Top Ten Things
Your Children Should See In Their Parents.

1. Parents Who Love And Respect Authority.
A. This means they obey those in authority and respect what rules accomplish.

2. Parents Who love To Study The Bible.
A. Children should see their parents studying God’s Word in places other then church. Parents should be studying with their children.

3. Parents Who Love To Sing And Pray.
A. Again this should be accomplished in church as well as at home. Children should see Dad praying on his knees.

4. Parents Who Don’t Murmur.
A. Some parents complain about church regularly on the way home from the assembly. Little ears in the backseat hear this.

5. Parents Who Don’t Gossip Or Backbite.
A. Children should never see Dad shake a brothers hand at church then speak bad about him to Mom on the way home.

6. Parents Who Seek Mercy For Others.
A. Children should never see vindictive parents.

7. Parents Who Regularly Attend Church.
A. This is huge. In my lifetime I have rarely seen children grow up to be faithful when their parents did not emphasize attending services as a priority.

8. Parents Who Love Their Children.
A. You can say it. You can feel it. But your actions better show it.

9. Parents Who Love Each Other.
A. Children need to see your love for your mate.

10. Parents Who Love God And Keep His Commandments.

Presented by Richard Dodson

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