Taking Things For Granted
Yes, we are all guilty of this in so many ways. The blessings in life that we should be enjoying are not really appreciated until we have lost them. Just ask anyone who has lost a loved one to death. How they wish they had more time with them, how they wish they could take back what they might have said the last time, how they wish they had told them how special they were and how much they were loved.
We treat things like they are a given all the time. Try having a good conversation when you voice is hoarse and you are coughing. Try sleeping with your allergies going haywire. Here is one that we all have done. The electricity goes out, and we walk into a room, and automatically flip the switch, and nothing happens, then we flip the switch a few more times just to make sure.
In life, we have certain expectations that when it fails, we get upset and frustrated. It is like when you go to your car and your battery is dead, or you start your car and it does not go into gear. Some of the things we control, and other things we have no control over. Things just happen.
What we need to do is to take inventory every now and then and learn to realize what the most important things are in life, and cherish what few blessings we might have.
Our loved ones usually suffer the most in this area. We take them for granted so often. We get so used to routines and daily activities, we sometimes forget to tell them how much we love them, and that your whole world revolves around them. Why do we wait until someone dies before we send those flowers? Do you realize how many days can be brightened by a caring gesture?
Not only do we take family for granted, we sometimes take friends and neighbors for granted also. We take our jobs for granted. How devastating it is when a company fails and employees have to be laid off.
But more than anything the majority of people take God for granted. Seems many have this sense that they can keep God on the back burner and He will always be there for emergencies. Well the Bible tells us that God needs to be foremost in our thoughts and minds. His word needs to be taken into our hearts, and we must make an effort to please God in all things. Please, don’t take your soul for granted. God considered your soul so valuable that He sent His Son to die in your place. So believe in Jesus as your Savior. Turn from you sins, and serve Him, Confess His name to mankind, and be baptized for the remission of your sins. Realize that this starts your spiritual journey. You must be faithful until death, or in other words the rest of your life.
Let us help you prioritize the things in your life in a way God is please with. Everyone is invited to our worship services at the Eastside church of Christ in Ranger. We meet at the corner of Strawn Rd and Young St. Sunday at 9:45am for bible class, 10:45 for worship assembly, and at 5:00pm for worship. Wednesday at 7:00 for bible classes.

By Carey Scott

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