The Weakening Of The Christian Faith
Let me start out by saying that God's rules and commandments have not lost any ground as far as producing salvation. According to the Bible, that will never change. As long as time continues, the requirements of God for man concerning faith and obedience will stand true, and will not change.
This article is more of an indictment of many churches that call themselves Christian of some sort. We have seen many denominations turn away from God's word and reject the authority of the Bible. Many groups have denied the deity of Jesus, and still many more have denied the existence of eternal torment or bliss. Many have outright rejected the Bible and allow women leaders and any immoral person is welcome to become a member without having to give up their personal sin.
The downward direction of many churches stems from trying to be acceptable in the community. They do not hold to values that are biblically based, but make their decisions upon politically correct views of the culture around them.
We have noticed a wave of "Christ bashing" and "religious bashing" lately. Many are becoming antagonistic towards Christ, His Church, and His teachings. They make fun of, and mock Jesus when talking about His commandments. They call the adherents, dumb, misguided, ignorant, brain-washed idiots, and hateful bigots, all the while ignoring that they are probably model citizens in their community.
We might remember that the Jews have also had much bashing over the years, and it continues to get worse. However in the PC world we live in, there are some religions that seem to get "a pass", while others are condemned publically for their stance.
If we are going to be Christians, we must stand up and support the teachings of the Bible, because the Bible is the word of the God (John 17:17) we worship. We must declare the truth of God's word and repeat the claim that there is only one way to receive eternal life. That way is Jesus (John 14:6). If our faith cannot stand upon the principles of the Bible, it is a weak faith at best, but more than likely a "non-faith".
We must teach and preach the word of God in its purity and simplicity. We cannot add to it, change it, or take away from it. We must properly understand the Bible as it applies to today's people.
If there is no after-life as many proffer, there is no reason to live a good moral life. If there is no God, there is no accountability to that God, and everyone does what they want because there is no right or wrong.
We all see the chaos when people pick and choose which laws they will follow, and that sends an example to the citizens at large. Nothing good will come from it. Our world is bad enough with all the evil and immoral behavior out there, we do not need this trend promoted as many are doing.
I challenge all churches to get back to the Bible and teach the Bible precepts instead of the human doctrines that are prevalent in our religious world. Speak where the Bible speaks, and be silent where it is silent. Do not add, take away, or change what is already written.
By Carey Scott

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