The Death Of A Nation

The newspapers have not reported it yet, and the news media seems oblivious to the fact that our Nation has died. This should come as no surprise. Every nation that has ever existed on this planet has gone away. Some nations lasted a long time, while others were just blips on the screen for a season.
There are several reasons that nations have ceased to exist. Some were overthrown by internal forces and powers, while others were invaded and overtaken. Historians seem to agree that the most prominent reason that nations disappear is because the people allowed it to happen.
We have warnings in the Scriptures to learn from the past. In 1 Corinthians 10:11 reads: “Now these things happened to them as an example, and they were written for our instruction, upon whom the ends of the ages have come.”
Look at the nation of Israel. That nation had so many similarities to the United States. They were blessed by God, and became a powerful people. Their reputation went far and wide as being a people that served their God and their God took care of them. Yet as time went along, more and more of the people of Israel rebelled against their God, and chose not to live in the way that their God commanded them to live. As a result, the blessings were removed from them, and they began to suffer, and eventually ceased to exist.
Many people had hoped that America was so great and blessed by God that the idea that it could be lost was removed from the minds of nearly everyone. While we continue this day living in the United States of America, we must come to the realization that this nation has passed its prime and its glory. What remains is a body on life support and many peoples, governments, religions, and ideologies are reaching for the plug.
Who will defend this nation from such demise? The same people who stopped the demise of Israel. Perhaps you detect the sarcasm. Even though there is a large base of Christians in this country, the majority of those who call themselves Christians are no different than the ungodly who occupy our borders. They are infected with the same diseases that others suffer. Selfishness, greed, and rebellion towards God and His word.
Many of us can recall the days when patriotism meant something. We had holidays to honor the fallen; those who have died protecting our freedoms, and those holidays turned away from being a memorial to being just another party day. The fourth of July no longer celebrates the declaration of independence from a tyrannical regime. It has become another paid holiday and people get together for the satisfaction of their fleshly desires. Sadly the honor of those fallen soldiers and patriots is disappearing. The brave men who fought in our wars are getting old and dying out quickly. The men who took pride in America are in rest homes and rocking chairs while the younger generation seems to despise their efforts. Is there any hope? Can it be changed back to what it was?
I would like to say yes, but I would be naïve to think so. Here are some of the reasons why hope is going away from America and its future. I realize the article will appear very negative. The truth has that effect on people sometimes. While various studies indicate that many call themselves Christians, the actual number of true disciples is small compared to the millions of souls who call themselves Americans. The majority of Americans are naïve to think that God will protect them the same as He did Israel. It can happen, and we pray it will happen, but when we look at the requirements for getting it to happen, truth will set in and we will see the hopeless situation we are in.
In 2 Chronicles 7:14 we read: “and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and heal their land”. Do you really think that we can get the majority to return to God and turn from their sins?
The very foundation of this country was based upon biblical principles. Our founding fathers had so much respect for God and the Bible as they realized that no nation without God has ever succeeded. They realized that God’s way was best, and while allowing the citizens freedom to worship as they chose, they based the laws upon Bible principles which were recognized as being the most fair to all people.
With many in our nation trying to eliminate God from every sector of our environment, it is no wonder that we are in the condition we are in. In Isaiah the people got to the point where they did not want to hear about God or His message. They told Isaiah to preach unto them smooth words, because they did not want to hear about the Holy One of Israel (Isa 30:10-11). The people with the answers to solve our nations problems are those who ask the people to return to serving God, and the people do not want any part of that.
The most prominent problem in our nation is selfishness. Most people do not care about what others do. It must be obvious, because the government corruption is exposed, and most do not care. They do things that are harmful to others, and they do not care. People take advantage of others, and even harm others, yet they still do not care. People get involved in all sorts of sins, and others suffer. While they might say they care about others, it is not demonstrated by their actions. Drunks still drink and drive. Men and women cheat on their spouses. Few if any people honor their commitments, and most people do not respect any authority unless they can benefit from such.
Removing God was the greatest obstacle for the enemies of our nation. Only when you corrupt the moral fiber of the people, can you get away with all the evil that you get away with. The family unit is Gods way of procreation and laying the foundation for a sound foundation. When people learn to love in the home, the love stays with them, and they carry it out into the world. If love is absent from the home, the products of that home do not know love, neither do they practice love. More than half of all marriages fail, and the only reason that the number of divorces is on the decline is because many are now opting for the choice of just living together without getting married. Every failed marriage is the result of selfishness on the part of one or both parties. Don’t try to blame it on anything else. Every sin is the result of selfishness, and trying to place the blame elsewhere is a lie. Not only are the marriages failing, there are parents abandoning their children all the time. To them, children are an inconvenience and get in the way of their fun.
People go around and commit fornication of all sorts. Some of this action results in pregnancy. About two million babies are aborted each year. The nation gets all in an uproar when they hear of children being killed in a civil war in another country, but they do not care that thousands of children are murdered every day. And this murder is legal and sanctioned by our government, and many of these abortions are paid for by our tax dollars.
