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I Suffered
(Version 2.1)

I am minding my own business, and I even take the time to kneel down and pray. All of a sudden someone who I thought was a friend and a whole bunch of government people with all the letters of the alphabet written on their jackets rush in and grab me, put me in handcuffs, and carries me off to jail. I was not even told the charges against me. People from all these agencies seem to have it out for me, and some of them even punch me or get a jab in somehow. For some reason, they just do not like me. Others just insult me to make me feel real bad. I think I am being brought before a judge, but find out he is the judge's nephew. He asks me a lot of questions and takes my answers and puts a spin on them to make them say something I really did not mean. Still, no charges are stated that I am told about. They put me back in the cell, and a few of the guards hit me and spit on me, and I really do not know why. Seeing that I have done nothing wrong, I ask for my rights and a lawyer, but they tell me that my crime does not merit any rights. I am puzzled.
Somehow the officials know that I really did nothing to merit the harsh treatment, and now they are worried about a lawsuit. So a deputy calls his cousin to come and tell some things about me that are not true. I know those comments are not true; the cousin knows they are not true; and the officials know they are not true. But since a terrible accusation has been made they feel they must have to follow through with the proceedings.
Now they bring me before a real judge. But this judge does not care what I have to say in my defense. He hears the charges against me and decides I need to be punished. Since the judge does not actually punish any offenders, he turns my case over to another department where the enforcers continue to beat me to a pulp. Knowing that any person should not be killed without a proper trial, they send me to one official after another, and all these officials just wash their hands of the matter and tell my original accusers to do with me what they want.
The officials ask anyone who would be willing to come and be a character reference for me to do so. You would think that many people who I thought were my friends would come forward, but every one of them ignored me. Some of them even treat me like the others are doing. Most of them have run off, and the few who hung around were quick to deny they knew me. The one I thought was my best friend began to curse and swear that he did not even know me. My, how this hurt. But I had a feeling that this might happen, and I had told him so, but he swore that he would fight for me to the death. Yeah, right!
The officials know they are guilty of wrongdoing, but they would rather make the loud mouths happy and give in to their requests. So the officials get permission to charge me with a capital offence. Maybe now a trial is coming up, but I learn that I have already been tried and convicted. Now the beatings get worse. It is so bad that blood is just pouring from my body. I hurt real badly and I just know that I am to die real soon. At this point, I'm thinking the quicker the better.
Now, down deep, I consider that there is something good to come from this event. Perhaps, my death could help others avoid death. So I become resolved to see it through, and ask God to be with me and help me through this ordeal.
Everybody mocks me and spits on me and calls me names that I care not to repeat. I am beaten so badly that my instrument of execution is too heavy for me to bear, so they get someone else to carry it for me. Once there, with everyone watching what is going on, and everyone aware of what is going on, they tie me down to this wooden cross, and then to make it worse, drive nails through my hands and feet.
They offer me some sedative, but I consider not doing so. Some of my family is here watching me. Even though I do not deserve to die, I decide to forgive those who had a part in my execution. I have always considered making my heavenly Father happy, so I have willingly suffered and died for YOU. Please, do not put me through this again. Your Friend, JESUS !
By Carey Scott

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