Why Were We Given The Parables?

Jesus taught the multitudes by parables. He did this in order to fulfil scriptural prophecy. Most of His parables were designed to explain the kingdom of God.(either heaven or the church). He did this by using word pictures . Of all things that we can understand, Jesus taught us to understand spiritual things by using descriptions of a physical nature. "The kingdom of God can be compared to.....

These parables were written for our instruction and learning (Romans 15:4). We learn principles from them that we get nowhere else in scripture. We also learn principles that are well documented by scripture. Because they are all equal, Because they are all spoken by Jesus, Because they are the words that will judge us.

Look for a moment briefly at one of the most famous parables in Matthew chapter 13. It is the parable of the sower (or the soils).

Due to time considerations, I will skip the first reading and continue to the explanation and notice a few points.

The seed is the word of God. Initially it is sown by Jesus. Jesus delegated His authority and had the apostles sow the seed. This is what we call the "Great Commission" As new christians were instructed to carry on this commission, This seed was to be sown by all christians all the time. The Holy Spirit was instrumental in this process, because the Holy Spirit gave us the written word. We use the Bible in our teaching efforts.

When it comes to the plan of salvation, we have used the holy scriptures to give book,chapter,verse. When it comes to doctrinal issues, we have used the scriptures to give book, chapter, verse. When it comes to exposing false teaching and teachers, we use the bible to give us book,chapter,verse. If we rely so much on book,chapter,verse, then why don't we live according to book, chapter,verse? Let me explain by this parable.

Verse 19 explains those who do not accept the word of God. They are entrapped by Satan. These are your athiest, agnostics, and the followers of false religions (even "christian religions".

Verse 20 teaches that when one is overcome by emotions in order to obey the Gospel, then emotions will carry this one away. This person is not obedient by faith, but by feelings.

Verse 22 teaches that some Christians grow, but lack maturity because they are choked out by the world.

Verse 23 teaches that the good faithful Christians mature and produce fruit that measures in different levels. Some a lot and some a few.

Now most of us would like to think that we are amongst the good soil, but the truth is, we are in the thorns. How do I know, As Jesus said, "By their fruit, you shall know them". I do not see any fruit coming from these people. There are a lot of scriptures that Jesus taught us that if we do not bear fruit, then we shall be burned with all of Satans followers. Having said this, let me qualify my thoughts.

How many have in the past, opened up your bible to explain the Plan of Salvation to someone. How many have in the past even shown a belief in the bible to others. How many of you have explained to your neighbor where you go every Sunday morning at the same time? How many of us have even rebuked error or pointed out to someone that their actions do not meet God's approval? How many have allowed your opportunities to pass away because you were to embarrased to say something about the bible.

This is where we are----in the field of thorns. Why? Because we lack true faith. We also let the cares of the world squeeze any chance of spiritual mindedness. We allow other things to get in the way. Our jobs, families, recreation, and entertainment. We do not do even the most basic command as Jesus taught in His sermon on the Mount. Matt 5:14-16---Letting your light shine. Most of the time we mask it, hide it, cover it, and try to keep it dim. Why, fear of persecution. Where does persecution come from? Can we expect it? We must be like Peter taught in 1 Pet 4; to follow the example of suffering as Christ gave us. If we cannot follow His example, then we will not be welcomed in to His kingdom.

By Carey Scott

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