Nothing More, Nothing Less

The New Testament is described as the "perfect law of liberty" (James 1:25). Since it is perfect, there is no need for any other revelation.

Peter said God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). He was referring to the Bible, the New Testament specifically. With this declaration, we should search the New Testament diligently and never seek a different document claiming inspiration.

Paul told the Galatians (1:6-9) that if any, including an angel, were to preach any other gospel than that which was preached to them then they were to be anathama. Paul is clear. That which was preached by the apostles is God’s complete revelation.

In our service to God we look to the New Testament as our guide: nothing more and nothing less. Think about it. If a document has more than the New Testament, it has too much. If it has less, it has too little. If it was written before the New Testament it was too early. If it was written after the New Testament it was too late. The New Testament is God’s only inspired document and it is this covenant which guides our path to eternity through the sacrificial death and victorious resurrection of Jesus.

Many of our religious neighbors claim modern day revelation. But they change the teachings of the New Testament. They are both too late and are wrong in changing God’s inspired will. Mary Baker Eddy claimed inspiration. She was too late and also taught false teaching. Joseph Smith of Mormon fame claimed inspiration, as do his successors. They are too late and pervert many teachings of the Scripture.

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide the apostles into all truth. This truth is in the New Testament. Let us study it and live it.

By Unknown Author

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