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Racial Tension Is From Satan
Ever since the bullets started flying last Thursday evening, the subject of race has been discussed on the radio and television. Of course, the social media has been going wild on this subject. There have been tweets and posts praising the shooter and condemning the shooter. He claimed his motivation was that he wanted to kill white people. I wonder where he got the inspiration to do this. Perhaps he has been listening to hate speech by various groups. Some of these groups preach hatred towards the police or people of other ethnicities. Then when one of their listeners decides to act, they turn around and condemn the action. What did they expect when they preached so much hatred?
As I write this, I am hearing on the news of a truck driving through crowds gathered to watch fireworks, killing as many as 80 (perhaps the number will go up).
As we watch the news and listen to the radio, people are trying to place the blame on many different things. Just listening to many of the arguments would cause one to laugh because some of the statements are so stupid. One woman said we just need to abolish the police because the neighborhood could take care of its own. Just how is that working out in Baltimore and Chicago? Not too well. If you remove the police, who will be called if someone breaks into your house or tries to harm you? Who would be called if your car is stolen? Who would keep our children safe on our streets? This could be laughable if this was not such a touchy subject.
Some have commented that the tension is the fault of the white people, and some blame the black people. Some blame the police. Let me say right here that if anyone (including the police) abuses their power so as to remove a citizens rights, they should pay for their crime. Someone commented that many of our political leaders actually blamed God for our problems. The truth is that we can rightly blame Satan. Satan is the father of lies and deception. Most people willing to make comments do not have a shred of morality about them. Some of these people go out and seek to harm others. They seek to destroy things. The homeland security agency has warned that Friday is going to be called "a day of rage". What that really means is we will not know until it happens. Knowing the hate group planning that event, I can imagine massive law-breaking taking place.
Now if people would listen to what God has already spoken about our human relationships, we would not have the hatred and violence we see so much of in the news. Hatred is a learned trait, and it can be unlearned if one is willing to unlearn it. Racism (which is the same things can be unlearned if a person chooses to stop doing it. The truth is that anyone who speaks hatred towards others is not acting like God wants them to act. Remember that Jesus taught that we are to love our enemies and pray for those who mistreat us (Matthew 5:43-48).
Some laughed when one politician said that we could fix all the problems with love. Well, the truth is that if people will show the love of Christ, it could happen. Yet we know that many have chosen to reject Christ and anything He teaches. So hatred and racism are here to stay because that is against what God teaches.
By Carey Scott

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