What Is There Left To Do?
The prophet Micah pictures a grim picture of his society and culture in chapter seven. The utter devastation that he pictures is horrible, and it was all preventable had the people served the Lord.
Notice that Micah says there is no fruit in the land. Drought and pestilence have decimated the landscape.
There is no morality in the land, as the godly seem to have perished from the face of the earth. No upright people in the land and seems like everyone is out to beat everyone else.
The people have learned evil so well they do it with both hands. It takes a lot of practice to learn to switch hit in baseball. To throw effectively with either one hand or the other is quite a feat. To write so well with either the right or left hand that people can not tell the difference is almost impossible for most. So it is that these people have practiced sin so long, that they can do it right or left handed (this is a figure of speech indicating that sin is practice, morality is not).
Bribes take place, and justice is perverted. Such is the claim all too often in our judicial system today.
The leaders are out to get everyone else, and they make rules to benefit certain ones. It Seems like we hear these same claims today in our political system. Perhaps this is what we call the good old boy network.
Even the best of the people are like thorn bushes or briars. They stick and harm and while some of the flowers are pretty, the thorns are vicious.
They are not even watching out for themselves. Because if they ever posted a watchman, they would realize that an army is not coming, but it is already there. Just like our borders have been open for so long, that when we finally open our eyes, we will find our enemy among us and well prepared to wreak havoc in every part of the land. And people will begin to ask, “what happened?”
Micah speaks of a lack of trust among everyone. Every word is reported and leaked to the public. Tweets and e-mails are no longer private, but exposed to the world for all to see. You cannot tell your pastor or priest anything because you don’t trust them to keep it secret. And people will twist your words into a meaning that you did not intend.
Even families do not treat each other as they should. There is contempt for the parents, and the children are a danger to the parents, and the worst enemy is in their own family. Domestic violence is rampant. More murder is caused by family members than any other group.
So what is there left to do?
Micah says the following: "But as for me, I will watch expectantly for the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation, My God will hear me." (Micah 7:8)
When all is said and done, all we can do is turn to the Lord and seek His guidance, protection, wisdom, and love. “Watching expectantly for the Lord” means that we are ready to listen to His word. God has spoken, and we must obey Him. We must go to His word, and learn what God expects from us. For salvation can only come from God, and God has given us the means and rules for obtaining this salvation. Jesus the Christ is that salvation, and we must follow the teachings of God to receive that salvation. We must believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of the Living God. We need to change our ways by repentance, and start serving God daily. We should and must confess the Name of Christ before our fellow man. And we need to be baptized for the remission of our sins, because our sins is what separates us from God. Once we do that, we become a child of God, and can wear the name Christian.
Micah also says “My God will hear me”. This means that Micah is going to pray to God as much and as often as possible. Prayer is a privilege from God where we can speak and address the Awesome Creator and Sovereign King any time we choose. Let us not waste such a privilege.

By Carey Scott 6/13/2011

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