Confession Unto Salvation - Rom 10:9-10


  1. Confess: “Say the same as another; agree with, consent to that one.”
  2. We are to confess Christ openly - Mt 10:32-33; Rom 10:9-10.

1.what thE all-important confession is -- what it means.

A.It is not confessing we are already saved -- But UNTO SALVATION.

B.Not saying we have a feeling “better felt than told;” This could not be proof, because salvation takes place in the Mind of God - Isa 55:7.

C.Not a profession of allegiance to a creed or a denomination.

D.But acknowledging Christ as Divine - Mt 16:16; Jn 11:26-27.

  1. IT IS TRUE: And in this truth is centered all our hopes.
  2. THE SON OF GOD in a unique sense (Divine Son) - Rom 1:4.
  3. He is the Anointed Prophet / Priest / King - Lk 4:18; Ac 10:38.
  4. So we confess that He is our Teacher / Intercessor / Lord.
  5. And that we totally submit to His Absolute Authority as The King - 1Ti 6:15; Mt 28:18; Eph 1:20-23; 2Co 10:5.
  6. So we believe what He says, accept what He teaches, obey what He commands; Otherwise, we reject Him - Jn 15:14.

E.This is essential to our fellowship - 1Jn 1:3; 4:15.

2.that confessed is the core and foundation of truth.

A.It is a summary of the whole truth of the Bible.

  1. He is the fulfillment of prophecy - Deu 18:18-19; Ac 3; Heb 1:1-2.
  2. In Him is all the fullness of Deity - Col 2:9.
  3. In Him are all spiritual blessings - Eph 1:3,7.

B.There is evidence for this confession: We are not asked to exercise faith without there being a basis for it - Jn 20:30-31.

  1. Hear the witness of the FATHER - Mt 3:17.
  2. That of CHRIST - Jn 4:24-26; Mk 14:61-62a.
  3. And the witness of ANGELS - Mt 1:20-21; 28:1-7.
  4. And of HUMANITY - Jn 1:29,34,49; Mt 16:16; 27:54.

3.prominent characteristics of this confession.

A.It is a PUBLIC confession (making faith known) - Lk 12:8.

  1. Christ died for making this confession - Mt 26:63-66.
  2. Timothy was to be likewise faithful - 1Ti 6:12-14.

B.It is a VERBAL confession (openly pledging to others, AND TO SELF, a lifetime allegiance to the King) - TEXT; 2Co 4:13.

1.After hearing and believing, and before baptism - Ac 8:35-39.

a.I (Personal) BELIEVE (Confident) THAT JESUS (He is Savior) CHRIST (Anointed Prophet / Priest / King) IS (Present Reality) THE SON OF GOD (He Is Divine).

b.It is our great honor to say it: Simple, but profound truth.

2.No formal ceremony is specified; And it is understood that some may not physically be able to speak (they can write or nod).

C.It is a UNIVERSAL confession - Phi 2:9-11.

  1. Some do not now? -- WILL bow / acknowledge - Rom 14:11-12.
  2. To make it now results in salvation - Rom 10:10.

D.It is a SERIOUS commitment; Not be made lightly - Lk 6:46.

  1. It begins when we obey; Then continues to death - Ac 7:59.
  2. So, it is not done once, then forgotten; But it is a life-long profession - Heb 4:14; 13:15-16; Rev 2:13.


  1. What do YOU say? Are you ready to confess openly, and obey?
  2. It is dangerous to deny Him - 2Ti 2:12.
  3. Today you have your choice: Confess Him and live, or wait to cry for the mountains to fall on you AND STILL CONFESS ANYWAY -- Only to your eternal sorrow, shame, and regret - Ac 4:12.
  4. Confess NOW to your salvation - H/B/R/C/B/F; Rev 3:5.


MEANING: Negative; Divinity

Hope; Son; Anointed; Submit

BASIC: A Summary of Truth

Consider All The Evidence

FEATURES: Public / Verbal

Universal / Serious (For Life)

SOURCES: Walton Weaver; Robert Welch; Keith Thompson; Dean Bullock; Jim Ward; Elvis Bozarth; Jason Malham; T. W. Brents; W. Wayne Allen; Curtis Camp; Harold Hazelip; Eugene Smith; Three Unknown Authors.

SER10 \CONFESS.391 (C-094)

Submitted by Derrel Shaw

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