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Comfortably Numb
Some of you may recognize this phrase as the title of a song performed by the British rock group Pink Floyd. What is more important is the fact that the title is a problem in the Lord's church today. Well, actually, the Lord's church does not have a problem. But many people who identify as being associated with the Lord's church have a problem.
As the title suggest, too many people have become comfortable in their Christianity and have allowed too much of the world to infiltrate their lives. Most people like to find their comfort zones, and are content to get comfortable in their zones. Most of them are not willing to step out of their comfort zones, and that is the problem. This all stems from a condition our world has latched onto. The "me" generation is always looking out for themselves and seldom if ever are willing to humble themselves before their brethren or others. We are commanded over and over to think of others as more important than ourselves. When we seek our own comfort, we are not doing that. We should be going out of our comfort zones to assist others in their quest to serve God. We fall into such a routine that if anything happens that breaks that routine, we begin to feel uncomfortable. As such we seek to return to our zone of comfort as quickly as possible. While it takes some effort to go and attend with the saints, it is something we have built into our routine, and we are okay with such activity.
Our next word in the title is "numb". I am sure we have all experienced this in one part of our body or another. Maybe we slept on our arm and cut the circulation off and we wake up and it is numb. This is a condition where we lose the nerve senses. Doctors and Dentists usually use a medicine called "Novocain" to numb a part of the body they are going to work on. Thus we do not feel the pain that would normally be there.
Spiritually speaking, too many of us have become numb to the problems around us. People are hurting, and people are seeking, but they do not know which way to turn. We almost are numb to their pain, and as a result, we ignore them. We have been so exposed to all kinds of sin that it almost seems we are numb to it. It used to be that seeing two boys kissing in a restaurant booth would cause shock and embarrassement, but we have become numb to such activity. When was the last time you were embarrassed by someone using foul language? Of course, we do not like hearing such, but in a way, we often fail to recognize harsh and foul language because we have become so used to it. Sure, we do not talk that way, but it really does not bother us if we hear it, as we decide those in the world are going to talk that way regardless of who is in listening distance. Too often we have become numb to sin because it is all around us, and that is the problem. People take the Lord's name in vain, and we remain silent. When King David was a lad, he heard someone insult God, and he could not tolerate such language. He asked to go fight that person who was a little bigger than he was. Such should be an example for us to follow.
Let us make the effort to not be numb to sin. There is plenty of Bible that instructs us to expose sin wherever it may be. Let us get out of our comfort zone and start doing what God wants us to do.
By Carey Scott

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