Proper Dress
Second... it's not personal.
Our natural tendency is to make excuses or defend ourselves to cover our weaknesses.
... And when it comes to our children, we see them as the sweet little innocent creatures they are.
... So, we must make some judgments and decisions in advance. We also must try to make some judgments and decisions without our bias
I want to focus on our dating age girls for a while (and ourselves in the process)...
We have looked forward to these moments just as much or maybe more than she has. Our precious little pony-tailed tomboy is now getting all dressed up and going out. We love the Cinderella and princess moments! It's all fairy tale and dreaminess!
However, let's make sure we have some reality in there too.
First, refer to my last post about sex offenders. Also, when any kind of bathing suit comes to your mind, just reference the previous post.
Second, covering our bodies is something males should do also, so just because I am not specifically addressing the males, does not mean I believe they should go around topless or in short shorts. Let's face it. Teen "idols" are not covering females' phones, posters, notebooks, clothes, walls, etc. just because they are talented and treat them well....
Third, let's assume we are dealing with the majority out there. I don't know how many times I hear women say their men do not have lustful thoughts or how their men are not affected by the bathing suits on the beach or how their children would never .... on and on... And the other one I hear.. We have an agreement.. We can look but not touch. ONE appreciative look does not make a person a pervert, but it is ONE more in the lustful savings bank. Unfortunately, some of those men and women cash in those coins... or do we not seem to have a problem with extra-marital affairs?? Also, someone's little girls and boys are keeping the birth control in schools. Someone's little girls and boys are why every time your teen goes to a doctor she is offered birth control. Someone's little boys and girls are why teens can get abortions without parental permission. Someone's little boys and girls are why the term teen pregnancy exists. ALL make mistakes. Your little girl might NEVER have impure thoughts, but are you so sure that EVERY boy she is in contact with will NEVER be tempted or tempt her EVEN THOUGH he is one of the best boys in the school?
Fourth, there is a reason we call the teen years hormonal.... enough said.
Fifth, yes, we TRUST our children to make the right decisions. However, we generally have some kind of curfew. We generally don't approve of acquaintances with drug dealers. We generally have some kind of rules and guidelines. Even those who don't have rules - have some kind of rules. This is not a trust issue. This is teaching our children what is wise and what is not wise. This is teaching our children that what might be convenient or easy might not be wise. This is teaching our children to put the lid on the honey BEFORE they have an insect problem.
Sixth, those of you who have no problem with premarital sex, just scroll on. This is not for you.
Seventh, yes, males should control themselves. God did not create them animals. However, the devil will take advantage of any weak moment. And moth balls are in the stores for a reason. Take that and go with it.
Take some time to evaluate outfits.
If the skirt or shorts come above the knee... sit down and see what it shows. Cross your legs and see what it shows. Stand up and bend down and see what it shows. No, not after you tug and pull. If you were a boy attracted to that teen girl, would what you see might ... Sit next to, across the room from, in front of.. look at it from every angle.
Question. Would it be okay with you, as a parent, if any of that exposed skin was touched by that cute little boy when he and she are playing around or sitting next to each other watching a movie in the dark theater or kissing...
If the top shows stomach or shoulders or cleavage or back... Raise your arms and see what it shows. Bend down and see what it shows. If you were a boy attracted to that teen girl, would what you see cause that boy a harder time in the focusing on the beautiful personality rather than the beautiful view?
Question. Look at the above question.
Tightness and see through clothing. Apply above principles.
NOTE: Moms, as you consider the above, think about what little touches turn you on. Think about what you wear that gets a little extra attention from your husband.
Again, this is not about trust. This is about dressing for the weather, so to speak.

By Melissa Webster

[Note: This is taken from her Facebook page]

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