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Truth Does Not Matter Anymore
We have seen in our society a culture change where truth does not matter as much as the agenda. Truth is only important if one can gain an advantage. Often the truth is ignored if it does not agree with the powers that be. "Hands up, don't shoot" was proven to be a lie, but the lie was ignored and people still believe the slogan is the way it was. Former presidential candidate was accused of not paying income taxes for years. It was a lie and everyone knew it was a lie, but the person who said it gloated in the fact that it worked and the guy did not get elected.
Climate change is a huge lie, yet most of the world's leadership is going forward with the lie. There is an agenda taking place which most people are ignorant of.
Truth or lies? Does it even matter? I heard a person on TV say that no matter how many lies are exposed about a candidate, many will vote for that candidate anyway.
Another area where truth does not seem to matter anymore is in the realm of the spiritual. The majority of denominations will hold to a lie and promote the lie rather than teach the truth of what God says in His word. While Jesus taught obedience to God was necessary to enter heaven, men teach that obedience is not necessary. Jesus clearly taught that baptism is essential to salvation, and man denies such. The problem is that more people listen to man rather than listen to God.
Eve did not like what God had commanded, and the serpent told her what she wanted to hear. Mankind has not changed in the last four thousand years. God gives a command, most people do not want to abide by that command, so they do what they want to do. Whether it is truth or not is irrelevant to them. It actually becomes easier to do what you want because you want to do it rather than to abide by what someone or something wants you to do.
This is nothing more than the result of a selfish society. Just imagine our world when they succeed in turning this into a godless society. That is not out of the realm of possibility. In fact we have seen changes in our culture and society that indicates humanity is rushing into such chaos by removing God from every aspect of our culture.
God tells us that He allows people who do not want the truth to believe the lies. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 explains that the reason is that they do not love the truth.
God predicted that our court systems would ignore truth to promote an agenda. Several times in the Old Testament God speaks of the failure of the judicial system because bribes take place, power is exerted, and personal safety is threatened. The law and especially the constitution is not respected anymore, and judges who do not like the law are changing the interpretation of it. So many people only call upon law when it is to their advantage; otherwise, they just ignore and break the law.
When you think about it, this is the very reason that Jesus was crucified by the people. Because Jesus was truth and spoke truth, and the people did not want the truth. Spiritually speaking, that happens all the time in our world. Until we place Jesus at the pinnacle of our faith and lives, lies will keep us off track and in a lost condition.
By Carey Scott

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