Ignoring Truth

If there is one thing we are getting out of the dirty political ads this election year, it is that the truth does not matter. It seems that if a doubt can be offered about the other person, how that doubt is implanted does not matter. This past week, there have been many ads on the airwaves, and many of them have been proven as outright lies. Yet people will hear what they want
to hear, regardless if it is the truth or not. They will also reject the truth if it does not help their candidate.
People have not changed in several millennia. In the days of Jesus and the early days of the church the people were described by a characteristic of a people seven hundreds of years before that. Matthew 13:15 quotes from Psalm 119:70 and Isaiah 6:10: “For the heart of this people has become dull, and with their ears they scarcely hear, and they have closed their eyes lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart and return, and I should heal them”.
God has promised to bless His people, but only if they will return to Him. While it is true that God does look out for His own, and He knows His own by their obedience, He is not going to overlook sin and iniquities either. Most people will listen to the “God loves you” teaching, but reject the truth that would require them to change their behavior or thoughts.
The Bible teaches us of the reality of an eternal torment called hell. Yet more and more people are denying the existence of hell despite the Bible teaching about it. Their feelings and personal bias is more important than the Bible to them. Not only concerning the end, but in every walk of life when people find it convenient to ignore the Bible for their own selfish gains or wants. Sadly, the majority of the people love their sins, and will continue in them.
Well, the truth of the matter is that in the end, there will be a judgment for everyone, and the Bible will present the truth that everyone will be judged by. To avoid a harsh judgment, the best thing to do today is turn your life over to God through Jesus Christ. Start to live a life that glorifies God and Jesus. Learn from the Bible what God demands of you, and live accordingly.
Let us assist you in learning what God requires of you. It is not difficult, but does require sacrifice on your part. You can learn to live obedient lives for Christ and enjoy the eternal bliss of heaven, or you can keep your eyes closed and spend eternity in hell.
Our goal is to help people get to heaven. Please visit us at the Eastside church of Christ in Ranger. We meet at the corner of Strawn rd and Young st on Sunday at 9:45 for class, 10:45 and 5:00 for worship, and Wednesday 7:00 for bible study.

By Carey Scott

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