Oh Lord, I didn't really mean to lie, but I realize that I have not only lied to man but to Thee. In searching for an excuse to justify my indifference, I lied. I lied about being sick on Sunday morning, for I went visiting and joy-riding on Sunday afternoon. I lied about my work keeping me tied down, for I go to everything I want to go to except church services. I lied about not being able to leave my sick family, for I leave them for hours each day to work and many other times todo needless and unimportant things. I lied about my contribution, for I spend ten times as much for pleasure as I give to Thee. I also spend for other things which are downright foolish. I lied when I said I couldn't leave home on Wednesday night Lord, for I attended a civic meeting on Thursday night. I lied when I said "no one would speak to me at church" for I spoke to no one, and I left the building just as fast as I could. I lied when I said that I didn't have good enough clothing to come to church, for I go to much larger public gatherings. I lied when I blamed my absence on my children; for they do not keep me from attending anything else I desire. Oh Lord, I lied: forgive me for the sin of lying; for I know that all liars shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, Rev. 21:;;8. I know that I lied when I used other excuses and that I just did not want to go to worship and if I had really wanted to go, I would have been there. -----------via, Weekly Messenger.

The above is certainly a timely article and many other things could be added to the list of lies that people tell just to try and excuse themselves from serving God. Let's remember this one thing: we might satisfy our brethren and deceive and soothe ourselves with our lies about not doing God's will, but we have an all seeing eye looking directly at every move we make and He cannot be deceived. What about it brethren and friends, are you trying desperately to do God's will or are you lying? -----Jim Sasser

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