Years ago, it could be said about many men and women that their word was their bond. We may even remember some of those who we could count on. If they said they would do something, they did it. Sadly people do not honor commitments like they used to. Today, before anything is decided upon we must have a contract or a written agreement so that if one party fails to comply with the agreement, they can produce the written documents to the judiciary for resolving these matters. Even with written and signed agreements, many try to find ways out of their responsibility to pay their debts. The news reported just a short while ago that millions of graduates are signing petitions and calling for a removal of their debt. Why not? The government is exempting people all the time from their responsibility to pay for student loans. So if the government can exempt some people from paying their student loans, why can’t they do it for everyone?
There are other sins that are taking place for which the people tolerate and apparently enjoy. Drugs are a blight on our nation. People get high and harm others. People steal to support their habit. Many deaths are attributed to a drug deal gone bad. There are cartel armies in neighboring countries ready to do battle with anyone who tries to stop the drug business. Well if there were not millions of Americans addicted to these drugs, there would be no profit in drugs. Common sense tells one that if there is not profit, there is no effort to continue providing such. Drug lords and dealers are in the business to make money. Some of this money makes it into the pockets of politicians and law enforcement personnel to look the other way. It is estimated that the drug industry is worth billions of dollars to our economy, and since the dollar has become the god of so many, they are not going to get rid of it. The drug war is lost.
Cigarettes and other tobacco products kill millions of people every year. The medical community has cited cancer as a major killer, and most cancer comes from the impurities people put into their bodies. Why haven’t they outlawed cancer causing products? They are trying to outlaw sodas and sugary drinks to help people be healthier. It just seems hypocritical to allow tobacco products to be sold, when you cannot buy a soda.
Alcohol has greater sugar content and it effects the metabolism of a person to a much stronger degree than soda. Yet it is still legal. Thousands of people are alcoholics. Their health is compromised, and their judgments are skewed. They drive after drinking and hurt and kill innocent people. In their defense, they claim that the alcohol was the reason the person died, and that they are not responsible. Can you believe that many killers are set free by such a defense? Then they turn around and do it again.
Another problem that faces this nation is the lack of respect for the law. Law is put into place to protect innocent citizens and punish those who would do evil or harm towards another. One action has been going on for so long, that the enforcement would be devastating to our economy, so it is ignored. Remember how Arizona tried to get the Government to enforce the laws dealing with illegal immigration? Our own government sued them to get them to stop enforcing these laws. What lesson is the government teaching its citizens? One lesson is that if you do not like a law, it is alright to ignore it. I am sure that many cases presented before judges and juries will begin to use this claim citing the governments refuse to uphold the law, thus the citizens are not required to uphold the law. However once again, we find hypocrisy taking place, because they want to enforce the law when it is to their advantage.
Anyone who would deny these things probably has their head stuck in the sand. Either that or they have been duped into thinking that everything is going smoothly and we have no problems.
Our priorities are off target these days. While we have an election coming up with much implication on the line because of who wins, the more important topics to most Americans is if Jennifer Lopez will have another wardrobe malfunction, or they want to know more about Kris and Kim’s divorce. People ignore major things and gripe about little incidentals.
After discussing these few points and hopefully getting people to realize that only a drastic change will change the course of our nation’s history, we still have to deal with the problem of what a Christians is supposed to do in such an environment.
Christians have been in the midst of perverse generations since Christianity began. The world of the first century was far worse than the world we live in today, and Christians were able to live lives in peace and harmony. That is until others started persecuting them and killing them. This is a practice that is already being seen again. While we see in other countries the religious persecution, and killings taking place, we have to know that the same mentality is festering inside the borders of our land. One day, it may come to the point that officials will turn a blind eye when Christians are slaughtered in our land.
First thing Christians need to do is pray for our nation, and pray for the citizens of this land. Pray that all might turn and seek God and His word for direction. Since that is most likely not to happen, we need to focus our prayers upon those in our sphere of influence. Parents need to teach their children respect for God and others. We need to encourage people to obey the laws, and start treating their fellow man with kindness.
We must be like the prophets of old that warned of the judgment to come. And we can expect the same kind of treatment that they suffered.
Christians need to be faithful even to death. There may come a day when Christians are given that choice in this land. If we let our light shine and we influence others to seek the Lord, we have done good. The worst thing is to hide our light from those who need it, and that includes everyone else.
We cannot remain silent about this. Where else can a Christian go where they have religious freedom, and enjoy liberty of life? There are currently no options available. Even on the death bed, this country is still the greatest on earth. We must turn people back to God and get them to cease their iniquities. That is the only way this nation will recover. But no matter if it recovers or not, we Christians need to continue living the life that God commands us in His word. Faithful Christians are the only preservative that is keeping this country alive. But be warned, God’s patience is thin and wearing out on our people. It is just a matter of time, and we need to prepare ourselves for how we will conduct ourselves when a new government arises. We may have to go to the scriptures to see how the Christians of the first century lived in their perverse and wicked generation.

By Carey Scott 6/20/2012

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