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Let God Control What You Can't
I am sure there are many people who get frustrated as they listen to the news. We hear and read about scandals, dirty politics, out of control entertainment characters, racist's fanatics, the weather, and social issues. Somewhere someone is threatening to boycott a business, or ban a product or something we have a right to possess. While we wish some things would happen to change the things taking place in our world for the better, we are faced with the fact that ungodly people are running the show in most of this world. People who have little or no regard for God are approving and promoting all sorts of sinful behavior as normal and acceptable, while at the same time bad-mouthing Christians and using vitriolic language to silence them into doing nothing.
After getting so frustrated, we finally have to figure it out that we can't do anything to change the situation. They are not going to accept my counsel at any level of government. About the only way they might even listen to me was if I made a substantial donation to their campaign. They will not listen to reason, and they certainly do not want anyone telling them that God disapproves of their lifestyle or behavior.
We would be better off to let God take care of the politics. What is going to happen in this country and most others is that evil will triumph for a season. Perhaps God will decide to end it all before it gets that bad. But, just in case He does not end it all, we still have to have the resolve to be faithful to God until death. Sadly many will not take the stand that God requires of them. We pray for courage and strength just in case we are put in that situation, that we will remain faithful and will not just look out for our own hides.
We are reminded that we are to trust in the Lord with our whole heart, and lean not on our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). We can only trust God if we have faith in Him, and faith in His promises to look out for us and protect us from the evil one. This trust needs to be cultivated and improved in each of our lives. Sure, we trust in God. Or so we think! We really do not know if we trust in God until our faith is put on the line. Hopefully we will not be like Peter who made a big commotion about the fact that Jesus said Peter would deny Him three times. And realizing Jesus was right, Peter went out ashamed, and wept bitterly. We may swear up and down that we would never forsake our Lord, and minutes later shrink back from declaring our faith in Him.
We cannot control anything except our own self, and perhaps we can have an influence upon others. Other than that, let God take control, and just put your trust in Him. We do control our own destiny. We make the decisions in our everyday actions that will determine our place in eternity. Our every choice and decision has a bearing upon our soul. We choose to live like God wants us to live, we can be eternally saved. We choose to ignore God's instruction, and we will be eternally lost.
So many things that are beyond our control, yet we fret and worry and express outrage and concern over these things. Jesus warned us to not worry, but to let God take control. So we should. There might be a few less ulcers and headache's to deal with when we turn things over to God. We still have to take care of ourselves and do our daily business as God requires us to do, but the things we cannot control; let Him.
By Carey Scott

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