From Deuteronomy 33:24, 25 we read the following, “And of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with children, let him dip his foot in oil, Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; and as thy days, so shall thy strength be.” This passage is from the blessings of Moses on the tribes of Israel before his death, and it concerned the portion that each tribe was going to have in the Promised Land. The portion of Asher was partly the rocky northern coast and partly the fertile land stretching to the base of Lebanon. The entreaty by Moses was that since his portion was located in the rocky sea-coast, having rough roads to travel. Asher and his people needed to have the right shoes. And, brethren and friends, that entreaty holds true for us today.

There may be rough and rocky paths that we will have to travel in our life. If so, we need to have our feet shod with thick soled shoes. These shoes will help us travel over the toughest times and still be faithful to God. We can climb over the rocks of doubt and fear, temptation and trouble, grief and despair, and still complete our journey home.

At times we might need to travel on our track shoes. When we wear these shoes we can effectively go from one member to another trying to help them faithfully serve the Lord. We should also wear these shoes when we are doing personal work so that we can take the Gospel to a greater number of people. These shoes will also help us jump all the hurdles that Satan may put before us in doing what is right, and will help us run from every appearance of evil.

Often times we need to put on our hip boots. Because of all the sin and corruption that is polluting the world, we need to have on our hip boots to keep ourselves from becoming spotted by the world. Sometimes we need to wear our hip boots even to church because due to efforts of some, many congregations have become like the world.

And finally, we must wear our dress shoes. We put on our very best and assemble with the saints at the appointed times. These shoes help us put our best foot forward and let people know that we love the Lord and are giving Him our first-fruits. But also we put on our dress shoes at death. If we have lived a faithful life, we know we are strolling down that “narrow way” prepared by the Lord. Brethren, see how important it is to have on the right shoes.

By Danny Box via Beacon, 2-25-02, Beliview Church, Pensacola FL

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