Signposts of Apostasy

Anyone can “fall from God’s grace”. These are biblical warnings to help us avoid the pitfalls (1 Corinthians 9:23-27; 10:12).

When we put others/things before God (Matthew 6:24; 10:37).
No real urgency in our lives to save other souls. Hear lessons week after week and not approach others with the gospel, or not even feel the urge to do so. After Judgment, we’ll say, “Why didn’t I try to reach others?” Why do we feel differently about the gospel?
Can we easily miss an assembly and it not bother our conscience? See I Timothy 4:2.
When you seldom study the Bible on your own. We can’t be strong Christians by just hearing sermons and attending classes. I Peter 2:1-2 exhorts us to long, hunger for the word of God, Hebrews 5:12-14. Lack of Bible study makes us more susceptible to false doctrine.
When we have nothing, spiritually, to share with our neighbors. We have so much to offer (Romans 8:29)!
When we find fault with everyone and everything but ourselves (elders, preacher, song directors, Bible teachers, members, etc.)
In referring to the church, begin to use the expression “they.”
When we give little of ourselves, our energies, time, and money.
When our conscience no longer bothers us. James 1:22-27.
When sports or hobbies take precedence over spiritual matters. To make matters worse, in doing so, we show our children what is important to us. Matthew 6:24,33, Hebrews 12:1,2; Mark 8:34.
When we associate more with those of the world than with Christians (“feel closer” to them).
When we allow our job to take precedence over spiritual matters.
When we become offended or defensive at the concern and interest shown in our spiritual welfare by loved ones.

by Carl B. Garner

Signposts on the Way to Apostasy

We know how important it is for us to be aware of the symptoms of disease. The signs indicating the possibility of cancer or some other malady may save our lives and/or those of our loved ones. To ignore these symptoms can be an extremely dangerous choice. Medical experts continually expend large amounts of funds on research hoping to warn our population of the symptoms that eventuate in life-threatening diseases.

There are also symptoms of spiritual disease, that of departing from the faith, and giving heed to these signs could well be the instrument by which our souls are saved eternally. Are any of the following signs of drifting away from Christ present in your life? Consider them before it is too late to arrest the disease. No disease of mankind is as serious as eternal damnation.

Can you easily put hobbies, your work, TV or other activities ahead of your commitment to Christ?
Is it becoming a bore for you to attend the assembly and worship God? Can you miss a Sunday without feeling guilty?
Has Bible study been programmed out of your normal routine? Has it been a long time since you attended Bible class?
Do you find yourself being critical of the song leaders, the preacher and teachers, the elders and deacons?
When you do discuss the work and activities of the church, do you usually speak of them as something for other people?
Do you suddenly realize that you give little of yourself, your time, your money and your energy for the work of the church?
Does your conscience no longer bother you when you fail to do what God has commanded? Or when you commit overt sin?
Do you feel no urgency to share the gospel with your friends, family and associates?
Do you spend more money and time on golf, fishing, movies, computers or the race track than you give to God's work?
Have you found that most of your closest friends are not Christians, and that you have little interest in being with Christians?
If these symptoms are developing in your life, stop now and determine you will change your ways! Don't delay!

Carl B. Garner

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