Some people seem to always have the energy to get busy when something needs doing. Other people need something else to get them busy. We use many things for motivation. The paycheck is what keeps some going and the satisfaction of a job well done is another motivation.

There are times when we really do not feel like jumping into the task that needs to be done if there is no time restriction. Perhaps putting off a project gives us a moment to reflect and think about our tasks we are going to be doing. Even still, this is extra sleep time for some people.

From a spiritual application, we must also deal with motivation. Jumping to the subject that would normally be at the end, we find that heaven is a great motivator. That is if we do not lose focus upon the now.

Spiritually speaking one of the first motivators we experience is the fear of hell. We read of hell in the Bible, and know it is a horrible place. Darkness, pain, crying, and separation from God and any hope that He offers should scare us. Such realization should cause anyone to amend their ways and start doing those things which will keep them out of hell.

As we progress we learn that sin keeps us separate from God (Isaiah 59:2). Since we know that having a relationship with God is vital to avoiding hell, we seek to learn what God wants from us. Thankfully, God was merciful enough to provide the way of salvation through His Son, Jesus; and we know that our obedience to His teaching will get us into heaven.

After we obey the gospel message through our baptism, we need to be motivated to continue on with our lives as Christians. We had to put the old members to death and put on the new life in Christ (Colossians 3:1-10). Of course we all know that change is hard to accomplish. People hate change and any attempt to change anything will be met with resistance. Even if the change is shown to be beneficial, most people still resist it. Changing our lives from sinner to Christian is not an easy task to be sure. But realizing that if we do not make the change we cannot get to heaven could help motivate us.

As we grow as a Christian, we need motivation to study the Bible on a regular basis. We need motivation to attend every assembly of our local church. We need motivation to encourage others to be faithful, and we need that encouragement also. We will eventually get to the point where we should be motivated to share our faith with others. This does not mean one must be a polished speaker who preaches a sermon. No, just having enough compassion in your heart for the plight of those who are lost should motivate you to assist them to find a relationship with God.

Helping others should be a quality that we possess and we must motivate ourselves to serve others. Serving others, teaching others, and following God's commands will help us get to heaven. So sure, we need to be motivated.

It is not always easy to motivate yourself, so perhaps if you focus upon Jesus, instead of yourself, you will find all the motivation you need. Whether the motivation is negative (not going to hell) or positive (going to heaven); we need to motivate ourselves to do those things which God tells us can get us into heaven.
By Carey Scott

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