Members Who Strengthen

The strength of the church lies in her supernatural elements, her sure foundations, and her divine cornerstone. The weakness of the church lies in her human elements. We can offer no improvements in the supernatural elements, but we can strengthen the human elements. There are four groups of members who strengthen the church.
The first group is composed of attending members. They are found in every congregation. They have the same "excuse" which others use: company comes to see them, they also work very hard all week they too have Sunday illnesses; but because of their love for the church - they "put God first".
The second group is made up of informed members. The Christian life begins with a spiritual impulse, a movement of life toward God. When and where and how this desire for more knowledge of God is not always discovered. It is perfectly plain, however, that when a life has been "born again," its growth can be sustained and matured only through knowledge and experience. They are busy people who make time to feast on the "good Word of God".
The third group which strengthens the church is that of the supporting member. A church is strong or feeble, not primarily in proportion to its enrolled membership, but in proportion to its supporting membership. The strength of a church is in the number of its "active" members, those who invest time, thought, energy, and money in its maintenance. The weakness of a church is in the number of its inactive members.
The fourth group which lifts the church is the consistent members. No one can point to him and say- "He is the reason I am not a member." Those in this group profess with their lips and practice with their lives; a believer on Monday as well as Sunday-, praise the name of God in the meeting place without profaning His name in the market place. The religion of Christ is greatly helped by those whose consistencies speak so loudly that the world can hear what the church says.
If you cannot find yourself, begin at once by confessing the error of your way and dedicate your life to strengthening the church.

By Jerry Jenkins

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