Encouragement simply put is giving somebody what he alone cannot give himself sufficiently.

Sometimes his quantity is so small that he needs yours to make up for the balance.

Encouragement is from the root word encourage. To encourage is to give an extra push needed to make the necessary impact in life.

Every one of us needs encouragement always in our life. In Heb 10:24, we are admonished to take it as a point of duty to provoke one another unto love and good works.

If you are not encouraging a brother or sister, you are discouraging him or her.

Case study

Paul and Barnabas: Act 4:

Barnabas knows what encouragement means – he was even given a nickname; son of encouragement.
He took Paul in (sign surety for Paul) even when Peter and the rest of the apostles were doubtful of the repentance state of Paul. They saw Paul’s bad side.
He combined with Paul in mission work. Act 13 : 2
He took John Mark, even when Paul refuse John Mark to follow them Act 15:36-39
Encouragement is lost when men look at the bad side of each other.

We all have a bad side.

As Christians we are struggling with it and praying God to help us win the race.

We equally have good sides.

Encouragement flows in when we start from the good side to the bad side of a Christian.

Just imagine

If Jesus started with Peter from his bad side (His arrogant and blatant lie about not knowing who Jesus was): you see Peter, I am truly disappointed in you, look at how you denied knowing me in front of the whole world. Nothing for you. Honestly, Peter would have been sufficiently discouraged about the work of the master. He already knew he messed up. We would have lost a powerful instrument used on the day of Pentecost.
If Barnabas was not on duty, the day Paul showed up for work: Peter or James had already started saying brethren, be on the alert, the credential of this new convert is still questionable. Keep an eye on him. A few weeks ago, he supervised the killing of one of our deacons. No one knows his next line of action. Paul knew what he was doing was in ignorance thinking it was for God. We would have lost a powerful preacher for the gentiles. Probably denominationalism would have started since Paul would have started his own church.

Ingredients of encouragement

Encouragement by speech Eph 4:29

Encouragement by gifts – a cup of cold water theory

Encouragement by prayers- Phil 1:4

Encouragement by visitation- Matt 25:36

Encouragement by correction Gal 6:1-2, Pricillia and Acquila’s handling of Appolos

Encouragement by lifestyle Matt 5:16

The list is endless. Even sending a text message to your elders and deacons for their work is a great source of encouragement.

Those to encourage

God always encourage us in his word the Bible.
Husbands encourage your wives
wives encourage your husbands
parents encourage you children
children encourage your parents
minister encourage your members
members encourage your minister
members encourage your elders and deacons
elders and deacons encourage you congregation
let us all encourage one another unto love and good works

by Mike Udam via facebook post Sep 13

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