The Bible And Quran The Same?
Once again the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church has declared an untruth. My guess is that the Pope is trying to appease a group that has publicly declared their hatred of the Catholic Church and want to see it destroyed. Trying to appease someone by giving them what they want is not smart. This does nothing but embolden the Islamic state to continue their quest for a caliphate, and remove every religion except Islam. There is not a religion that Islam can tolerate or coexist with. Even within the Islamic world, does it not seem strange that they are always killing each other? Muslims killing Muslims might be appreciated by some, but their religion teaches them to kill everyone who does not abide by everything the local Imam says.
The Bible is truly the word of God and focuses upon Jesus Christ who is the Savior of mankind and the only God approved sacrifice to remove sins from mankind. The Quran rejects Jesus Christ and even orders its adherents to kill those who follow the Christ. As one Muslim is quoted: "We (Muslims) will kill all people of the cross".
There are many writings in the Quran that promote the teaching of killing all those who are not Muslim. It teaches that those who will not abide by Sharia Law will die by Sharia Law. It advocates treating non-Muslims with contempt. Recently some Muslim leaders have approved "rape the women of your enemy" as being appropriate according to their religion.
The Bible was written by many men who were guided by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21). The Quran was written by one man and has changed with almost every generation.
The Bible claims that the word of God will abide forever (1 Peter 1:25). The Quran changes with the political climate and cultures.
The Bible declares God and what He wants from us. Malachi 3:6 tells us that God does not change. The Hebrews writer declares that Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever. From the way Muslims treat their Quran, we see that Allah changes all the time.
The Bible teaches us to love our fellow man, in fact the laws given to God's people in the Bible emphasized love over everything else. Muslims despise the concept of love. Muslim males hate all women. Their teachings allow for any Muslim man to beat any woman whether Muslim or not. Muslim men despise females to the point that they will mutilate female genitalia to punish them for being female. And that has the approval of their spiritual leaders.
The Bible teaches us to evangelize to all nations. Sometimes those of other cultures and backgrounds will respond to the gospel and become a Christian. If a Muslim does this they are to be put to death. If a Christian departs the faith, they are to be disciplined and admonished to return to the fold.
The Bible teaches us to love our neighbor, while the Quran teaches to hate your neighbor.
The Pope is wrong to liken the Quran to the Holy Bible. You would think that someone with such high standing in a church would know more about the Bible than he apparently does. Trying to appease people who want to kill you is not the answer. The message is clear that God's word, the Bible is the only true book declaring the truth of God.
By Carey Scott

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