Our Journey
There are times when we plan a trip to get away. It might be vacation or family matters we have to attend to. Sometimes the journey is looked upon with anticipation, and sometimes we dread making the long trek to our destination. As with any trip, there are preparations that need to be made. Buying the tickets, or preparing our car for the trip. Fuel, oil, tires all need to be full and checked. Snacks and drinks need to be available to limit non-travel time, as well as a review of the map to make sure you get to your destination quickly, efficiently, and possibly with a scenic route to see things not normally seen.
I remember many times getting ready for such a journey. The excitement and anticipation are things that might cause you to lose sleep the night before, and thus, you start your journey tired. Every journey is exhausting in so many different ways. It is enjoyable because we can break away from our normal routine and do something different for a change. All of us who have made trips understand the preparation that goes into each journey.
Now, spiritually speaking, we are already on a journey towards the end of our life. Just like a road trip, this journey needs to be one that we prepare for. This usually happens on the fly as we go, but still, we have a destination to reach. For the truly spiritually minded person, that destination is heaven. Sadly for many people their journey ends at death (or so they think).
"It is appointed for man to die once, and after this the judgment" (Hebrews 9:27).
While many make the journey alone, we also learn that having companionship is much more enjoyable. Maybe spending the time with family that we sometimes ignore during our regular routine can be a relationship builder. Sharing new things with companions can be exciting. Occasionally, meeting new people and forming new relationships can be fun. This is true, especially if our goal is the same. In our spiritual journey, heaven is our goal, and when we find others on that same pathway, we learn to appreciate them so much more.
These are the exact people we need to be spending time with. The people of the world do not care about heaven, and to be honest, do not care if you get to heaven or not. When we have people supporting us and encouraging us to make the effort to get to heaven, it really becomes easier. The best thing we can do is encourage souls trying to get to heaven. In doing so, we find that we are also encouraged to reach heaven as well. While the journey may be filled with excitement and drama, the destination still needs to be reached. It is best if we can have someone go with us, and lest we forget, God is always with us, and helping us on our way.
By Carey Scott

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