Christianity for Dummies

Since I'm part of this elite group of slow learners. I feel qualified to share these simple steps for any and all people who might feel like they don't fit in with the status quo, or traditional religious groups or organizations.

1. Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who came to earth and lived the perfect life that no one has been able to live. Then He was nailed to a cross and died for the sins of all humanity. But then was raised back to life on the third day after his death so that all humanity can have eternal life through Him.
2. Get Baptized into Christ. I know a lot of people will stumble over this, but Jesus tells us to do this and we have plenty of examples of people getting baptized after they first believe. (If you need help with this contact me.)
3. Trust in Jesus. Put all your hope and faith in the Jesus. This is how we start our relationship with God and maintain our relationship with God for the rest of our life, according to the apostle Paul.
4. Try to do what's right. God has given us the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. We have to practice choosing to do what's right. And when you mess-up, tell God.
5. Talk to God every chance you get. Give Him all your troubles, He will get you through them.
6. Enjoy life and all the gifts and blessings that God has saved for you.
7. Share your relationship with God, gifts, and blessings from God with all your friends.

Jesus died so that all people can have life through Him. He looked for those who were ordinary real people, not the social elite or religious elite, but for us dummies and slow learners who are stumbling our way through this life. We all like things that are free. Jesus died and was raised so that we may have eternal life for free. Please take advantage.

In Christ,
Barry Holley

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