THERE ARE CERTAIN THINGS that God calls upon us to do as a group. We are to worship together on the Lord's Day. We are to do certain works of evangelism, edification, and benevolence as a group. But we need to recognize that most of the work that we do as a Christian, is done as individuals.

MANY FIELDS OF OPPORTUNITY and endeavor are open to the individual Christian every day of his life. It is through these openings that we are able to bear much fruit to the honor and glory of God, Matt. 5:13-16. So, it is a matter of bearing the cross daily; not just on Sunday and Wednesday.

IT IS UNDERSTOOD that we must belong to the church of the Lord in order to be saved, Acts 2:47. The Lord Himself adds us to His universal church, but we must then join ourselves to a local collective body, a congregation, in order to carry out certain specified acts as Christians. But, after we have done what we are obligated to do as a group, we are continuously obligated to do things as an individual Christian daily. It is by this means that much fruit is borne to the glory of God.

THE LORD WAS NOT talking to congregations in His discussion in Jno. 15, but He was talking to individuals about bearing fruit to the glory of God. We recognize that strong, fruitbearing individuals make for a strong, fruitbearing church. But the activity of the group together, does not take the place of the activity prescribed for the individual.

WE WILL BE REWARDED as individuals for our good works, or punished as individuals for our evil works, or lack of good works, Gal. 6:6-10. We will not stand before the bar of God as a congregation or group, but as individuals, 2 Cor. 5:10. Our lot in the judgment will not be hardened or softened by the acts of our brethren in the same congregation, but according to our own activity. We have responsibilities with respect to certain relationships we sustain as Christians upon this earth.

THE ONE TALENT MAN of Matt. 25, was not exonerated or even helped by the diligence of the man with the two, nor the man with the five talents. Even though a total of eight talents were divided out among the three men according to their several ability, and a total of fifteen talents were given back to the Master on his return, still the fact remains that one individual did nothing with his personal obligation. That individual was punished and was not allowed to enjoy the fruits of the other men's labors.

WHAT HAVE YOU, AS AN INDIVIDUAL, DONE IN THE PAST? Have you met your obligations as a Christian, with respect to your different relationships? As these obligations relate to:
1. God?
2. The church?
3. The home?
4. Your neighbor?
5. The community?
6. Your employer?
7. The government?

WHAT ARE YOU, AS AN INDIVIDUAL, DOING NOW? With respect to your obligations as related to the things mentioned above?

WHAT DO YOU, AS INDIVIDUAL, PLAN TO DO IN THE FUTURE? With regards to your obligations as a Christian to the things mentioned above?


THERE ARE MANY THINGS THAT you as an individual Christian can engage in to help strengthen the congregation of which you are a member.
1. You can pray for it.
2. You can invite your friends and neighbors to attend the services of the church.
3. You can attend all of the services yourself.
4. You can let your light shine before the world to the extent that it will cause them to glorify your Father who is in heaven.

THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE THINGS that you might do as an individual. With a love for the Lord, a love for lost souls, and a bit of zeal, you can think up others ways and means that you can use to help create interest in the minds and hearts of others. But, in order to get other people interested in anything, you must be interested in it yourself. So, if you are truly interested in strengthening the congregation of which you are a member, you will find ways to cause other people to be interested as well. People that are interested in forming a bowling league, and are successful in doing so, can also interest people in the salvation of their souls.

By Jim W Sasser

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