How To Be Lost
For many people, that is an easy one; just continue what you are doing. But seriously, we are reminded that so many people are lost, and they don't seem to care about that fact. They have a problem with selfishness, and therefore do not consider what it takes to be saved. If Satan were to write a list of commandments that would guarantee one would be lost, it might go something like this.
First, do not even consider punishment. The word "sin" is shunned from our society, and those who practice things which the Lord hates are going to be punished. Well, if we can just make it up in our minds that there is no such thing as hell, and then we can do what we want. There will be no punishment that will mean anything.
Second, and very important; DO NOT READ THE BIBLE. That is the one thing you should never do. The Bible tells people how to be saved. It provides God's plan of salvation, and instructs us how we are to treat our fellow man, as well as teach us to reverence and respect our God.
Third, always walk according to your own mind. Do what you want and you can justify it by setting your own standards. You certainly do not want to follow someone else's standard, and you do not want to follow God's standard either.
Fourth, follow the wisdom of the world. Yes, our world has created its own wisdom, and it is almost always void of God. The bible teaches us that trying to do anything without considering God, or following His plans is vanity and striving after the wind. Our world is doing an outstanding job of removing God from our society, and it shows. Truly, there is no such thing as a Christian nation anywhere on earth. The best we have is a spiritual nation that is occupied only by true Christians.
Fifth, never listen to counsel unless they agree with you. Assume that you are perfect, and nobody on earth can give you advice that will make you a better person. Put your trust in yourself and always lean on your own understanding, because you can change your understanding any time you want.
Sixth, you must silence anyone who would try to teach you what God wants you to do. Yes, we can blame the atheists for getting prayer thrown out of school, but it is our liberal society that is throwing God out of our lives. Their job is to ridicule and make fun of anyone who might claim to be a true Christian. Now, those fake Christians who are not really committed to God are okay with them. They just learn to hate anyone who will not tolerate what they want to do.
Seventh, always shift the blame upon someone else. It is never my fault if you get hurt or killed. We can blame the guns, the government, our society, but never can we blame anyone who actually does something wrong. Of course, it is alright to blame someone who tries to do the right thing, and bring God into the conversation.
Eighth, always question authority. Generations have been doing this for years. Even in our churches, the authority of God and the Bible are challenged, and usually turned away.
Last, we should embrace all the false religions and practice their belief system that is different from the Bible. The quicker we make God ineffective, the easier it will be to continue in what God calls sin.
Hopefully, from this article, you can figure out what it takes to be saved. Sadly, even many who claim to be followers of Christ, are actually followers of Satan.
By Carey Scott

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