Sentence Sermons and One-liners that teach powerful lessons

The Bible isn't a dry book if you know is author.

God helps those who know they are helpless.

Listen to understand, then speak with love.

The future is bright if Christ is your hope.

When you taste God's goodness, His praise will be on your lips.

The angels of God assist the people of God as they do the work of God.

No one can bypass Jesus and get to heaven.

The Father gave us the Spirit to make us like His Son.

Following Jesus is always right--but not always easy.

Those who listen to lies lose the ability to hear the truth.

Unless we're humble, we're sure to stumble.

God is stronger than our strongest foe.

No one is more secure than the one who rests in God's hands.

God fills our heart with peace when we pour out our heart to Him.

A praying father reflects the love of our Heavenly Father.

In every desert of grief, God has an oasis of grace.

Kindness to the elderly brightens their sunset years.

Open your ears to God before you open your mouth to others.

The world crowns success; God crowns faithfulness.

You can gain knowledge on your own, but wisdom comes from God.

If you shirk today's tasks, you increase tomorrow's burdens.

All Christians have the same employer--they just have different jobs.

All we own is really on loan--from God.

God has not promised to keep us from life's storms, but to keep us through them.

Although the outlook may be bleak, the uplook is always bright.

God's strength is best seen in our weakness.

Our salvation depends on what Christ did for us; our reward depends on how we live for him.

Nothing on earth can compare to being with Christ in heaven.

God is not a vending machine.

Give your all to Christ; He gave His all for you.

Opportunities to be kind are never hard to find.

God does not ask us to go where He does not lead.

God speaks through His word to those who listen with their heart.

Our greatest freedom is freedom from sin.

you can have tons of religion without an ounce of salvation.

Weak excuses keep some people from church week after week.

A word of encouragement can make the difference between giving up or going on.

Every word we say on earth is heard in heaven.

If your mind goes blank, don't forget to turn off the sound.

Thankfulness begins with a good memory.

Hearts in tune with God will sing His praises.

If you believe that Jesus lives, you don't need to fear death.

A shepherd leads best when people get behind him.

Some people stop looking for work when they get a job.

God gives us all we need, so we can give to those in need.

Don't drive your stakes too deep--we're moving in the morning.

To get our of a hard situation, try a soft answer.

Forbidden fruit tastes sweet, but its aftertaste is bitter.

To reject God's deliverance is to invite destruction.

The character of your children tomorrow depends on what you put into their hearts today.

If you yield to God, you won't give in to sin.

You won't fall for what's wrong if you stand for what's right.

To have a fulfilling life, let God fill you.

You can't speak a kind word too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.

To master temptation, keep your eyes on the Master.

Seven days without church makes one weak.

The only hope for world peace is the coming of the Prince of Peace.

If we could earn our salvation, Christ would not have died to provide it.

Examine all teaching in the light of God's word.

We may ask amiss, but God answers aright.

The most deceptive liars are those who live on the edge of truth.

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