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The Danger Of Waiting

There are many people who wait to fix their problems. Often times the waiting just increases the cost or the steps necessary to fix something. When a sore gets infected, you treat it right away because you know that waiting could have the potential of worse pain and dangerously bring you to death's door.

Some people might notice the steel tread showing on their tire and consider that they will wait until payday to have it replaced. How many times does someone suffer a blowout and pay the price of a wreck or fatal collision. If you hear a noise in the engine, you do not want to put it off and ignore such, because that noise is telling you there is a problem, and if you do not fix it now, you will pay big time later on.

When we have personal issues with someone, we need to fix the problem before it festers and becomes a major blowout. Sometimes our pettiness and selfishness gets in the way of apologizing or sitting down and talking out our problems. How many people do you know who put off fixing a personal problem with someone to the point that they never reconcile their differences? Maybe one of them dies and that opportunity to regain a friendship or relationship is gone forever.

There are problems in the world today that appears nobody is willing to face. There is a group of people starting to exert their influence and they are very evil in their activities. I heard a talk show host say that if we do not stop this problem now, that later it will be harder and more difficult to stop the blight of evil that has sunk its claws into the culture of many more societies.
Slavery was practiced in this country over a century and a half ago. While such was evil and horrible; it was a sad part of our countries history. Yet slavery is taking place today, and most people are just ignoring the fact that it is taking place. They want to cry aloud about the injustice of the past, but sit quietly and say nothing while such is taking place this very day. Those children and students in Africa and other parts of the world that are being abducted are for the most part, sold as sex slaves. This includes children as young as five or six years old. Does anyone remember what happened to those 200 girls abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria? A few escaped, and told horrible stories of abusive treatment. What is anyone doing about it?

There is another problem that each of us faces, and we usually put it off for a better time in our lives. The problem of sin in our lives is causing our soul to be in a lost condition. We might even consider that if we do not repent and change our ways that we will suffer eternally in hell. Some seem to have the idea that they have time to fix things later. Or like Scarlett O'Hara said, "I'll do it tomorrow". Do you realize that tomorrow is always coming but never gets here? Now is the time, not later.

Sin is a big problem and we need to get it away from us. We may want to rid ourselves of sin by ourselves, but that is impossible. The only way to have our sins removed is through the blood of Christ. By His sacrifice, and our obedience we access His blood in baptism. Acts 22:16 says to arise and be baptized and wash away your sins. After we become a child of God, we have the ability to pray to God and confess our sins, and the blood of Jesus will cleanse us from our sins (1 John 1:9). Why are you waiting to get right with God? Do something now before it gets worse. If you die before you are ready, your chance will be lost.

By Carey Scott

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