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I Am The Problem
There is no "maybe" or "possibly" attached to this statement. The human being is full of trouble, a.k.a. problems. Job had his problems and he wrote in 14:1 "man is of few days and full of trouble". We all have problems in this life. These problems are made manifest in many ways.
Of course, it is much easier to blame someone or something else for our problems. Like when your car breaks down, you blame the car when you know full well that you should have changed the oil every five thousand miles. Or you run on a bad tire, and blame the tire when it wears out at a most inconvenient time. We blame our boss, our tools, our families, our social status position, the devil, and just about anything other than where the real problem lies. Me!
Yes, I said it. The problem is me. I know that because I read in my Bible that I am the problem. James 4:17 tells me "he that knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin". Yes, I fail God every day, but I am not worried because His grace covers me. At least as long as I am trying to please God; I have the confidence that the blood of Jesus cleanses me (1 John 1:7-10).
While we really have no one to blame but ourselves in dealing with our personal problems, we must realize that when it comes to problems facing the church, we still have to blame the same individual. Yes, that is right. I am to blame for allowing the church to be influenced by the world. I am to blame when my brethren are flirting with Satan and playing footsie with worldly things. When I see my brethren losing their faith, I feel it is my responsibility to help them overcome like they are supposed to do. But what do I do? Most of the time; nothing. I just figure that they will have to answer to God for their own decisions no matter how wrong those decisions are.
I know that the store clerk, my neighbor, my friends and all that I come in contact with are lost. But, do I make the effort to share the blessed gospel with them?
Well, you probably figured out the answer because you are probably just as guilty as I am. Jesus and His apostles had no problem going to the lost, so why do we? Perhaps we are afraid of rejection or ridicule. Or, let's be honest here, I don't take the time to teach them. Even though I have a DVR to record shows, I do my best to be in my seat when the shows come on.
The kids have a ballgame, and we make sure they are at practice or games on time. We sit there in the stands watching with all the other parents all the while knowing that they are lost. And what do we say? "Come on little Billy, hustle out there".
When we consider the church with all its problems, can we rightfully blame Satan, the false teachers, or the world? No, we cannot. God has placed the responsibility of keeping the purity of the church upon me. Sure the elders, the preacher, and the other members have their part also, but the bottom line is that I have a great duty to perform for the work and worship of the church, and I have failed.
Folks, it is time that we all get busy doing our part in what God has given us to do. If we are going to walk around claiming to be servants of God and proudly wear His name as our own, we had better be doing what He wants us to do. So, blame yourself, and get busy doing what God wants you to do.
One more thing here. It is those who are likely to admit such as we have been talking who are the hardest workers in the church. Those who have little interest in doing God's will would have a problem admitting that they are a problem in the church,
By Carey Scott

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