It is not a stylish or proud church. You will find it is very simple. It does not propose to feed vanity with a display of vain things. Its aim is not to amuse or enter- tain those who attend it services. It exists in your community simply as a body of Christians pointing all who look its way to Jesus Christ as God's Son, the hope of the world. Its doors are open to those who from the quiet depths of their hearts would out to God in simple worship and obedient living.

You may be surprised to find that there isn't much ready-made for you in this church. There is no ready-made creed such as you find in many places. You take the Bible and make it your guide as you believe everything it teaches. There are no ready-made order of worship. Each church or our Lord arranges its own order in harmony with the items of worship described in the New Testament. There is no ready-made music. Everyone makes his own, from his heart, as early Christians did. Eph. 5:19.

You may be surprised to find that this church is free under Christ as its only Head. It has no organic connection with any other congregation, but is bound by a unity of faith with all those everywhere who "speak where the Bible speaks and are silent where the Bible is silent."

In this church every Christian is a priest. There is no distinction between the "clergy" and "laity." We believe that all Christians are called "to be saints." Their gifts and functions may differ, but their status before the Lord is the same. Jesus Christ is our High Priest.

This church is the outward manifestation of the deep conviction in many hearts that simple apostolic Chritianity can be produced today by the same living Word which produced it in the first century. We do not claim perfection as human beings. We were all sinners who were saved by the grace of God upon our trusting obedience to the gospel. We seek to humbly serve Jesus and to urge others to do so. Our aim is to glorify God by exalting Christ in our lives and teaching. Truly, to be a free Christ- ian, without dictation from man, is a glorious privilege.

By Eugene Britnell

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