Are You Different?

It was a mere backyard pool toy — an inflatable rubber raft. But to these boys it was what they had been hoping for -- what they had been needing -- it was a fishing boat! Now they could “get out amongst them” — out in the pond where the really big ones lurk.

Only one more thing was needed. What could they use for an anchor? After all, every boat needs an anchor! Finally they had the solution — an empty plastic milk jug. Fill it with water to make it heavy, and tie on a rope.

But, wait! Something is wrong. The anchor wont sink! A valuable lesson in physics is learned the hard way. The water in the jug weighs no more than the water outside the jug. You can’t make an anchor that way! And, who says that fishing isn’t educational?

There’s a spiritual lesson to be learned here, too. (You knew I was coming to that, didn’t you?) Christians are to be a strong influence in the world. Jesus used the analogies of “salt” and “light” in His Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:13—16). But we can’t be that kind of preserving and enlightening influence on others if we are not different than they are. If we talk, dress, and act like people of the world, we won’t be able to change them. If we do what they do, go the evil places that they go, and engage in their evil practices, we can’t teach them. Paul urged us to “be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed ...” (Rom. 12:2).

Learn the lesson! A boat anchor made out of water won’t sink, and a Christian who is like the world won’t win others to Christ.

- by Greg Gwin

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