Who Is In Control Of Your Life?
As we travel through life, we often take a few moments to figure things out. Like, who is in charge, and what authority do they have. In personal matters, we usually like to think that we are in charge. While we may not be able to control the events around us, we usually keep a level head, and work things out. Most people would probably say that they are in control of their life.
Now, let go. As long as we are trying to control our life, we are not doing the right thing. It is God who should be in control of your life. Sadly, many people do not do enough reflection and pondering to figure this out.
We go to the doctor because we have an illness we cannot control. The doctor gives us medicine, and hopefully, we feel better. Guess what, we just left God out of the picture. You see, we have to realize that our bodies are frail, and really, began to die when we were born. So we are going to experience pain and hurt during our life. Where we need to be is realizing that God is in control of our life, and we give it over to Him. We leave things to the providence and mercy of God, and all of a sudden, we have a better outlook on life.
Some people suffer depression and other mental illnesses. Until they realize that their body and their life is in God's hand and under His care, the healing process will not begin. We all need the healing that God provides. Not only in our physical healing, but spiritual healing as well. And, we play an important role in this healing process. We have to work with God, because He will not do it all. He expects us to make an effort to do things that will benefit not only our bodies, but our soul as well.
We can assist God by learning God's will. We do this by studying the Bible, and putting God's ways into practice in our individual lives. Our faith is made stronger when we apply ourselves to doing His will, and by learning to cast our cares upon Him. 1 Peter 5:7 tells us that.
We must all come to the realization that our life is not our own. We belong to the Lord. Romans 14:7-8 informs us that whether we live or die, we still belong to the Lord, and are subject to His laws.
We all need to face the fact that we are in God's hands all the time. Whether we are facing a deadly disease, or just the nagging aches of old age, we need to realize that God's will needs to be done. Remember that Jesus prayed that His burden be lifted from Him, but in the end Jesus still said to God: "Not my will, but Thy will be done".
Now we can do everything right, and still have to face serious illness and severe depression, and spiritual immaturity. But when we hand our life over to God, and tell Him that you place yourself into His loving care, a burden is lifted off your soul that should motivate you to do even more for the Lord.
Look around, and you will see the most faithful of God have already given their lives to Him. Will you turn the controls over to God?
By Carey Scott

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