Birds Do Not Build Mansions

I read this title on my e-mail list the other day. While I have not read the article that was submitted, it got me to thinking that we all should consider this thought.

Without exception, all of the animal kingdom (with the exception of man--whom I do not really consider an animal) does what they do for their needs. A bird will build a nest according to it's needs. All the species have different methods, and materials they use for their various nests.
A few birds do not even build nests. The penguins transfer the egg from the mother to the father, and the father stands over the egg to protect it from the elements during the harshest time of winter, and the females go off to the oceans edge to eat during that time.
The reason that animals do not build mansions is because they have no pride. They are content to do what God designed them to do.
Man on the other hand has a brain that God gave him/her. However we see from nature, that animals use their brains a lot better than most people. Man could get by with very little, because for most of the worlds population, that is all they have. When we are blessed with abundance, we really get stupid. We build things that we learn to think we could not live without.
Sometimes we build the mansions because others are doing it. Sometimes because we want to show off our affluence. Still, pride is that motivation.
The apostle Paul wrote to the Philippians how he could get by in poverty or prosperity. It is just being able to be content with what you have. Many people have the peace which passes all understanding because they have learned to become content. Those who are not content are miserable people indeed.

By Carey Scott 2/24/2011

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