Preachers are men who are looked up to by almost everyone, by both those within and without the church. Great numbers of men and women in the church are amazed at preachers, commending them in several ways, from how well preachers can recall Bible verses to how they can always listen and deal with the problems of others and how nothing seems to bother them.

If preachers were as unbothered as most seem to believe, we would surely be a miserable lot. However, preachers are bothered and are probably more easily than others. Preachers probably have more "bothers" than most folks.

Preachers, you see, are "bothered" by a great number of things most Christians are not. Preachers are not pessimistic, but realistic. Preachers seem to consider things more seriously than most folks.

For example, preachers are more concerned when brethren are unfaithful. Preachers are more concerned when brethren allow a sniffle to become a lifethreatening illness which causes them to stay home, but take the same sniffles to work or shopping. Preachers are concerned when brethren stay up too late Saturday night to awaken Sunday morning to attend worship and Bible Study. Preachers are bothered when brethren justify their apostate unfaithfulness on Sunday and Wednesday evenings with the excuse of having to "work tomorrow", or "its been a long day and I'm too tired to go." Preachers are bothered when those who are "too tired" are not too tired to watch T.V.

Preachers are bothered when some do not concern themselves with Bible classes because they say, "I don't understand it anyway", when in reality they are just too lazy to get to class and do not have a love of the truth. Preachers are bothered when families stay home Wednesday evenings because "the kids have homework." Have you cut Matthew 6:33 out of your Bible? What is this teaching your children? I wonder what the preachers' kids do when they have homework on Wednesday? Preachers are bothered when brethren come to class and worship without a Bible and haven't even picked up their Bibles during the week, let alone studied for the lesson.

Preachers are bothered when morality is set aside by parents who let their children attend dances and dress in next to nothing at public pools. Preachers are bothered when unfaithful members are not bothered about sin and act as if everything is just fine. Preachers are bothered when members wear their feelings too close to their skin and become mad and hurt when the preacher tries to help correct a sin in their life. Preachers are bothered when disgruntled members gossip on the phone with all their complaints and do not follow Matthew 18:15!

Preachers are bothered when brethren are unconcerned with the sick, unfaithful, and the Lord's work in general. Preachers are bothered when brethren walk as close to apostasy as they can with the attitude of security. Preachers are bothered when brethren just refuse to do good! Preachers are bothered when brethren don't care one whit about being involved in any way or any thing concerning the work of the church. Preachers are bothered when brethren choose not to be with fellow brethren at every opportunity, but will spend hours socializing with the heathen of this world.

Preachers are bothered when spineless, passive, unqualified elders are set in elderships in which they have no business. Preachers are bothered when elders who know better refuse to stand up for the truth and support the preacher in the truth. Preachers are bothered when elders choose to fire the preacher rather than "face the music" of a congregation's real problem.

Preachers are bothered when other preachers(?) preach watered-down lessons and refuse to preach needed truth. Preachers are bothered when other preachers(?) put their jobs over and above the need of preaching the truth. Preachers are bothered at preachers(?) who just do not love the truth, the church, the brethren and the souls of the lost enough to "declare all the gospel" at the needed time.

Preachers are bothered when brethren are upset with the preacher for stating why preachers get upset! Preachers are most bothered when the brethren choose not to replace the word "preacher" in this article with their own names! Brother, DOES SIN BOTHER YOU? Do you think you are going to heaven with any one of these things in your life that bother the preacher?

Preachers are bothered when brethren will not repent of the sin in their lives that they know is there. Now read 2 Corinthians 5:11!

By Daniel H. Coe Sr.

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