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Do You Have A Strategy Yet?
Recently, when speaking of a radical group in the Middle East, the President said that he did not have a strategy in dealing with them. This is really hard to believe. We know that there are think tanks and people who project many things years in advance. There are groups that are discussing weapons that have not even been invented and how to use them. There are contingency plans for just about every scenario that anyone can imagine. There are battle plans drawn up with lists of supplies, what parts of the military will be used, what we need from our allies, and the lists go on and on. Oh yes, there is a strategy that has been planned; but maybe the President is not willing to see it through. Who knows?
Strategy should be a part of life. Plans need to be made for just about any contingency that might occur. What if a family member dies? What if the stock market crashes? What if the banks fail? What if the grocery store runs out of food or your money becomes worthless? What if you lose your job? As we go through life, we sometimes think about these things. Sadly many people do not have a clue, and have not considered that anything might happen.
Often times, the young are so carefree that they fail to consider the brevity of life. Sure, it is tragic when a young person dies and it is said that they had so much life left in them; but at the same time, they did not consider that their life could end at any moment. Just turn on the news or read the newspaper and learn of people who began their day without realizing it was their last.
That brings us to the point. What if you were to die tonight or this afternoon; would you be ready to stand before God in judgment? Hebrews 9:27 tells us that it is appointed for man once to die, and afterward the judgment takes place. Have you considered your spiritual condition and just how fragile life is? Your duty to God is to prepare yourself for just such an occasion. And if it does not happen, you will be preparing yourself for a later time when that appointment will be placed upon you. That is one appointment you cannot cancel or miss.
Many people feel that getting right with God is only for those religious nuts. They do not consider the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments (Ecclesiastes 12:13). They are selfish and looking to satisfy any and all lusts they might have. Those who occasionally worship God or go to church every now and then consider that they will get right with God sometime before they get too old. That is not a safe strategy for your soul. The only safe strategy for your soul is to serve God now and not put off service to Him. Get busy now learning about God and His will for you. Study His word so that you can know how to please Him in everything. Focus your thoughts on spiritual thoughts as we read in Colossians 3:1-2 by setting our mind above where Christ is in heaven. And speaking of heaven, make sure your strategy is to get there. Whatever it takes, and of course, the bible tells us how to get there. Only by doing the will of God will we get to heaven.
Christians need to have a strategy and be prepared for any possible problems that may arise, because the bible teaches us that problems will come to those who love the Lord. But with His help, we will overcome and realize the greatest victory of mankind: Spending eternity in heaven with God.
By Carey Scott

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