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Why Can't We Learn?

Why is it so hard for people to grasp an idea? Why is it so hard for the students to understand the math problem? Why do people not learn from the mistakes of others? We could go on asking such questions until the sun goes down, and things are not going to change. Even the Preacher said in Ecclesiastes that what has been will be and what will be has already been. There is nothing new under the sun.
For some reason, each generation just wants to ignore the lessons their parents learned the hard way and they attempt to do things on their own. Most of the time the exact same lessons will be learned, and no matter how hard they attempt to teach their children about these life lessons, the children will most likely go out and do the same dumb things their parents did.
We who have been around a while have been able to figure out a few things that others apparently have not. Like every endeavor to bring socialism into the world has failed every time, but still people are motivated to think such a utopian society could be achieved in their lifetime. Why is it that everyone who speaks out against capitalism still profits from the same thing they denounce as being evil? When was the last time that one of these professors who teaches out against capitalism refused to take his salary in protest of the system that gave him/her a job and platform to voice their objections?
The answers are simple to explain. In fact they might be dismissed as being too simplistic. First the reason that most do not learn is because they do not want to learn. It really is that simple. Even if someone takes the time to explain that learning something could produce great benefits, if a person does not want to learn, they are not going to learn.
Some do not learn because they do not think if fits what they want to believe. Part of the reason is because people hear what they want to hear. As parents we learn that the children always remember the promises we made to them, and they want to make us keep our promises, yet they forget the promises they make to the parents.
We see a lot of ignorance on the majority part of our society. A lot of the problem is that the truth does not fit the social agenda of so many. And they really do not care so much about the truth, but what they want to believe. The news media outlets have learned this, and provide the message that people want to hear. Remember that Paul wrote to Timothy that people would not endure sound doctrine but would gather for themselves teachers that would tickle their ears (2 Timothy 4:1-4). In Isaiah and Jeremiah, we see the people did not want the truth, so they turned to the false prophets because that is what they wanted.
Another reason that many do not learn is because they do not feel they have to learn new things. Let's face it, most kids now days are given their every heart's desire and are not held accountable to the parents or family that provides these things. Many children have learned that throwing a fit will get them what they want, and they do not have to do chores to acquire things. Most of this is the fault of the parents who allow such behavior. The same could be said about our civic officials who allow criminals to continue in their activity and handcuff the police who are charged with the task of stopping criminals. Recently two men died while confronting police, yet they are being honored as heroes while the police are made out to be the bad guys. Yes, our world is mixed up and most of our problems can be attributed to the fact that many people just do not want to learn anything that is profitable. They learn how to work their electronic equipment, but do not learn common courtesy or decency or even respect of others and authority. Without these lessons, any society is doomed for destruction.
Many people still have not learned about God or what God expects of mankind. Many want the benefit of salvation, but do not feel they need to merit such salvation. So, many teachers now teach that God will just save everyone, and the result of such teaching is that everyone expects to be saved, but they have no accountability to God, and they certainly can ignore the Bible which is God's word. False teaching has helped millions feel good about themselves, but will not profit them on judgment day. God is still going to hold every person accountable for their life decisions they make.
Please take the time to learn of God and His commandments. Your soul's welfare depends upon it.

By Carey Scott

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