Don't Give In To The World
It would be so easy to just give in and become a part of this world. Most everyone knows that things are bad and wicked, and most know that immorality is rampant in our society. Those practicing that immorality do not care. In fact, they consider you strange because you do not participate with them in their immoral behavior. But this is nothing new. We read of such immorality in Romans 1 and even Peter writes of those who think it strange that you do not join in with them (1 Peter 4:4).
Some of the radio talk show people mentioned a recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Organization. Their findings were that fewer Americans claimed to be a part of Christianity. It was not due to the fact that they were converting to another religion, but about seven percent fewer people claim allegiance to Christ. They did not convert elsewhere; they just chose to become atheists. One of the proposed reasons for this digression was the attack on Christianity by all the world forces. Government, society, other religions, and those who have compromised their faith are reasons some just give in.
We as Christians must realize that a war is going on. Not only do we have the war within ourselves as Galatians 5:16 talks about, but we have a holy war. Our values are being attacked by much of society. In fact, political correctness has gone so far as to label us bigots if we oppose any sort of immorality and speak out against it. Recently our leader told us to not worry about things that God is opposed to, but we are to concentrate on helping others. Sure we are to help others, but we will not compromise what we believe. Sadly many in the world of the Christian religion have already compromised their values and ignored what God has spoken from His word.
It just makes us wonder if all that we have to put up with is worth our efforts. It is like we are facing an uphill battle all the time, and there are fewer and fewer of our faith who join us in this battle. We find ourselves back in the days when the Hebrews writer had to explain that Christ Jesus was much better than the Law, and the old ways. You see, many early Christians found that if they hid their Christianity from the world, they could escape the persecution.
The same thing is happening today. Fewer Christians acknowledge their faith. Sadly, many who claim to be Christians do not live like Christians. And rather than be labeled anything, many Christians will keep silent when they should be expressing their faith.
What we need is to find faithful brethren willing to support our decision to confess the Christ daily. The world will attack us, and if we do not have the support of others, we will soon lose heart and quit. Whether you have someone backing you up or not, do not let that stop you from supporting and encouraging a fellow Christian to remain strong and stand up for Jesus. Our job gets easier when more are involved.
Get yourself involved with God and find brethren who will encourage you. That may be the only thing that keeps them faithful. You can save a soul from hell if you encourage your brethren to be faithful and withstand the evil one. It may be easier to just give in to the world, but your soul will be lost if you do. Your soul is valuable to God, so much that He gave His Son to die for you. Do not give in to the world.
By Carey Scott

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