A Plea To Hypocrites
1. How grave are thy sins that thou doest in the secret place? In the watches of the night, what evil thoughts beset thee? Thou knowest them well, and thou alone; for thou art crafty and dost concealeth them from curious eyes.
2. Thou art confident that none shall discover thee, and, therefore, has thy boldness increased: thou standeth before the congregation and condemneth thy brethren; thou dost search out their transgressions and expose their wicked works. Thine anger is great toward those thou despisest.
3. Clever fellow that thou art, that thou concealeth so well thy wickedness: thou dost wear a robe of righteousness and hast clothed thyself in truth.
4. Those attired in filthy rags huddle themselves together in a boat, but thou dost languish in a ship of thine own making; for thou hast said in thine heart, “I shall not sit among fools”.
5. Dost thou need a revelation to tell thee of thy hypocrisy? Dost thou need waiteth for a word of knowledge to see thy delusion? Nay, thou knowest altogether the wickedness in thine own heart.
6. Yahweh sitteth upon His throne on high; yet He knoweth all things and seeth the works of men; and He seeth even thy wicked ways.
7. Yea, those in high places turn away their faces from thee in shame, but unclean spirits gather about and make sport of thee.
8. Yet thou sayest, “Elohim doth not judge me; indeed, do I not prosper more than the righteous?” Thou art indeed a fool! For He that judgeth righteously has from days of old judged thee.
9. Consider now the end of the wicked and the hypocrite; for thou art surely among them. Dost thou really stand on firm ground or has He set thy feet on slippery places?
10. Hast thou hardened thine heart that my words seem as foolishness to thee? Will I speak into the air and see my words fall to the ground? Is thine heart set to run the course of wickedness?
11. Dost thou not know that Yahweh, even thy Elohim, pleadeth with thee?
12. Call thou, today, unto Him and He will wash thee; cry out to Him and He will cleanse thee; turn, turn, turn and He will heal thee.
By Becky Rene

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