Proper Dress (part 2)

It's common sense.
I am so guilty of this. Most of us are. We get so hung up with commandments and do's and don'ts of the Bible that we neglect to use our logic skills.
Where does it say in the Word of God that our skirts should be so long? Where does it say we cannot go to the beach? Where does it say ....
The truth of the matter is.. we just don't like being told what to do. To compensate for that, we push the limits. No verse says, "Thou shalt not wear shorts." So stop telling me not to wear shorts. As the age old controversy about what is modest and what is not continues, those on the conservative side use every possible scripture that might reference or define modesty to try to reform the liberals, and the liberals don't even bother looking up the scriptures because they know the Bible does not provide a dress code.
Some might have noticed that although I mentioned God in the previous posts, I did not base my discussion on biblical arguments. That's because the argument is based on common sense. For some reason, we want to define our own morality, twisting biblical principles to suit what is convenient for us, rather than mold our lives and choices to what aligns with the Word of God. Morality is not based on where we are or who we are with or what we want. Morality is the compass of civilization; it is found in our hearts and minds because we are made in the image of God. Without morality, we cannot live together as a society. Morality is not the result of commandments. It is the result of creation. When we choose to redress this inner compass or ignore it completely, we lose direction and control over the untamed wilderness.
My proposition from the beginning. If God thought we were such unintelligent beings that He would have to write a do and don't list for each and every specific life situation that we would encounter over the years, He would have done just that. However, he did not make us stupid. He did make us so that we could choose blindness though.
I am going to use an example many of us tend to agree with first. Marriage, as defined by God, is between a man and a woman. Can we find a verse explicitly stating that a homosexual relationship is sin? No, we won't find a word for word "thou shalt not..." This gives our liberal side comfort because we can use our stand-by, non-judgmental phrases to make ourselves and others feel better. "Only God can judge." "We have to read and decide for ourselves." "I can't tell you what to do." We are so thankful to be able to use these and similar statements because it gets us off the hot seat.
However, homosexuality cannot be justified by the Word of God. As a matter of fact, it is explicitly condemned. When we read any book, we tend to skip over the big words or the words that we don't understand. When we read the Bible, we are many times guilty of the same. We also like to take words that can have multiple meanings and use only the parts that make us most comfortable. So, I am not going to use any vague scripture reference here. Regardless of how uncomfortable it makes us to say that homosexuality is a sin, we should be more uncomfortable with being ashamed of the gospel. Romans 1:27 refers to men who left the natural use of the woman. These men were burning in their lust one toward another... "Men with men, working that which is unseemly." This is a R rated verse, people. What else do we need? Graphics? Video? We are not that stupid! Yes, we can sit back while these men and women lose their souls. We can hide behind the wall of non-judgment. We can use the excuse about multiple meanings of terms. When it comes down to it, though, we are just afraid... afraid of losing friends, afraid of appearing like a radical, afraid of losing status, just afraid... May I suggest that we replace this fear with love? What about loving our fellow human beings? What about wanting all souls to be saved? Do we not love these people enough to want them to go to heaven? Do we love our own social status more?
Furthermore, when marriage is mentioned in the Bible, it is assumed to be between a man and a woman. Not one godly same sex relationship can be found in any capacity or reference. We don't even have a general reference to a same sex couple. Why did God not clarify each reference to marriage with either a "of course this is about a man-woman relationship" or "this relationship is a spousal relationship and not just referencing a husband and wife"? It's common sense. That's why. When the Word mentions the Sea of Galilee, we assume this is a body of water and not syrup.
God does not have to use our vocabulary or put a do not in front of something before it becomes valid.

By Melissa Webster

[Note: these articles are taken from her Facebook page]

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