me When I Whine The Stranger
    Lord Forgive Me For Lying Satan's Beattitudes
    Lessons Learned From A Pencil Signs Of Spiritual Decay
    Hell Is Real The One True Church
    The Purpose Of The Church The Spiritual Growth Test
    Why Is Prayer Necessary? Top Ten Reasons "Christians" Give For Not Going To Church
    Salvation Is It A Sin To Forsake The Assembly?
    Is It A Sin To Just Miss One Service Of The Church? Are We To Judge?
    The Possibility Of Apostasy My Duties To The Church
    Nothing More Nothing Less Religious Authority Outside the New Testament?
    Once Saved, Always Saved? Stand Up For Truth!
    The Power Of Prayer Once Saved, Always Saved - A Lie
    My Lord And My God Six Signs A Congregation Is Alive
    Let The Bible Speak About Hell What Was The Purpose Of Miracles
    How To Rebuild A Marriage Jesus Is The Son Of God
    Is There A Christian Sabbath? Nondenominational Christianity
    What Is The Church Of Christ? The Uniqueness Of The New Testament Church
    God's Glory Miracles
    75 Bible References On Drinking Alcohol Gambling
    Are You Inviting? Strange Marriage
    Must We Be Baptized To Be Saved? The Steps Of Salvation
    Giving Liberally Do Demons Possesss People Today?
    Religious Authority Outside The New Testament? The Church Is The Kingdom Of God Or The Kingdom Of Christ
    The Challenge Of Living Up To Our Names Taking The Lord's Supper With One Cup
    The Need And Duty Of Evangelism The Effects Of homosexuality Upon The Home And Society
    The Importance Of Grace To The Soul Developing The Heart And Mind Of Christ
    De-Sensitized Hell, The End Of The Wicked
    Once Saved Always Saved - A Lie Faithfully Assembling With The Saints
    The Day We Fired The Preacher The Gospel Plan Of Salvation
    The Undenominational Church A Spiritual Self-Examination
    An Open Letter From Nadab And Abihu Facts About Sins
    The Savior Lifted Up Does It Matter What Church We Assemble With?
    Church--Universal and Local Meditating On God's Word
    The Real Test For All Christians Being Right With God
    A Good Prospect? Communicating The Gospel
    What Will Build A Strong Church Salvation Is Free, But It Is Not Cheap
    Evangelism Evangelism: Recovering The Essence
    Crossing The Sea How To Identify The New Testament Church
    How To Reach Others With The Gospel How New Religions Are Formed
    What Is Biblical hermeneutics? Faithfully Assembling With The Saints
    Christ's Second Coming: Christian Hope Is The Roman Catholic Church The One True Church?
    23 Reasons To Be Baptized Lead Me To Some Soul Today
    Live The Word

Here is a collection of one line thoughts, sentence-sermons, bumper-stickers and bulletin briefs. I have over 1800 on these 9 pages.

David's Doodlings - a collection of over 1300 thoughts by David Tait of New Zealand.

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