Thoughts on Psalm 139
God searches the hearts of men. Jeremiah 17:10 says that. God searches hearts and tests the minds of men. God knows us each intimately. God even knows us better than we know ourselves.
God knows what we are doing at all times. Even a task we take for granted like sitting down in a chair or on a log or bench is known by God. God watches us as we get up out of bed or out of the chair.
God knows our thoughts as we are thinking them. He knows what our motives are and why we do what we do. God tries to direct our thoughts by giving us His commands, but in the end we still decide what we will do. And even then, God knows what we are doing and thinking.
God knows our actions and even our tendencies. So if God is watching us this carefully, how should we behave? And in order for our behavior to be excellent, we need to fix our minds on things that will please God.
To comprehend that God knows everything, even the things said before we say them, we should be humbled to recognize the greatness of God and His Omniscience. This boggles our minds, and is really beyond our human comprehension. All the more reason to seek knowlege that comes from above so that we can live better lives.
Can anyone run away from God? No! But people do run away all the time. Their problem is that they forget that they cannot run away from God. Jonah tried many years ago, and look where that got him. When people get overwhelmed in their lives, they want to escape. Some do it by drinking or doing drugs. Some get involved in immoral behavior. Some just sink down into deep depression. Few choose to run away from living. But all our running cannot remove us from God and His knowledge of us.
We must remember that God made us. We are not the product of years of evolutionary events. God formed us in our mother's wombs. God was paying attention when nature was following its natural course of events from conception until birth. God still watches us, and for the faithful and righteous, God protects us in many ways that we cannot even comprehend.
God may know the number of days we will spend on the earth, but our living is left up to us. Sadly events take place that may shorten a life. Accidents happen, and diseases all come about because of what happened back near the beginning. Adam and Even brought death to all mankind because of sin. Sin is also responsible for separating us from God (Isaiah 59:2).
As over-whelming as these thoughts are, we should seek to find the thoughts of God, and learn from them. As the Psalmist states it so eloquently: How precious also are Thy thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! (Psalm 139:17)
In the end, we need to submit ourselves to God. We need to learn if there are things in our lives that will harm our souls, and ask God to lead us in the everlasting way.

By Carey Scott

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