How To Have A Successful Gospel Meeting

Our Gospel Meeting is just two weeks away. For us to feel like we have had a successful meeting, there are several things we need to do. The preaching is just one part of a meeting, we must realize that this is an opportunity for us to spread the gospel of Christ to those who normally would not attend our services.
The first thing we must do is pray for the meeting. Pray that we have visitors who are seeking the truth of God's word. Pray that we have the strength to endure (yes, this will disrupt our normal routines) the extra services that week. Pray that the message falls upon sound hearts and minds. Pray that God give us an increase in souls to assist us and for us to serve them. Pray for each one of us to make the efforts to invite people to the meeting. And let us pray for courage to stand up and be recognized as a sound faithful church of Christ.
One thing we must do is to really make our visitors feel welcome. Sometimes when we hear the last amen; we talk amongst our family and close friends, but we need to make an effort to get everyone to approach the visitors and talk to them, welcome them, ask questions of them, and see if there is something we can do for them. When people feel welcome, they will be more comfortable. So greet the visitors and welcome them in such a way as they would want to come back.
We need to get out of our comfort zone and go ask people to attend. We need to give them a reason to attend. It is because their souls are important to us, but also important to God. After all, was it not God who gave His Son? If we are to be Christ-like, we are to be concerned for souls. Once people realize that we are concerned and care about them, they will be more receptive to listen to what we have to offer. Salvation that comes from God.
Hopefully it will be an opportunity to fellowship brethren from other local churches. We are really far apart, so they will be making an effort to come visit. Be thankful for their support, and when they have meetings, we can support their meetings as well. It will be a time to meet other Christians so that we can encourage them, and they in turn will encourage us.
In the end, the truth to determining whether this gospel meeting is a success will be our attitudes. We should have an attitude that we have the opportunity to spend time with Christians. We are here to worship God, and encourage each other.
Our job as Christians is to help people hear God's word and obey it. Evangelism is the method that God employed to bring the message of salvation to people who need it. Let us all work to make this a successful gospel meeting. Pass out some flyers.

By Carey Scott 3/9/2011

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