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Living In La-La Land
As we grow and mature, we learn that there are responsibilities and duties that we must maintain. We look at some who seem to not have a clue as to what is going on in our world. We say that they are in La-La land. This seems to be the only way we can describe these people. They apparently are unaware of what is going on in the world, and focus upon the moment, or their next party-time.
There are many who never watch the news. Well you can understand why if you listen to the major news outlets and always get the same spin. Some never watch the weather report, and often are caught unprepared for the changes in the weather.
Now, some do focus on what keeps their interest. They have knowledge of their sports team and keep up with individual statistics, and can argue the pros and cons of their team with anyone. They follow their idols on twitter and TMZ, and know what shoes their idols are wearing, the words to their songs, and who they sleep with.
Yet these same people do not even think to set their alarm clock so that they can make it to work on time or get to school when they should. They do not plan for the future. My, my, they do not even plan for tonight's dinner.
These people are totally self-absorbed and live each moment in La-La land. They are not even aware that bills need to be paid. They play their video games for weeks upon end, and only get upset when the utilities are turned off, and wonder why. Duh, perhaps if you paid your bill, it would still be running.
Turning to spiritual thoughts, there are millions who live in a La-La land. They usually do not even know that there is a God. If they do, they usually do not know what the Bible teaches concerning behavior and thoughts. They have not considered the end of their lives, and as such do not prepare for the end. We might say that everyone knows the end is coming, but I really do not think that these kinds of people consider their own mortality.
Many people have warped the teaching of the Bible so that their thinking and spiritual service is lacking in obedience to God's word. They adopt doctrines that allow them to continue without change in their lives or behavior. There are millions that have clung to the doctrine that once you call on Jesus, you are saved, no matter how you live your life. This is a most comforting doctrine to those people. But they are living a La-La existence.
You see that the ultimate priority for them is themselves and their desires. They could care less about what God thinks about them, not to mention other people. Sadly our whole culture in this country is falling into this existence. La-La land inhabitants are happy go lucky people that do what they want to do and care nothing about other people. They take no responsibility for their actions, and do not take the responsibility to take care of their families.
There will come a day in which the hearts of people will be disclosed (1 Corinthians 4:5), and God will be the one to judge their hearts. When we read over and over in God's word that we must be diligent in our service to Him as the only way to get to heaven, we had better do what He says. I know this is hard for some people to take, but I am sure they abound all around us. Let us not be like them.
By Carey Scott

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