Today Is A Special Day
Yes, we know that the world celebrates Mothers Day this second Sunday in May every year. And mothers rightfully deserve a day. Actually, mothers and fathers need to be honored all the time. Yes, some parents do not deserve to be honored, but many of them do. They have raised their children to become good citizens. They have taught them to respect others and be respectful of others. Parents have taught much to their children. But with all the training, have the parents taught their children about God? Well, some of them do. They also have to teach their children that others will not respect them because of their beliefs.
But this article is not about Mothers day or Fathers day. It is about the Lord's day. This is the day the Lord made, and even God told us it was a special day.
This is the day we get to remember the sacrifice of our Lord upon the cross. Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? To be blunt, it is because you sinned. It is because I sinned. It is because everyone has sinned and they all fall short of His glory.
Jesus died for me. Let that sink in. He did not die because He was a sinner. He died because I am a sinner, you are a sinner, and so is everyone else. He died because the punishment for sin is death. Jesus took that punishment for me. Each of us needs to show our appreciation to Jesus for taking our place. Jesus did this, and when we obey His commands, we become the children of God. This day is special because we get to spend time with the greatest people on earth. Our fellow saints.
We come together to worship and praise God in spirit and truth. We gather to share our experiences and comfort one another with our words and our encouragement.
This is a special day because we can sing about Jesus and His mighty deeds. We sing about God and His greatness. We admonish one another and teach one another in our songs. We enjoy this time together.
This is a special day because we can come together to pray. Prayer is the greatest privilege that I can imagine on earth. By being able to address the great Creator, Almighty God. To give Him praise and thanksgiving, and to ask for His blessings for ourselves and those we care about.
This is a special day, and we get to celebrate it every week. We do not have to wait for that one time a year in which to celebrate something worth celebrating all the time.
As Christians, we have the blessed privilege of coming together and celebrating the greatness of God and Christ, and we get to learn more about them each time we gather together. Let us not forsake this gathering of celebration. Let it be a part of our culture and our life, as we look forward for a better life in Heaven.
By Carey Scott

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