Working Together
This is by far better than working against each other. There are many aspects of our lives where working together with others is efficient. When several people are working together to accomplish a goal; that group is sometimes called a team. As with most teams, there are certain skill players that are used in unique situations. We also understand that if one team member is hurt or fails to perform to expectation that the team suffers. Others might try to make up for the loss by trying to perform better than their ability. When they do so, they might make mistakes or get hurt.
Another word that can be used is crew. A crew of the ship has several members, yet they all work toward the safety of the vessel and each other. A construction crew has several members who perform various tasks, yet working together; they build things according to the blueprints or specifications.
The Church can be viewed in these same terms. The concept is the same: many members working toward a common goal. For most, that goal is getting to heaven. We also are aware that each of these groups has a leader. The team has a coach, the crew has a boss, and the church has Jesus Christ as the head. All the other members are subject to the direction of their leader, and if they do not perform as expected, they are removed or replaced. Losing your spot on a team or construction might hurt monetarily, but losing your spot in the church is deadly to the soul.
Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 speaks of the church as a body with many members, yet the one head of Jesus Christ. Paul mentions that if one member suffers, the others suffer with it. Some of us know by experience that when a part of the body hurts, it affects the rest of the body even to the point of preventing the body to perform as expected. Each member of the crew, team, or body is important and one should not say that another member is not necessary. Sometimes a team will practice certain plays that allow one member to excel. This is beneficial for the team to win, and eventually has monetary rewards to compensate the hard work. Have you ever noticed that when a player commended for his excellent performance, he usually offers the credit to his teammates? The truth be told, nobody can excel without the help of their team.
For some reason, most members of the church are not into this team concept. Many members of the church do not view themselves as members of a crew. Many are just content to be a part of the body, but do not put any effort into helping the body improve. As long as one or two members are doing the work, everything is just fine in their estimation. As long as the preacher is preaching and teaching others, and they support such by their contribution, they seem to feel that they are doing their part. As we study more about the Christian’s responsibility, we find that it does not work that way.
The New Testament writers often spoke of others as being fellow workers with them and also fellow workers with God. You see, our goal is the same goal that God desires; the salvation of the souls of everyone. When we are trying to help people get to heaven, we are on God's team, and He will be happy to compensate us for our efforts.
By Carey Scott

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