Newspaper Articles submitted to the local paper

These should help to spark interest and curiosity and bring in visitors from the local community. By producing these publicly, I give permission for others to use them or any portion in their local works if they can be of any use.

  1. Lost Dog
  2. The Bible is Truth
  3. The Doctrines of Men
  4. Sincerely Wrong
  5. Power Over Satan
  6. Humility Is Required
  7. Why Obedience Is So Important
  8. You Didn't Say "Not To"
  9. A New Revelation?
  10. It Is Time For A Change
  11. Some Rules for Bible Study
  12. Gossip
  13. The Deception Of Satan And The "Sinner's Prayer"
  14. Return To The Lord Your God
  15. Respect
  16. Warning...Warning...Warning
  17. The Eyes Of The Lord
  18. Seek The Lord
  19. God's Prophetic Word
  20. Learn, Obey, Teach
  21. God Gives Us Two Choices
  22. Listen And Be Careful
  23. The Secret Of The Lord
  24. The Kindness And Severity Of God
  25. What Does The Bible Say About "Original Sin"?
  26. Partial Faith Is Satan's Victory
  27. Bible People Were Normal People
  28. Where is God?
  29. The Sinful Will NOT Be Saved
  30. The Haunting Sins Of Our Past
  31. Can We Find True Peace?
  32. You Can Not Handle The Truth
  33. No Fear Of God
  34. Are You A Pervert?
  35. God Is Near (And We Ignore Him)
  36. The Whole Counsel Of God
  37. Anticipation
  38. Calm And Chaos In The Storm
  39. Seeking Those Who Are Lost
  40. Who Do We Blame?
  41. What Is In Your Toolbox?
  42. Wait On The Lord
  43. The Christian Duty To Government
  44. If The Bible Is From God
  45. The Prayer Of Daniel
  46. The Bible Is Not A Mystery
  47. Hatred Without A Cause
  48. A Resolution To Live By
  49. Christmas Every Day
  50. True Joy
  51. True Love
  52. Your Sin Will Find You Out
  53. Do The Right Thing
  54. True Success
  55. Be A Better Person
  56. Where Are You? Where Are You Going?
  57. Baptized Into Christ
  58. How to Be A Better Person
  59. Spiritual Liars
  60. The Neglected Church
  61. Watch Your Tongue
  62. Genuine Love For God
  63. Believing The Lie
  64. The Right Foundation
  65. Presumptous Sins
  66. Vain Worship
  67. That Glorious Tree
  68. The Old Way Is Better
  69. Do Not Tell Me About God
  70. Make Up Your Mind
  71. Garage Sale
  72. God Only Sees The Good
  73. God Requires Three Things From You
  74. Empty Faith
  75. Anyone Can Be Saved
  76. New And Improved Religion
  77. Fix The Problem
  78. The Lord's Reward
  79. Two Deaths
  80. No Creed But The Bible
  81. Coming Out Of The Closet
  82. Do Your Best
  83. Change Is Necessary
  84. You Can Lead A Horse To Water....
  85. Abide With Me
  86. Christmas Comes This Time Of Year
  87. Prayer Is Our Right

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