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Who Will We Blame Next?
It seems that everyone who has a problem tends to blame someone other than themselves for their situations in life. Blame the white man, blame the government, blame the rich, blame the police, blame Wall Street, and blame anyone you can find to blame for the problems you created yourself. That is the easy way to shift the blame for yourself. That is a way to remove accountability for your actions. I did not do anything wrong in my own eyes, is a statement found in the proverbs, but God is not so quick to accept your belief that someone else should be blamed.
God said, that the soul that sins shall die (Ezek. 18:20) but someone has to carry the blame, and most people will say: "so let it be somebody else".
The blame game has been taking place throughout human history. Adam and Eve were the first to blame another for their own sins. Eve blamed the serpent, and Adam blamed the woman whom God had given to him. In 1 Samuel 15, Saul tried to blame the people for not doing what God had commanded him to do. Things have not changed since then. It seems like everyone wants to blame someone else for their own problems. This is nothing more than shifting responsibility and it will not work with God. It may work in some places, but not in the spiritual realm.
Recently with the acts of terrorism and gun violence, a lot of people blame guns for the problem. No gun ever made the choice to take a life. It is always the person holding the gun who takes the life of another. Thus further reinforces our argument that accountability is a non-factor in our society. A recent political figure was shown to break many laws, but the choice was to not bring charges against this one. When public figures get away with breaking the law, it is not long before others decide they can do the same with impunity, and thus we have chaos in our streets.
So why is all of this taking place? Well now, I would like to suggest where we put the blame. Actually God is the one who has done this because He warned us what would happen when the law is ignored.
There is hatred and bigotry in our land, and I suggest that the churches of today have not tried to stop such. The churches of today ignore the rule of God's law and open themselves to allow all sorts of sinful behavior among its membership. This does not help the problem. The church in its mission to preach the gospel also has the charge to teach people the truth. Paul told Timothy to preach the word. He did not tell him to tell stories and feel-good sugar coated lessons, but to reprove, rebuke, and exhort in all patience and longsuffering. Most churches have failed here.
We have to realize that if everyone became a Christian, and lived the way God has commanded, we would be at peace with everyone. Everyone would be respected, and no one would go hungry or homeless. God's way is truly greater than anything man has tried, yet the majority of the people do not want a world where God is the focus of our attention. It is always about "me".
Until we teach more souls to put their trust in Jesus and obey His commands, we will continue to see a decline in our culture and society. It is already so much different from what we grew up to respect.
Stop the blame and accept your personal responsibility.
By Carey Scott

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