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What Is In It For Me?
Some of us remember in the past when there was a benevolent need that people asked for donations. Well recently, we have seen when a need arises that those seeking the funds charge for food plates or they have a raffle for some expensive item. These people learned that people will more freely give if they can get something out of it.
For most people, every decision that is made almost always factors in self. Rather than looking to a bigger picture and ignoring basic Bible principles, most people think selfishly. It seems that if someone cannot benefit from an activity, they usually ignore such activity, even if it would benefit others. Aren't we glad that not everyone is like this?
Selfishness is the bane of our society. Every sin that takes place occurs because selfishness is involved. God has taught in His word that we should not steal or take from others. He even went further and commanded that we should not covet what others have. Whether that be possessions, property, money, or even family members, it is a sin to covet anything of your neighbors.
Every act of fornication is an act of selfishness. Our society has bought into every action of fornication as normal and only the prudes would disapprove of such behavior. And all of this activity is done by choice. Each person chooses to get involved in these activities.
Another problem that the church faces is the fact that most people are selfish and end up doing what they want to do whether God approves or not. Decisions are made based upon the physical desires of the members rather than the spiritual needs of the members.
Another problem is the fact that many people do not really convert. They realize that they have problems in their life and want to make them better. Somehow they believe that getting religion can fix their problems. The truth is that God can fix their problems, but they are not willing to make the necessary changes in their life to realize any benefit. These people continue living the same way after their baptism as before their baptism and expect everything to be better. But it is not better, and they become frustrated and consider that their actions are nothing more than wasted time spent.
If these people were truly converted to Christ, they would behave like the apostle Paul wrote to the Colossians in chapter 3 about putting the old man full of sin away and putting on the new man. Most people want the benefits of the new man, but continue to live the old ways. That does not work and according to the Hebrews writer in chapter 10:26, the sacrifice of Jesus is no longer available for them.
I realize that it is hard to change a life, but if you are concerned for your soul you will do what is necessary. I also realize that many people are in survival mode and spiritual thoughts are not high on their priority list. God never promised an easy life, but if we follow God's commands our life will be better. That does not mean food will automatically show up on the table or that we will find our wallets and purses bulging. It means that we should have a new, different perspective of life and we should continue to grow in our spirituality so that we can be pleasing to God and receive the great final reward.
By Carey Scott

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