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The Sun Of Righteousness
In Malachi 4;2 it reads: But for you who fear My name the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings;..."
The sun is vital for our lives and our very existence. It is a giant orb in the heavens that produces gases and nuclear fission and has a temperature of about a million degrees. Obviously such an environment would be impossible to live in. Yet we know the sun is about 92 to 93 million miles away from us, and that distance provides a measure whereby we can benefit from the sun. Needless to say, if there were no sun, there would be no us. Let us notice some things about the sun, and in the process we will also see some things about the "SON" of God and how that without the Son, we would not be here reading this article.
In our solar system, everything revolves around the sun. In the same way, everything spiritual revolves around the Son, Jesus Christ. He is the center of it all.
There are passages that tell us He was involved with creation and some that tell us He keeps everything in perfect working order so that we might benefit. Without the sun each planet would just drift off into the universe. That may not be a problem for the other planets, but for us it would mean our destruction.
Not only do we revolve around the sun, we receive light from the sun. The only time this earth received light without the sun was those three days before the sun was created. Jesus Christ is also described as the light. In fact He said that He was the true light. As Christians we are supposed to reflect that true light. Remember also, that light represents purity, enlightenment, and freedom. Light is also the only place God dwells because that is what God is.
We also get heat from our sun. The earth is positioned so perfectly in our solar system that it benefits from the sun's heat. The heat is responsible for our weather. Great storms arise because of heat. Our oceans produce food from the thermal radiation. Otherwise we might be too hot in the daytime and too cold in the nighttime. There is a spiritual application here as well. That which comes from God is described as a fire. It should be that which puts us on fire for the Lord. The word of God is a fire. This could be described by the word "zeal". We need to be on fire, or fervent in our service. Anything less would be disgusting to God.
The sun provides healing. Many of our modern day sicknesses could be remedied by spending some time in the sun. Our pets love the sun and many other creatures rely upon the sun for heat and health. Jesus was also one who healed people. During His time on earth He healed many people and all types of ailments. Even today, Jesus is the remedy for sin. Jesus provides the remedy for sin. If we have sin in our lives today, it could be considered a soul sickness.
The sun may also be a thing of beauty. We may appreciate so much everything about the sun even though we cannot look upon it directly. Now Jesus did not have a beautiful face and body according to the scriptures, but Jesus has a beauty that cannot be measured by beauty standards. His beauty was in His character and being.
While we know that the sun has varying effects upon different objects, we know that many choose not to be benefited by the Son. That is too bad for them, because they will spend eternity in a place of darkness and a place not absent of heat.
By Carey Scott based upon an outline by Bryan Dockens

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