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"Ignorance Is Bliss" Only Lasts So Long
While it may be better if some people do not know the truth, they are going to find out sooner or later that there is a truth that has a bearing on their soul's eternal destiny.
The main reason so many choose to stay in ignorance is because it seems to remove their accountability for their failure to obey God's commands. Some feel that if they do not read and learn from God's word, that they will be able to continue in their lifestyle without consequence. Such is the deception of Satan and his lies.
In the real world, ignorance has consequences. You may not know that the speed limit changed and you may continue until you see those flashing lights behind you. Your claim of ignorance does not help you get out of your traffic fine. You claim that you did not see that stop sign will not stop the policeman from giving you a ticket. It is because of such ignorance that you or others may be harmed or killed. If you do not see the stop sign and someone else happens to be in that intersection, it could be devastating for several. Injury, loss, damage, and fines are only part of the problem. If someone is harmed or killed by your negligence, you could be facing jail time and civil judgments.
Imagine not knowing if a downed powerline is hot and charged. If you choose to remain ignorant, you may find out the hard way that it was. Some have even died because they did not know a line was active. Many are lucky that suffer electrocution in their homes. It gives you a charge and a lot of pain. This is because of transformers and circuits that limit the amount of electricity in the line. But some lines are more powerful and actually unlimited in their power and even close proximity can cause death.
What about the child that finds pills in the medicine cabinet? Is their ignorance going to protect them from harm or serious long-lasting effects? Yes, children are ignorant in so many things, and that is why they need to be taught. Sadly, many children are not taught about God or His ways. Thus the reason our society is getting worse all the time.
There are people who call themselves Christians who have chosen to remain in ignorance. They would rather not be aware that a particular thing is a sin just in case they choose to do that particular thing. Knowledge could certainly bring disappointment because they would be prohibited from doing that particular thing and would feel guilty for having done that particular thing. It is so much more blissful to remain in their ignorance.
Such is satisfying to a soul. Or at least, it will be until the day of Judgment. One day, every action will be reviewed and compared to God's word. Ignorance will not be an excuse on that day. One may live in bliss, but that day will be terrifying. That is because the truth will come out. The truth that always has been there. The truth recorded in God's word. The truth spoken by Jesus and His apostles. The truth given to us through the Holy Spirit. The truth that has applied to every man and woman since the beginning of the church which began shortly after the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross.
Paul told those listeners on Mars Hill that the times of ignorance are now passed (Acts 17:30). Paul said it was time to repent and obey the message from the man whom God raised from the dead. That man is Jesus. His words are that which will judge us in the end (John 12:48). His words actually came from God, and we are all accountable to God whether we like it or not.
The best thing to do for your soul is to prepare it for judgment day. This can be done by learning what the Bible teaches, because the Bible reveals all truth. God's word is truth (John 17:17). Everything we need concerning our salvation is granted to us (2 Peter 1:3). All we need to do is apply what we learn from God's word. There are things we are not supposed to do and there are things we are supposed to do. If we do what God says not to do, we transgress the law and that is sin (1 John 3:4). If we do not do what God commands us to do it is also sin (James 4:17).
There is only one sure method for achieving eternal life. That is to learn from God what you must do before you face Him in judgment. Some may feel that what God does not know will make it alright, but their thinking is wrong. We must remember God knows all and sees all, and nobody can claim God is ignorant of anything.
Ignorance can be blissful, but it only last a short time. God will not excuse ignorance, so please do whatever you can to learn about all that God commands and live therein.

By Carey Scott

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